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    There is a discussions about the effects of finishing the areas (outskirts, hedgerows, belgium etc..) with days in advance or behind.

    Depending on accurate historical implications of the sector you are in finishing an area ahead of behind schedule will impact the game on the long run.

    example: Hedgerows needed to be secured in order to allow the allies to have some “elbow room”. This would allow them subsequently to facilitate the resupply and reinforcement of the troops currently committed in the fight. Game translation: Finishing the hedgerows in advance by 5 days will give you 5% that reinforcement opportunity calls will be free (not taking opportunity calls). Finishing hedgerows behind will diminish the chances of reinforcement opportunity calls by 5% (you’ll get another opportunity call instead, such as resupply or recon flight).

    What do you think?



    Sounds good to me URB, adds an even higher incentive to keep advancing than previously. I think the rewards/drawbacks should be a little harsher/more rewarding however.



    Good idea. But as mentioned above the % reward should be a lot higher.
    In mnb2 those low % rewards (5) are not measurable in game play.
    How about making it 2% per day ahead and -2% per day behind.
    These could cap at 15 or 20%.
    So one would need to be ahead by 10 days at least to get the full 20% chance for a chances of reinforcement opportunity calls while finishing behind a few days will not ruin a players profile or at least they should not notice the difference to much.

    The Hedgerows are fairly long and this reward is something that needs fine calculations to be achievable or save-file scamable at least.
    Something is not fully clear to us here.
    To gain this reward is it mandatory to start with 5 days ahead before exiting the Hedgerows or will we still get the reward when stopping with at least 5 days ahead?
    I suspect the first option is right.

    BTW Where did this discussion start at? Discord channel?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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