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    Hello folks!

    Recently while reading about other people’s experiences in MnB Recon, I started thinking about the memo system in that game. My next thought after that was “Should there be something similar in MnB 3?” The Western European campaign following D-Day was a long one and there were plenty of opportunities for things to go both right and very wrong. Obviously we get plenty of this on the battlefield itself every time our path finding vanguard goes out to attempt to reach the end of the map.

    The same applies off the battlefield in the strategic scale. Good recon by the air force or a well done Allied bombing run should translate to something good on the field, while bad weather or a particularly effective German counter attack should translate to something bad at the tactical scale. Some events, good and bad, should pressure the player into having to advance a certain amount (V1 and V2 strikes abroad are intensifying, advance X amount to stop them or We’re doing well in this sector, press our advantage and push foward X amount)

    I’d like to know what everyone else thinks about this. Should these kinds of events be in the game, or should the memo system stay in MnB Recon?



    Recon’s Memo system specifically shows the partly absurd bureaucracy of being a commander during the Vietnam war.
    Hence the possibility to get resigned another tour despite obviously not having done anything in the field to justify it.
    In WW2 that was most likely also possible but for our traditional MNB type game I feel that hard work on the players side should be all that matters.

    However the idea of having Random Events is something that I would really like to have.
    To go further on my idea here these random events should include what is currently the Opportunity calls that only the Signaller can profit from.

    To make things easy the Opportunity calls could simply be renamed Random Event without always the need to have a special for that event needed soldier on the field.
    However in some Random Event cases a specific soldier may be needed for you to use it.
    Some Random Events could be automatic like something that the enemy side would profit mostly from like Bad Weather that prevents you from using aerial supports as well as stops any aerial event from happening for both sides.

    My basic point here is to have Random Events replace the Opportunity Calls with a much broader spectrum of supports, hindrances and crazy stuff.



    😮 Ooooo! I Like this idea!

    At the end of the Map-Stage, when you get to choose between Advancing or Halting, there is a third Tab/Option/Click-Spot where you can gain intel on your Performance/Situation/Status. 😕

    . I’m hoping the use of this would potentially prevent Tanks from showing up, for say 2 Maps.
    This already provides for hours of humorous enjoyment. 🙁 ..when the damn things Actually hit what you want… 🙂 Maybe Good-Air-Recon could provide more accurate strikes?

    Weather 🙂 Oh I really like the idea of fighting in the rain(insert Gene Kelly w/altered lyrics), but alas, already know the snow slowed things down, can only imagine what a torrential down-pour would do. 🙂 ..except for making a BIG mess… 😉

    Not sure how to address the Opportunity Calls vs Random Events idea, and my time is short, but I assure you at SOME point today I’ll return.

    ..maybe I’ll come smoke a Fattie at the Bear….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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