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    I am not entirely sure what is the exact point you are trying to make but I’ll try to decipher that.

    1. 6 men taking on 200 and surviving.

    Is that particularly realistic, maybe not. Does that make a game, yes. Try Mud and Blood: Vietnam if desiring to fight 1:1 basis or Mud and Blood: Recon to know how such thing can occur.

    2. Why there are no Allied tanks in MnB3.

    There are tanks in MnB3. The Officer can call in M3 Stuart tank to support the section for a while and there are plans to add M4 Sherman support as opportunity call. Why the section does not start out with tanks is thanks to General Patton’s tactics. Attack the enemy with small lightly armed units, the enemy thinks they are reconnaissance force and does not deem them as a threat until its too late and the armored spearhead punches through the hole created.

    3. Mud and Blood 2 tripled in size.

    I am not entirely sure what you are trying to come up with this idea. This sounds mostly like WW2 RTS game which are plentiful already.



    ive been playing mud and blood since i was 16ish i think and i’m 23 now. i’m aware of the light tank that is for vehicles and infantry. recon is my favorite. my main thing is the germans killed more of us than we killed of them so why can 6 riflemen take out 200+ german soldiers? makes the germans look like jokes.



    I can agree on that to an extent. In MNB2 it is part of the core game to defend until you die so taking some 1K+ enemies with you can be considered reasonable since they charge you without any respect for their own life and you can call in up to 100 allied units + endless support so far as TP is available.

    In MNB3 I too would like to go up against less enemy units in total regardless of how many days ahead I am.
    Therefore this topic thread to discuss how that could be implemented and still make the game challenging enough to deserve the name MNB.

    Here another thing that has been on my mind since the start.
    Currently ALL allied units must be behind the end line for you to win the field.
    How about a change where only one unit needs to be there. Would make sense that the enemy retreats after you have crossed their line of defense.
    How much this could be exploited is another thing. A single Commando rush would be to easy a win for instance.

    :IDEA: This is better >>> As soon as you have one man above the end line alive and staying there till the rest arrive NO enemy Reinforcements will come.
    How about that?

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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