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Difficulty adjustment effects by Days Ahead/ Behind.

Activity Forums Mud and Blood 3 Suggestions Difficulty adjustment effects by Days Ahead/ Behind.

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    How did you do that?!
    I guess it was some testing magic, rather than a very succesfull run before.

    Anyway, the reinforcement rate is somewhere similiar to what I’d like to see at that point.

    Although the accuracy and damage delt by the enemies is just ridiculus. That’s what we’ve been talking about; taking these factors out of equation.

    Coming back to your suggestion, I agree on different german units, havign different skills, and some being more elite that the others, thus posing more threat.
    Their appearance might be dictated by both: the days ahead AND specyfic dates/places we get to fight at.


    Yeah, Some magic not base on the game, but whatever it really show I am worry about. I also test the behind 100 day, and each shoot only take about very less damage so my men can even take the 20+ bullet and keep alive. lol

    Although I know Urb trying to give some good effect and factor on this point, but I think the damage system pressure will be a little bit, how to say? A little bit strange and look unreal.

    Just the new unit require some time to build up, but for any future plan I think it is fine as we still have to across the block.


    Currently the intent is for when a player gets beaten the game auto adjust to be a slightly easier. If the player gets better the game gets slightly harder. The mechanics are not there to support or encourage running 100 days in advance. You won’t make it there without cheating it is simply not a thing. Again, the game gets gradually harder, until you reach your personal limit. The game then rewards you in points for playing at that level. It just makes the game more challenging and customize it to give you a fight that is up to your skill level. It follows roughly the same progression curve than mnb2 with wave which I believe is spot on (thanks to smurf and other community members back in that day for all the number crunching).

    On the other hand, if it is to hard for you you will slowly lose that advance until the game is a good match for you.

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    Good for me urbzz.
    I was merely checking the resonance form around here on this topic.
    I also hope that what got suggested here on how to adjust the difficulties for days ahead or behind will help in the game development.


    Ok, we understand why is this system implemented and how it works.
    The subject of the discussion is how this system should work?

    Right now it increases the reinforcement rate and firepower of the enemy.
    Most of the opinions I’ve seen show up here, doesn’t like it and believe that it should change.

    Any opinion on suggested changes, mentioned above, boss? (@urbzz)


    I would say the increase or decrease of damage and accuracy seems is an option for MNB3 system, as we also do it in MNB2. But sure it will not be the best to bet a great game, as it can not feet the true war.

    Although it still can be to have some better idea to displace it, maybe we can stand a while for it and run down see how it goes. Currently I am quiet adapt the increasing toughness, as MNB2 keep hurting people like that. The Only thing I wish is this increase or decrease effect on damage and accuracy should both have a cap, no matter Min or Max. Then combine with other adjusting element to help the MNB3 create a changing difficulties.


    My initial response was in reaction to Arise video which, although a good argument, not representing reality. I hope you all understand why after reading my first answer.

    As for the feed back: let me write a wall of text here. This is mainly for those who enjoy discussing mechanics. For the others tldr: great ideas but it is a question of delivery and implementation.

    Wall of text:

    Well, I’m against increasing cool down for now. In URB games if you give something to the players during the game process its cheap imho to undermine it. This is obviously based on the fact that ‘good stuff’ is rare in urb games.

    The majority of what have been suggested is already in the game. As a rule of thumb, the quality and numbers of enemies is based on 3 factors. Primarily the number of days ahead (player skill) then it is affected by how many legs being currently played (player luck, if we take into account that the skill aspect has been negotiated by the numbers of day ahead and the player is facing an enemy that is a good match for him) thirdly, player rank (player experience, the more the player is familiarized with the mchanics the more effective they become.)

    These aspects are in order. Skill is what affect the most the challenge. That is a new thing, and implemented to promote unfairness to good players. Luck comes in second be ause brutality is important, if the player is lucky then good on him let him/her hurt the enemy, experience comes third because of randomness must be preserved. By this I mean the more you play the more the game shall be different and not giving you a constant which would reduce possibilities.

    Im against affecting equipment to much. Right now the table of issue is historic and maybe I’m the only one but I find this being an amazing feature for immersion. It also prevents having super kited soldiers generated due to the player having a particular good session. Its just bad for immersion.

    Better units like SS if a good suggestion and a topic bouncing around the tester crowd. Now we need to be smart here. It is in the plans to randomize the troops in the future. This add another variable to the mechanics making the game even more deep. Troop would be jager, grenadiers, panzer, sturm, volks, ss ect.. if we use infantry types as progress incentive we add difficulties or worst prevent that feature to become a standard random factor, so for now and for these reasons, not a fan of it.

    I do like the flanking idea. Chances of enemies rolling on your sides is increased as you push further ahead. This a substantial game changer and there is a way to do it without ganking the player. Expect to see that in a near future.


    I like it, agree with your point Boss. ( @Urbzz ) If this will be an smart future plan with lots of contain, some damage system control seems good to multiple enemy type adding, I really like this complete explaining.

    All I post in previous reply is just worry the game go to some strange point when come to extremely point, Now seems the player can’t go far easy, then provide more chance to new player and more challenge to expert player seems better then what I thought. Nice setting!

    Hope you can keep explain some stuff to let us know what you are planing like this, although we all know you are busy. lol


    Some people been hinting on this and I think it fits into this topic.
    Currently to gain Medals that have the requirement to advance multiple fields in a single game (all the current Stars) can be scamable due to starting a run from many days behind in order to have it much easier to win them.

    Suggestion: Continuous advancing requirement rewards should start their field count from D-Day on time or ahead of schedule.
    Example: Should you start a game with 3 days behind schedule then the game will not count the first 3 advances towards receiving such an achievement.


    The problem with advancing is that the difficulty does not increase, with each subsequent advance. So if I start at 9 days behind and advance 9 times, the difficulty is not on schedule, but still 9 days behind. If the difficulty gradually increase with each advance there would not be this problem


    . In my opinion Lance is correct when he stated Should you start a game with 3 days behind schedule, then the game will not count the first 3 advances towards receiving such an achievement. . Any ribbons earned should be done so on a ‘Level-0’ basis on the simple view-point that here aint NO medal for second place. “Here ya go Commander Joe-Blow, a nice shiny medal for Almost winning! Sorry your entire crew died, now hold still and let me Pin this bright gold ‘L’ to your forehead!

    . And I liked Reid‘s opinion about another soldier popping in. If we can anticipate an increase in the enemies capabilities, surely HQ would allow us one more piece of Cannon-Fodder to feed the Germans.., Say around 10 days ahead(not 7 cause you were 3 days behind either, if that’s the case you need 13) we are sent another soldier, Regardless of where we are on the map.(that’d be an URBish thing to happen, be at the end and Johnny Greenhorn announce’s his presence at the starting point. That’s almost as bad as being Flak-88’d as you cross the finish line) I’ve been kinda hoping that’s what the #7 & #8 key will be for… πŸ™‚

    . Kacpo‘s idea of Flanking is to be expected I’d think.., πŸ™ ..just where else are all those Germans I passed up, going to go?!? Example: Between maps #3 & #6 I leave behind/pass up 5 Germans. Map #8 to 10, those same Germans Re-group & push in behind me. Now I realize that Flanking is the act of coming in from the side(wasn’t it the Brandenburger-Man that came rushing out the side in MnB2?) but don’t think that that’ll be as effective as a rear attack when it comes to increased difficulty for days ahead.

    Governor, I’m sure whatever you feed us we’ll gobble up like a bunch of ravenous hogs over a full trough of swill. ..and probably keep complaining about this or that.., πŸ™ ..with our mouth full…

    I’m gonna go back over here to this dusty old shelf now. ..and wait… ..maybe one day I’ll be more…


    I feel that this topic is still hot and could use more input.
    First a few things that I have gathered from previous posts.
    1) Stuff to increase the difficulty when days ahead.

    *Enemy attack planes doing CAS or Bomb-Drop would come in when ahead many days.
    *Past so 4 days ahead skills of all specialists fail (random chance?) due to either being out of support range like artillery or Airplanes or simply out of material.
    * increase cooldowns of skills for every leg. Also, make the increases incremental. (+10% on first advance, +25% on second, +40% on third, +60% on forth, ETC.)
    This will make sure that a team won’t be able to just rofl-stomp everything in their way anymore, while still leaving the passive skills and weapons of the team useful and fun to play.
    *urbzz wrote = I do like the flanking idea.
    Chances of enemies rolling on your sides is increased as you push further ahead. This a substantial game changer and there is a way to do it without ganging the player. Expect to see that in a near future.

    …….Lots more in the posts but if I where to list everything then this post wold bust the page.

    Additionally I would suggest that instead of the enemy getting endless waves of reinforcements that can cause the game to go on for hours on a single leg to have a maximum of enemies per field to deal with. Further ahead = more enemies + reinforcements but a limit on the last.
    Instead the quality of the enemy resistance, enemy vehicle units and defensive stuff should increase steadily.
    a) Currently the enemy uses more skills when per days ahead and that is good.
    b) Enemy soldiers need a better AI; More AI options.
    *Charge attack in mass that stops to engage your men once some 200-0 pix away in both directions.
    *Go to defensive positions more and stay there unless outnumbered or the position is attacked with explosives.
    *When a Bunker is available then all enemies around should always go into the bunker and stay there. Only reason to leave be a fire near by.
    *Do not huddle all in one section. Move around more if not engaging. Search for us or permanently hold a defensive position.

    More enemy strong points and vehicles as we are days ahead.
    *Pack Nests, *Tanks, *Bunkers with HMG/Pack *Flack (stationary, in defensive position or attacking) Closed lines of Barbwire. Tight Mine Fields either visible or spot-able.
    Other obstructions that slow us down like Bridges. Workings; Move normal on bridge but in the water we are slow, ca not fire or use skills and may take some damage.


    Ran out of time and did not post part 2 of what be an idea for days ahead and behind.
    Main Menu Option to be able to “burn” days ahead.
    Players should be able to HALT for either D-Day on time or so many days as they like without going into minus days.
    Reason be that after a real good run of say +15 days ahead it makes almost no sense to even try to play another game since the chance to win for the next some 10 tries is not realy given.
    Currently one must START a game and the refresh the game for a fast drop of one day.
    While this is an option it is not very game friendly and makes lil sense to beginning players.
    Will see if this idea gets replies. Further discussion on this is open to all.

    Then there is the in game option to RETREAT and/or SURRENDER.

    1) Possible anytime in game when you are still ahead of days. You can not retreat when on time or behind schedule.
    2) All your still standing units must be moved below the line-of-skirmish, then the game goes back to the main menu.
    BUT you may also face some sort of malus like randomly losing more Days then just the one you retreated from OR i your next game you start with only 5 men.

    When in Days Behind.

    There should be a maximum of this like MAX 5 Days Behind. From then on the rest of the army picks up your slack.
    Maybe other bonuses to your squad as long as you are behind schedule so that new players feel that the Army is not letting them fall behind to much.

    Cheeki Breeki

    If there is the chance of there be a consequence for retreating with a squad that you are not even going to get back the next game, why would you decide do that over losing only one day refreshing the page, just letting your squad die in a final stand, or possibly getting one extra day by doing a suicide rush to the end of the map and ending it there?
    Although this may be considered unrealistic, and I know this probably belongs on another thread, I was wondering if there could be something that helps with the painstaking turret traverse on tanks, machine guns, and artillery, since it is so slow you could just have your squad move right past it and the tank would simply bring its turret back forward and continue on with its day, being only a threat to pinned or downed soldiers, like maybe a consequence for leaving a tank behind to harass anyone who comes in(who of course can also just walk past it), or a faster traverse speed, or even having a tank do what it did in other Mud and Blood games and just have its turret teleport towards you and shoot without warning every few seconds.
    What do you mean by enemies using their skills more? I get enemy soldiers shooting flares, grenades, mortars, and rockets every few seconds no matter if it’s day one or Hedgerows or anywhere past that.

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    my question is, why are 6 men able to take on 200 and survive if your moto is because war is not fair? what if you had an equal amount of soldiers with equal skill in combat. also why is there no ability to call in tanks. America pumped out way more tanks than the germans and random events for the allies like tanks should be more frequent not non existent. mud and blood 2 with the map of 3, movement of 3, with more AP to equal the germans output, with equal skills would be dope.

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