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    Base information is taken strait from the old wiki.
    I = wiki info partly modified/deleted of unnecessary content and/or corrected/refined in parts.

    ALL Deployment/Game Start options should be on the same screen page. = OPS screen.
    NOTE: A new Deployment Option is unlocked every time your profile rank is raised.
    For me every deployment option should always have a quirk to use even if all options are already unlocked so as to make them something worth doing over again and not just something better then the previous one making those irrelevant later on.

    Deploy = Could be name changed to Standard Deployment.
    When you hit the Deploy button, you will start out with 4 regular soldiers.
    You start with 0 Tactical Points, (not counting ribbon effects) and gain +2 TP on each of the the first 5 waves, and then +1 TP every wave after that until the game is over.

    nerf the first 5 wave +2 TP away. +1 even early on will be OK when other TP required purchases get better balancing = more 1TP things to get.
    Besides this way them 1TP starting ribbons will really be nice to get.
    As a bonus to use this and a sort of challenge the first time you achieve wave 100 having used this deployment you get a ribbon awarded Gi-Joe-Ribbon that gives you a starting 5 TP every time you use this deploy thereafter.

    NEW Idea: Mixed Troops
    This would then be the first deployment option at First Lieutenant.
    New XP required be 5000 (for 1st LT) since the mere 3000 now is way to easy allowing good players to skip this and often go strait to Captain.
    Spawns: 4 random soldiers.
    Basically what Hasty-Defense is now.

    Hasty Defense 10.000xp needed for Captain.
    The first deployment option on your Ops screen is unlocked when you achieve the the rank of Captain.
    You begin with 4 randomly chosen soldiers instead of the regular 4 starting soldiers.

    NEW: Spawns the initial 4 Regular Soldiers and places 1 – 10 random constructions randomly on the field. No unique constructions like the Pillbox however.
    Note: constructions will get a topic thread too and there things like Field HQ will become a one timer like the pillbox so this should work out.

    NEW: Favorable Battleground captain 10.000xp.
    Standard 4 Soldier deployment in addition to;
    The game generates no natural assets like Trees or Rocks on the upper half of the play-field, main enemy spawn side.
    OR what players mostly want
    No natural assets whatsoever on the starting field.

    Close Protection
    Instead of starting out with 4 soldiers already picked for you, you get to choose your own squad. This option allows you to start the game with 12 Tactical Points, but no soldiers, allowing you to build your squad yourself. This is unlocked when you achieve the rank of Major. Some Medals give you free units, they will not be affected when choosing this option.
    This is to good the way it is and is usually taken over all other deployments unless one has at least 1/2 max Proper Planing TP available.


    Special Operations
    Instead of 4 regular soldiers, you begin with 4 Special Operation soldiers. However, to pay for this start, you begin with -10 Tactical Points. This option is unlocked when you achieve the rank of Lt. Colonel. If you have medals that give you additional TP at the start, they will affect the minus ten TP by taking the amount of TP at the start closer to 0, not an immediate positive 1 TP start.

    Proper Planning
    This option is almost exactly like regular “Deploy”, except that you begin with all the tactical points you did not use on your last game, to a maximum of 20 Tactical Points. You unlock this when you achieve the rank of Colonel.

    Last Stand
    Unlocked when you gain the rank of Brigadier General, you begin your round with 50 Tactical Points and do not gain any for the rest of the game. Every subsequent General rank that you achieve will add 10 Tactical Points to your starting amount, enabling you to have up to 90 TP at the start of the game even if you don’t have any medals that give you TP at the start.

    Airborne Challenge
    Unlocked at rank of 1st Lieutenant, you are commanding squad of paratroopers behind enemy lines. Your objective is to reach wave 100 with only paratroopers, succeeding awards you with the Airborne Badge increasing amount of paratroopers deployed when called in during other game modes. You have 1 attempt per additional rank.


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