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Coureur Des Bois/Voyageur Music

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    This is a thread to gather authentic music either for Urb to use in Last Winter or for us to listen to while playing the game.

    I first got interested in the musical side of the fur trade after having watched this video:

    The video is an old educational film about the voyageurs, who rose to prominence shortly after the coureur des bois, approx. in the 18th-19th century. They were basically the legal and licensed version of the coureur des bois but lived just as dangerously (many deaths due to drowning in rapids, hernias from the sheer weight they carried). Anyway, the music throughout the film is spectacular and catchy. Although it is not available on its own, it did lead me to find some of the same tunes in a similar style.

    Here are some tracks I found from the album “The Voyageurs And Their Songs” first released in 1966 by the Université De Moncton Male Choir:

    1. À Saint-Malo
    2. Envoyons De L’avant
    3. C’est Le Vent Frivolant
    4. En Roulant Ma Boule
    5. Margoton Va-T-Á L’eau
    6. Mon Merle
    7. Dans Les Prisons De Nantes
    8. Missing 🙁
    9. Missing 🙁
    10. A La Claire Fontaine
    11. C’est L’aviron
    12. Alouette

    I’m still working on finding #8 and #9, but there are still a few good tracks to listen to. Only problem with the quality is that on some songs the voices get pretty distorted in a not so pleasant way. Other than that its good. Not enough of these songs have been recorded in a male acapella style, so it is nice to hear something close to what it would have sounded like back then. Other recordings typically have traditional folk instruments like guitar and fiddle in them which is not very fitting.


    Love this @Reid, a specific way on canoe survival and living, good topic.

    With the sound which much close with this, I remember there is some video about it I post before, simply bring it back. Although it is much modern, but many part still fix our survival topic in the place with cold weather or river life. or making fire!


    Nice finding, @Reid. Here’s a Youtube mix with some Quebecoise music: Some songs may fit:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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