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    As a hobby cook the methods used to prepare food in the wilds of Last Winter should be a bit more detailed.
    The current game has but only a single cooking utensil to boost the success chance.
    A Cooking Pot and most likely this one:
    Material: Cast iron, Made in England, 1600-1650
    Nothing more. Now a pot is a rather cumbersome item to drag around and it is preferably used for preparing larger amounts of soup type meals then cooking all that meat our hunter bring down.

    As not to drag out my point here are a few items that I find should be part of our inventory, if available that is.
    The basics:
    Or this iron type:

    And what to eat on what you cook: A Burl Bowl mad of Maple oak called Trencher.

    This nifty item has multiple uses. Mortar and Pestle
    Material: Bronze, Made in England, 1600-1650
    Our man could make one from stone or wood or both.

    A cooking pan would be handier to fry all them meat.
    However, I must say, my research showed me that indeed pots where in greater use then pans.
    The cause of this was to mix as much edible material together to form a cheap and sufficient meal.

    Mugs, Jugs or Tankards are best to consume our beverages out, even if it only be water.
    Our adventurer could make his own like this.
    Wooden Beer Tankard Material: Oak, birch

    This 10″ tall beer tankard is fashioned like a barrel and was probably made by a cooper, or barrel-maker. The tankard is made of oak staves fastened by birch hoops.

    I think I have a wood project at hand. 😀


    He’s right Governor, utensils could be considered a necessity. For instance, when I was making my Tallow, how exactly WAS I boiling that concoction up? Some kind of bowl/pan would be needed to hold the liquid. ..and potentially ruined for use of ANY other kind.
    I have to admit metal instruments would be nice, but even just carving a fork out of a bone or a spoon from a piece of wood or even rock. -{rock is a little bit of an extreme thought, but feasible}- And while that tankard is nifty as hell, even just a goblet that’s nothing more than a branch with one end bored/hollowed out.


    I am just guessing, but I can’t imagine the coureur de bois would have preferred the extra weight of a metal utensil set over the simplicity of wooden tools or even sticks. Especially since the wooden stuff could be crafted in nature somewhat easily. However there is an argument to be made over the durability of the wood stuff and something made of iron. Maybe for LW, wooden stuff is cheap to buy or make but doesnt last forever, and the metal stuff is more expensive but doesnt ever break? In any case, I totally agree on the benefit of having pots, pans, cups, etc. as those are harder to get by without.

    By the way, check out this traditional coureur de bois meal:


    Hhmmm… That’s an interesting thought my friend. Extra weight.., what, maybe about 5-8lbs or 2-6kg? That’s not so bad really, granted it’ll probably add to your encumbrance penalty, but would it be worth the cost?
    How about some Pros & Cons
    It’d just be something that sat on the ground at your camp-site until you moved, and you could tie it to the bottom-back of your haversack/backpack, or even just at your side as you walked along When you moved.
    If you were cooking an evening meal or smoking some deer/fish/insert-word-here late one night, and a entrepreneurial person came along that decided their correct path in life lay in taking Your stuff away from you, it’d make an AWwESooME weapon. All that weight we’re discussing, sizzling hot from the fire -{and if your cooking anything with fat, Grease}- gliding thru the air and BINK!! up-side the melon… 😀 Oh yea, aint taking my stuff holmes.


    Now I must agree, I’m not so sure it is something that would be readily available, but I think it’d be desirable. Any cooking you did in a pot or pan surely would improve your chances at succeeding at your cooking skill, and potentially provide more/better calorie intake which ultimately is the name of the game.


    AWwESooME weapon.
    For you Mo we need a whole new category of weaponry.
    Mo-Tah’s small utensil arms =
    I am sure that you will come up with numerous deadly ways to utilize each of these.

    Just found something very interesting.
    Indigenous Indian Tribes Crafted Handmade Native American Tools.

    Nice vid Reid. Dude almost burned his bird there. Now I do not feel so bad anymore when that happens to me in game.
    Bread-on-a-stick (*why do I feel dirty writing that) is something we make often when a camp fire or the grill is available.
    Very simple procedure and it tastes quiet good.

    As nice as this fire in the winter wild is the dude made a big mistake for cooking purposes if not using a solid pot or pan to house the nourishment.
    There is way to much flame!
    I would have made a much larger fire with thicker wood and let it burn down until no more high flames where there to burn my chicken and bread.
    Would have been a lot faster that way too.
    Heat is what cooks. Flames burn.

    The Lean-to was also interesting and at the end he shows what MUST be done to a fire when there is no more need for it or it is unattended, even in the snowy winter woods.


    I like your idea Lance. I know there is a pot … I think there may also be a spoon in Last Winter.

    Making soups is a good idea … might also be a way to use the fresh non-meat items more as well … carrots, potatoes, wheat, mushrooms items that can be found even if they seem out of place. Might also be possible to throw shrimp or mussels in as well.

    In the current game, it is possible to mine … do you think utensils can be crafted out of metal objects or just aquired from trade? The only utensil now is the cup which is made from a log, I am guessing the tankard would be similar except much heavier and able to store liquids.

    I think the newer version of Last Winter is a big unknown so we don’t know what mechanics will be involved … in the current version nothing can be crafted from metal. I know some of these utensils may seem burdensome, but can be an option … even an encouragement for end game when the player is able to build their cabin. They can store utensils in a cabinet or add a pot to the fireplace to cook on.


    Why thank you fellow adventurer. Although the game developer, urbzz, gave us a sneak peak into the new version of Last Winter through his Twitch Channel that he is working on I do not know how much “settling down” will be made into this game.
    There was talk to make the new version “Last Winter light” in the sense that you keep on the move while hunting and surviving.
    A possible Part2 where you can settle down was to follow.
    Be seeing ya around mate.


    Eh? I didn’t know that Last Winter is another URB game. How do I find, and access this game?


    Also does this game have pemmican? Because…well, the first time I found out what pemmican was, my reaction was like:

    Me: “So this thing is just full of moose meat, and jello berries? Sounds rly yum :D”
    Some Guy: “Yep…and it also has a secret ingredient >:D”
    Me: “Yeah?…and what’s that?”
    Some Guy: “Itz also like packed 99.9% full of FAT GREASE”
    Me: “DEAR LORD MANN, WHO DA HAELL MADE this ABONOMINATION?!?!?!?! Fck me…whoever made the recipe for this thing should be working for MC DONALDS”


    You have to download Last Winter from the Download Haven. There’s also a key you need to use to play, or else it will only allow you to play 2 in-game days and then make you restart.

    Download Haven
    Game Key: 02g7-gd1-393-15b


    Thanks rooster, rly appreciate the help :3


    Uuuummm…so I am about to download the game file for the “Last Winter”, but I am not sure if I should. Does this game contain any nasty things that will mess with my computer. Cause, my computer is rly new, and I don’t want to bust it…but I so wanna play “Last Winter” so bad, and see what it’s like 🙁


    Last winter is clean as a whistle my friend. Yes it is an exe but it is a flash player.


    Ok. Thanks URB, I will definitely take a look at it then 😀


    @ Lance

    Which twitch video was it that mentioned LW? Is it possible to watch now?

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