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    Ok, i have a problem.

    When i push with my actual squad the game give me the same dificulty because the days behind the schelude keeps and don’t update, that’s not the great problem, the real problem is when i decide to halt, i got a new squad AND a bunch of experienced germans with tons of grenades, rockeds, MG and arty support and even more often OPel (the truck) that deploy lots of troops.

    My point is, we want to keep our squad when we halt, because a new squad is NOT PREPARED for the upcoming and mostly will die, also with this add a Squad panel. The squad panel is a menu to upgrade, replace and heal our actual squad section, also give them special perks (unlocked when you reach a high rank) that increase rifle, morale, saving throw against fire and even special mechanics.

    Another solution for this problem is give every new soldier a least three or four levels of upgrades, this give us a posibility to overcome lots of problems that are impossible to pass because of the low level of the soldiers.



    Not entirely true. The determining factors for didficulty is rank, day ahead and how much time you decided to keep going. These three factors share a somewhat equal responsibility of how hard the game is with a lil more push from the counter of how many times you kept going.

    Hope this helps



    Angelo, I agree it really sucks to Halt for the day and then when you resume, it’s with 6 greenhorns that crap their pants and run more often than not, vs the Death-Machine you finally give a breather to. I wanna fire back up that Death Machine and go Arty/Mortar the enemy into submission again, 🙂 {so much fun} and the first time I found out I got Greenhorns to start with.., :/ At first I was shocked WHAT?! No.., ..URB… Then I started laughing. Unfair Random Brutality Did I Really expect Rainbows and Butterflies? 😉

    I’m assuming it’s taken for granted the squad is taking a breather now & then on their little quest, and when we Halt then we are essentially sending them back to H.Q. for debriefing. In the mean time the war can’t stop, so a whole lot more men must die before someone gets lucky.

    Rage On boys & girls



    The men serving in the 3rd Army were often men who had managed to get themselves into a whole lot of trouble and were sent there from other units. One could call the advance unit a suicide section where men went to die. Those who spent a day in the forward unit and lived had redeemed themselves and were sent back to other units with a medal along the way. We don’t have volunteers, we have madmen and the un-wanted who either live or die during the day. No infantryman will fight for more than a day in a row at the 3rd Army.

    And the standard battle situations remain alongside the dreadful existance of the Patton’s Army. Battle fatigue is real and being at the front makes is far more bad. The men are tired, stressed, often wounded one way or another and have very little in means or supplies. Sending them back to the front means that the division is just wasting manpower. That is why fresh meat is sent to the front every day.



    lol As the Hyyppa give the historical concept, then I am going to come with Game play side. You will not be here to play like Recon to keep your squad. Just as same as the MNB2, MNB3 is much more close to the 2. I know the Player might feel sucks after play Recon, as level up your own men is really good feeling in the game. But here, no boy, you are the worst commander here, as everyone can free after a day but you have to stay for whole god damn WW2. XD

    So, coming with some more point, day ahead is come with the long side for game play. Currently player can not feel the point, it is because there are too less enemy Unit type here, also there are still very less skill choice for your specialty. As it is still an early beta version, we are planing for more skill and more unit, but they just not came out yet.

    In this case, when you start with 6 fresh men, you can fit the situation to choice the specialty. But after you choice, you can’t do anything about it.(When you have 6 sniper but German send you a tank lol ) So this is it, you choice what you need in early game, then you choice what you have on the later game. So, you have to balance the advance map. MNB3 punished the men who push too far away, no matter start game or reinforcement. ( like you keep in hot in Recon XD )

    Also, when the early German go tougher and more, it also mean you have more exp to gain in the start of day, so that is the problem about how to manage the game, not what to change to fit the player. MNB3 is not that hard when ahead about 5 days around, even you start your men at the point. More of men need to dig around to seek out how to survive a day like hell. ( There are still some little tip in this game, and I think currently only very less player be able to handle them. >o< )

    Sure more stuff will come, more skill, more weapon, more ally unit and German unit. So hang around and dig about the future stuff. The game concept is already consider deeply from the start of design, so pay less attention on it. >o< We don’t make same setting for every MNB game, at least no major one!

    Keep up great work all commander! >o< and URB on!!!!

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