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    Compilation of all my suggestions from the previous website and this one.

    New guns:

    -Mas-49 in lieu of the M1 Garand. Competitor to the SKS.
    – Type 63 rifle. Automatic SKS.
    -Silenced AK47 for the Counter-LRRPS. Either that or non-Russian AK47s, maybe Chinese/Romanian/Czech/Hungarian.
    -Sturmgewehr 43, for Militia hands. Derelict and jams a lot.

    Sniper Rifles:
    -Would love to have an M21 in the game, pretty much the M14 with more range.
    -Savage 10FP in .223. Relatively low damage but it ought to be very light.
    -Steyr SSG69. More damage, less ammo.
    -Silenced snipers, maybe the Dragunov or something. That’d be freaking scary.
    -FR F1 sniper, left over from the French forces.
    -Lee-Enfield sniper rifle.

    Machine Guns:
    -M60E4, less range but less weight.
    -Degytarev DP. Less fire rate than RPD but more accuracy.

    Submachine guns:
    -Uzi as a primary. Lightweight and good for close range.
    -We have the PPS-43 already, why not include the PPSh-41? It’d be awesome.
    -Swedish K M/45s (Suppressed).
    -Beretta M12. Because it looks cool.
    -Sten Mk VI or IIs: Silenced Sten.

    -More shotguns. Maybe have the Ithaca 37 sawn-off with less weight but less range/damage.
    -Remington 11-38, less damage but it’s SEMI-AUTO.

    -Pistols need individual stats even though they are rarely used.
    – It’d be AWESOME to have a silenced pistol, preferably the “Hush Puppy” Mk. 22 used to take out Viet Cong dogs quietly.
    -Maybe the S&W .357 revolver. More power, less ammo.
    -The Mac-10 ought to be a secondary. Really. Otherwise nobody will use it.
    -Also, then more people would use secondaries.
    -Also make a silenced version. I heard that was it’s most common form.
    Micro-Uzi as a secondary as well, more range than the Mac but less fire rate.
    -Some Viet Cong secondaries, like the TT-33, Makarov, and Stechkin. Stechkin would be awesome, just make it really inaccurate.
    -Vz.61 Skorpion as a secondary. One of my favorite guns.

    -Super rare China Lake grenade launcher. Make it a semi-auto primary with very little collateral damage.
    -HE grenades vs. frags: HE has more damage, less radius vs. frags, which are vice versa. HE will damage vehicles more as well.

    -Flamethrower. For rangers, it’s a little too conspicuous (snort) but why not have the option. It’d be great for fire-base clearing missions.
    -M6 Survival Weapon for pilots. It’s a rifle+shotgun that’s far deadlier than pistols. Also have it available for (very rare) kill card as a secondary.
    -Different knives. Balisongs are cool. Machetes would have more weight but more damage. Also have a function where a machete can cut down some foliage (speaking of foliage, there should be more of it).

    -New orders. Clicking on an enemy allows you to concentrate fire on him. That way you can kill the biggest threats first.
    -Silenced weapons don’t reveal your position. Maybe give Counter-LRRPS some silenced guns.
    -Guns ought to be able to overheat after a certain time. Some machineguns can replace barrels.
    -Jam chance increases in watery areas.
    -Grenades have timers and don’t explode on impact. Clicking will release the pin and letting go of the mouse will actually throw it. That way, you can aim, cook, AND throw. Perhaps enemies will duck or run in lieu of grenades allowing your squad to become unpinned.
    -Smaller grenade blasts (aesthetics only).
    Shotguns should act more like shotguns, not just short range snipers. They got it in MnB2, why not have that same mechanic for Recon?

    New missions: Rangers are versatile, right? Maybe we should have some new missions:

    -Embassy Protection: Rangers act as bodyguards for a leader or embassy member during a dangerous journey. Killcard if nobody gets hurt.
    -Convoy Escort: Rangers act as the escorts for important vehicle(s) in a hot area (your base heat plus 30 or so, so that it will be hot no matter your actual heat level). Killcard if none of the vehicle(s) are destroyed.
    -Interrogation Session: This is pretty much the Surveillance mission but slightly harder. Rangers must CAPTURE a baddie and bring him back to base for interrogation. More xp/intel if the badguy is higher level. Killcard if your team is undetected.
    -Wipe out: Here’s a fun one. Your rangers have to located a NVA HQ and kill the officer(s). The base will be heavily guarded, exponentially higher based on your heat level. Killcard if your team isn’t hurt.
    -Assassination: For this one you need a stealth, silenced team (best if there are more silenced guns put into the game). It’s the same as wipe-out only that your team has to discreetly kill the VIP (no outside support allowed). Killcard if your team is undetected.
    -Sabotage: Find the enemy’s heavy artillery and destroy it by any means (C4, air strike, grenade, etc.). Killcard if your team is undetected, so C4 would be the best method of destruction.

    New air-strike options:
    -Napalm: Sets the strike area on fire, eventually getting rid of the foliage (This game should have more foliage by the way). No damage to vehicles.
    -Agent Orange: Gets rid of foliage discreetly.
    -Cluster Bombs: Less damage to vehicles, far larger radius. It shouldn’t hurt the ZSU at all.
    -Strafe Run: A cannon pass from a Skyraider.


    I’m thinking that each helicopter can be customizable with two slots, and when you reach a certain rank, you get two more slots on independent pylons for 4 slots in total. Thus you can pre-arrange your loadout for what kind of heat mission you want.
    These upgrades also go for the Cobra gunship as well, but you get 4 slots to begin with AND an extra slot in the front for either a cannon or machine gun. Cobra default is cannon and rockets though.
    Here is my definitive list for upgrades and how you get them (These are all real-life Huey upgrades btw):
    1. M60D Machine Gun:
    Normal machine guns. Should be able to wound/kill VC as well as pin them down, but they are very inaccurate. Default machine gun that you get in the very beginning.
    2. M2 Machine Gun: Harder hitting than the M60D but does not pin as well. More accurate, more damage, shoots slower. Unlocked at 1st Lieutenant:
    3. MA-2: 2-tube rocket pods. Can pulverize any target but it is very inaccurate. Runs out after two shots. Unlocked at Captain.
    4. M134 Minigun: VERY fast fire rate, but low accuracy. Easily pins but also can kill due to the high fire rate. Unlocked at Major.
    5. TLSS: Fires smoke grenades into the LZ so the crew can land safely. Unlocked at Lt. Colonel.
    6. M158: Same as M3 but there are 7 rockets instead of 2. Unlocked at Colonel.
    Unlocked by killcard:
    -M75 grenade launcher: Automatic 40mm grenade launcher that is almost as powerful as the rockets but it has slightly more accuracy. Also less range.
    -XM26: 3 TOW rockets. Devastating accuracy and power but fires slowly.
    -M3 ARA: 24 rocket tubes. More than triples the amount of rockets that can be fired.
    -M24A1: 20mm cannon that is both accurate and hard hitting. Smaller explosion radius than the 40mm but it is more accurate and rapid.
    M6 launcher: Same as smoke grenade launcher but it fires tear gas at the opponent, allowing your team to safely enter and easily take out the enemy.
    XM11: 3 AGM-22 anti-tank missiles. Instant vehicle destruction, may prove useful if VC tanks are added into the game.
    M56: Mine dispenser, deploys an AP mine every couple of seconds in the AO.
    I realize that some of these options allows for the easy destruction of the ZSU-23. Thus the ZSU-23 should spawn somewhere random in the AO instead of the middle, and it should be able to shoot down helicopters like in real life.


    I like it, all the thing we have to do is well balance the game play and don’t let the ranger support be over power. But certain problem still here, This great stuff have to wait until Urb can fix the most hard part of MNBR – Game engine loading.

    Every unit and system will increase the loading, and that will make the game become uncomfortable to play. Too much lag and screen freeze can reduce the playing feeling greatly. If we can’t pass this, then we have to choice what in and what out, like we discuss the medic Huey.


    Speak for personal feeling, I love this weapon. But for game it seems too many option there is not good, if the option is very alike then we should only choice one. As what we have is a flash game.

    Good stuff, LT! >o< Love it.


    UNFAIR EVENTS: I think they should be added into the Recon stigma of URB.
    Dog teams and NVA officers are already [kinda] examples but they’re a bit easy to shake off and/or defeat.

    If your team is spotted by a scout unit (maybe Dac Cong or Counter-LRRP) there is a chance that they can call in support with three options:
    1. Mi-2 gunship that chases your team around. You have to keep moving or you get shredded, like with the ZSU-23 but it is harder to hide from and it is very hard to destroy with small arms fire.
    2. MiG-21 attack: Drops a bomb somewhere in the general vicinity of your team.
    3. Quick response force with a BTR-60/70 supported by a Type 62 tank.

    AK47 variants!
    The VC used several grades of AK47. This should be reflected in Recon. Stats are listed as Damage/Range/Fire Rate/Jam Chance.
    Listed by rarity among VC forces, with 1 being the most common.
    1. AK-47: 100/70/5/.7: Reliable but mediocre stats.
    2. AKM: 120/80/5/.4: Updated and it has the legendary reliability that everyone knows it for.
    3. Type 56: 120/100/5/.4: High quality Chinese copy with some improvements.
    4. AMD-69: 120/80/7/.5: Quick assault AK47 carbine, Romanian variant.
    5. VZ.58: 120/120/8/.4: Powerful, rapid-fire Czech AK47 variant.

    You know what, I’d gladly support URB financially to get some of these updates into the game. Recon really has so much potential as the only Mud and Blood game concept that is nearly 100 percent realistic and it honestly deserves much more attention.

    Other guns:
    FN CAL: 100/100/8/.5: Shorter, lighter FN FAL in 5.56×45 NATO.
    Nagant Revolver: 50/40/Semi/0: Just for kicks. Unique, awesome, gun.
    Stechkin pistol: 60/60/8/.8: Russian auto pistol.
    Makarov PM: 40/40/Semi/.9: Viet Cong standard sidearm.
    Tokarev TT-33: 70/40/Semi/.5: High-velocity Viet Cong sidearm.

    : Would more variation really increase game lag that much? That of I was unaware.


    I know this isn’t my topic, but, maybe be able to pick up dead VC weapons (Like POW’s o Pilots do).


    Pilots do that? I thought they just stuck with their pistol.

    Btw all suggestions are welcome.


    It doesn’t happen too often, but indeed, they do. Sometimes they walk right over weapons and don’t give a shit, and sometimes pick em up. On one occasion, I had a pilot who walked straight up to an NVA soldier, sot him point blank, took his RPK and turned into Rambo, out killing my highest combat skilled soldier… Weird things happen in the AO… Maybe Agent Mulder and Scully should investigate the jungles of Laos. Well, all of Laos is jungle.


    LT! During the development of Recon, they do encounter with that problem. I can not tell what will exactly massive increase the loading but Mostly possible part will be something like a new unit. That is why the supporting unit like tank be remove and not start until now. The deep information possible have to ask Urb, but I would believe what I saw is truth.

    The loading problem also depending by different computer system and browser, we would choice to create for mostly of computer can playing good on speed. Recon have to handle lots of things while mission operating, because it have a wide map. Once heat score up and you have lots o unit around, the game will become lag for some people. Some person will not be able to the game just because their computer can’t handle the loading of rain.

    But I wish to believe that @Urbzz can find the solution to build up a bigger game. As it is awesome! >o<


    Noted. Thanks for the amazing suggestions


    Obviously it would be a bit much to have ALL of these implemented in the future. But these are just some suggestions for future updates.

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