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    I don´t think that is going to be possible @a2ndlieutenantwithamapandcompass

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    Firstly some feedback for @Tyrud and his lovely camera pictures of the beach and such.
    We all love the beach but sadly need to drive many many hours to get to one.
    Northern golf shores are tempered just right in my opinion compared to some Mediterranean sands that burned my feet.
    Especially in this year’s summer it was/is way to hot in southern Europe. Good thing we stayed home for over summer break and amused ourselves with what the local entertainment business had to offer.
    That setting sun and the moon are really sweet takes. Good work dude.
    Been quiet a while since I took “natural” pictures so I have none to show of any of my recent expeditions.

    Nice artworks @reddot. Bloody in a cartoonish but also serious manner.
    Game graphic worthy. 🙂
    I can not see any unnecessary lines that have been drawn leaving the amount of detail just right for it to be considered a full sketch on a high level.
    How you used the “RED” is also quiet intriguing.
    Not sure if intended but I like how it overs up the exposed interiors as it does leaving some detail to the imagination of the viewer.
    Keep up the awesome work!!


    Thanks BOSS!! I´m working in another one right now, but not as bloody 🙂


    And another one!!! the weapons are not ment to be accurate btw.


    That would make a nice mnb3 cover isn’t?

    Fantastic work Red very impressive amount of details.

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    Thank you…btw i love your games X)


    Wow, beautiful drawing man.
    That’s quality content there.

    Recently I’ve been checking out on some heraldry and somehow ended up doing these:

    Did my best trying to get the latin sentences correctly.


    nicely done! especially with color on the first one 😉


    I agree with Polar, those are all very well done! Look very much like the Spanish heraldic shields that I was looking at for a long while. Are they supposed to be unit patches?


    Yeah, they are unit patches.
    The first one is supposed to be more general and the next three are the units within the regiment.
    There’s some idea behind each:

    The “Expeditionary” part refers to the fact that they are a force sent to act outside of the system borders, that is on other planets.
    Sword striking the planet surface is obviously that force, striking from space and.
    The sword handle symbolises the T and five stars are the number five, which is their designation: Theta-5
    The motto means (roughly): Not timid, nor reckless.

    The next one is supposed to be Off-ground support assets, that is Orbit-to-surface strikes, close air support and tactical bombings.
    Most of this is symbolized by the lightnings and crossed arrows pointing down.
    The Eagle is a typical air-force symbol, so I put it there. In first concept it was bearing additional lightning in it’s pick.
    The motto is: “Storm/Tempest Eagles”

    The one in the middle is heavy armor battalion. The guys with the heaviest stuff, meant for breakthroughs, sieges and all-out battles.
    The horseshoe is supposed to represent the (armoured) “cavalery” While the hammers represent the striking power and heavy weapons they have at their disposal, just like the halberds behind the helmet.
    The helmet represents armor.
    The motto is: “We will not be moved.”

    The last one is the Orbital drop infantry. The ones who are always the first to set foot on the ground and the last to leave. They usually also take the heaviest casualties of all the battalions.
    This is obviously symbolised by Alpha and Omega.
    I’m not sure how clear is that, but in the middle there’s a double bladed knife, which reminds that every strike, hurts both sides.
    The lily is honestly, just there because I run out of ideas of things I can draw and which do not look like shit.
    Oh, and the motto is: “First and Last”

    So, yeah, that’s basically it.


    Generic Me when I play RPGs.

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    Nicholas Andersen

    Awesome stuff everyone!!!

    I also need to take more ideas from my dreams. Five new supervillains and a hero, just today!


    @Tyrud Dig the shots of the two glowing orbs in the sky, and it Does look like that wind was blowing pretty hard. I hope you got to at least have some fun along the way, woulda really sucked to get stuck inside all day, staring out at that.., I love adventures & the sea, but straight ocean & sand woulda drove me nuts. I gotta have some rocks to climb, caves to explore, Something! When I attended my fathers funeral in Arlington, one of the things everyone wanted to make sure I experienced was Virginia Beach, and ya, well you know, I wasn’t impressed.
    It looked like a great big Self-Cleaning-Cat-Litter-Box. Only the day we went it was cold & stormy so there weren’t alot of cat-turds laying around… 😮 😉 🙂
    To me it’s like going to the Arctic to be amazed about the snow drifts. “Oooo! Look at that one!” :\ Ya, That aint happening….

    Don’t trip about accuracy on the guns, the over-all picture looks spot on, and Boss is right, it would make a good MnB cover.


    Anyone who watched the STWALT thread recently, might have seen a post about adventures of Gary, the wizard, who forgot how to wizard, so he just fought his way to lvl.6
    Anyway, since I quite liked that adventure, i decided to draw it in a study break:

    The drawing shows the most important items:
    The Elven bow, mace and short sword, main guche, samurai helet and leather armor
    As well as some of the major events there.


    @kacpo Well, he casted “The ONE Fireball”, so…

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