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    AHA!!! It works!!


    A Lone Ranger

    WAIT A MINUTE! I know exactly where you got that from. Its from a mobile game called “1943:Deadly Desert”. Nice job on that drawing though.



    Hell yea!! that game is realy good, and that reference too.



    The webbie was on the fritz, or rather under attack, when I got back from my vacation so I wasn’t able to post any pictures. Now that everything’s calmed down, I can regale you with tales a sea captain’s journey by land ship (car) to the beach.

    The first few days we were there, a surprise tropical storm riled everything up and the sea looked more North Sea than Gulf Coast. Grey, churning waters and heavy rains meant staying indoors for a long time.

    Eventually, however, when the storms went away they took all the bad weather with them and it was hella sunny the rest of the days we were at the beach.

    Mandatory artsy night picture that definitely didn’t take me five minutes of messing with the camera settings

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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