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    Nicholas Andersen

    @Lance, I remember that pic. I have seen it on this forums before.
    This is not the first time you have prepared that bomb. Should I call the bomb sqad?


    So as I’ve said before, I’m a pretty crap artist that has no skill, unlike you guys. That said, I fancy myself a writer and dabble in that from time to time. Following my disappointment with the movie Alien:Covenant, I found myself itching to write something in the universe. It’s relatively short (consider it a vertical slice/teaser), but if you guys like it, I’m happy to add to it.

    “If you can hear this message, my name is Colin Salisbury. I am the Comms officer aboard the United Nations Interplanetary Corps Research Vessel Chiron, registration UNICRV427. We need immediate assistance and crew evacuation following the intrusion of an unknown, hostile organic life form that escaped from a life boat we recovered as per protocol. Of the 49 crew and science staff only myself and one scientist, Valerie St. Auvry, remain alive. If you receive this message, please act with haste as we are unlikely to last much longer in the face of this extremely dangerous creature.”

    Colin pushed a few keys on the console in front of him, and asked the FATHER artificial intelligence system to playback the message he had recorded. Happy with its contents, he used the console to extend the signal masts on the ship and maxed out the transmission frequency for range. It was hardly stealthy, but he wanted his vessel lit up like a Christmas tree. Anything that would improve their chances of being found. He turned and saw the scientist, Valerie, leaning against one of the bridge consoles behind him with her arms crossed. Her gaze was directed at the floor, her green eyes almost hidden behind her long hair. She had a blank, tired expression on her face. Colin walked over to her and she looked up, allowing him to clearly see wet streaks on her cheeks where tears had streamed down.

    “Do you think anyone will hear that?” she asked.

    “They’ll hear it in the next system. The question is, will we still be here when they get here, and frankly I can’t say.”

    “I’m scared, Colin.” Valerie said, her voice cracking as she did. Colin stayed quiet, thinking before turning his head up and speaking.

    “FATHER, what’s the closest habited location to us?”

    “Closest habited settlement is New Montreal station. At current speed, it would take three days to arrive.”

    It wasn’t the answer Colin was looking for. A part of him wanted any habited locations to be light years away, because as far as he and Valerie were concerned they might as well have been. What good was such a close station if it was doubtful they’d last another hour. Standing in silence, the two suddenly turned their attention to the door of the bridge after hearing the faint cry of the creature that had slaughtered the rest of the crew coming from somewhere deep inside the ship. They were safe where they were, but safety was only relative so long as that thing was in the ship with them.


    Great writing art. 🙂 I can almost feel the tension when ….
    The movie Alien:Covenant could have been a lot better I agree. Seams that almost all new movies are suffering from the lack of a good story grip over visual effects.
    There the crew was particularly stupid to say the least. shitzz, even the engineers where total fools and their city infrastructure was like in 100 AD earth instead of vastly technologically superior.
    In the previous movie things did not always add up too but at least the acting made for better.
    To much focus on the Synthetic for my taste even if it is very important to the overall story or maybe because he was the only decent actor there.
    At the start I had hopes but then it became this “split them up to be eventually all be taken down” thing all over again uggg.
    Worst was that the original alien horror effect despite the not so bad setting got run down through “modern” scene shots.

    Back on topic: I am a bit low on self made drawings right now but promise to get better soon so in the meantime here another tease of a food creation from myself.

    It is a Cheeseburger-Cake. Making the self made dough go all around the filling was the tricky part.

    Also got to thank arise for that video on “How to prepare a Chicken.”
    Grilled a few just like this.

    Nicholas Andersen

    A cheeseburger…uughh, Lance, how do you eat that? That monstruosity would kill me many times over.


    I might die eating that cheeseburger-cake as well… but it would be a delicious and honorable death! That chicken looks soooo good too.


    I appreciate the thought, Lance. Your opinions on the film overlap with mine almost exactly. That said, my writing is cool and all, but I can’t exactly eat like your food art! I’m gonna guess no one in your household goes hungry or is want for unique meals either 😉


    A kind of joked came to me mind so as not to only pester my work colleagues with this I might as well spread this URB around here too.
    Warning! __ This got a mere 2.5 of 5 from my testers so beware.

    Very short joke:
    “Who was the fastest future prophet of all time”?

    Do NOT give the answer or possible answer here.
    In case you really want to know then go here >>>

    Nicholas Andersen

    The Tales are over.

    Sorry folks.


    Have you simply finished writing them, or are you putting them off indefinitely?


    @Lance So when are the results in?

    Who’s done?

    Nicholas Andersen

    Well, it’s complicated, but I finished them. There is a sequel in the works, but the Sudden Downer Ending was a surprise even to me.

    Coming soon(TM): Brian Hawke And The Infernal Machine.


    I am totally out of your story @joacobanfield2 so could you like post the whole thing again or as I recall the google doc link?
    Awaiting your next work with anticipation. 🙂

    From Mo: So when are the results in?
    I posted a link. Those that answer your question after going there?

    Nicholas Andersen

    I dont know how! 🙁


    Go to the HELP page.
    It is linked by the HELP in the top bar on the front page where the GAMES links are.
    For more help PM me.

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