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    Speaking of doodles:

    got bored at the lecture.


    Damn! You all have such nice drawing ability.

    Let me guess, @Kacpo The battlefield 1 setting drawing?


    Thank you.
    Nope, not exactly Bf1. Never played it. :p
    There’s a small detail that points out that it’s not WW1 as we know it.

    It’s more of a mash-up of WW1 in general, GoneWithTheBlastwave webcomic, Death Korps of Krieg from WH40K and “Steel Rats: Mud” novel about german penal battalion during WW1, I’ve been reading. Fine book, but I doubt it’s translated yet.


    @Tyrud Hey man, thanks. I have some trouble, aye, and I sometimes have trouble with arms aswell. Either way, thanks for pointing out a flaw.


    Wow Kacpo, that blimp crashing down is totally rad. Pen ink is better used on drawing than writing lecture notes ey? Haha.

    Oh hey thanks for posting my 2 year old artwork way back in March Lance. I’ve improved a tad since then, don’t really have much to show as of recent that you guys might find interesting but here’s a GTA5 line art sketch I’ve done last year of me and my mate’s online characters (My character is the one in all black because black is tacticool).
    I don't know how attaching images woooork


    Man this is clean af. Nice art dude.


    Thanks Urbzz, the line art sketches always look better with hope and potential before it’s ruined with an attempt to colour it in proper without a clear style, still trying to find mine to this day lol.

    Found some more of my old work you guys might like that’s more complete than a sketch (Also from last year, I need to more military related illustration to show it seems). A concept art that was whipped up for my university game project named Airborn: Zephyr which was about following a story of cadet pilots in a dystopian universe where the earth is shattered into floating islands, sea and skies (Game wasn’t that good sadly)

    Also any of you guys into Tabletop Roleplaying games like DnD/Shadowrun/Pathfinder and such? I’ve been huge into them over the past few years, currently running as a Game Master but my group played a game called Twilight:2000 the previous year. Basically your friends and you are soldiers in a world were the Cold War escalated into WW3 and everything has gone to shit. It was a very horrifying but tragically fun experience? Anyways the character I played was a Russian designated marksmen named Taiga who is also the group’s designated driver, being very attached to her vehicle – she ended up dying in a field of land mines because she refuse to go by foot and abandon her set of wheels to be claimed by the cold winter. A captain goes down with his ship as they say.

    Nguyen Hai Nam

    It took me 3 weeks to do this
    MOD EDIT: This deserves to be displayed directly. ~Lance


    That’s epic man, lots of little details around the piece!


    Now I feel like playing Company of Heroes 2 again…
    That Maxim looks great


    Great work all around guys! I can’t draw to save my life, but it just means I get to derive even more appreciation for the work you guys put forth.

    I’m particularly fond of that pilot concept are you made, xdarkcodex, because it reminds me of a story/game scene intro scene I pictured in my head that simply featured an unnamed female space pilot messing around with her HUD helmet before stepping into her spaceship.

    Not to say Nguyen’s work isn’t any less impressive. The detailing on the Reichstag building is top notch and the elements are well drawn overall.


    WOW! Blown away I am by all them awesome artworks.
    It’s great to have you back xdarkcodex.
    I don’t have anything drawn up worth showing right now but how about a creative BBQ meal.
    It’s called Macaroni and Cheese BBQ Bomb. Literally blew up everyone’s guts.



    Now is 0503 and I am searching for breakfast, then I saw this………… Damn! @Lance, you should know there are some people is searching the meal around the world, don’t let me hurt my stomach before my first meal.

    It looks good, did you completely made it by yourself???!


    Looks good. I thought it was American but it’s German cuisine. All that layer of bacon reminds me of this for some reason.

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    That’s quite a BBQ payload you’ve got there Lance! I don’t usually have breakfast but all that bacon is making me rethink my life decisions.

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