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    Nicholas Andersen

    This thing melted. It’s back. It needs to come back.

    I shall add my very own Tales Of A Reset Mind, completely redone.

    Also on Wattpad, too.

    Community, post your creativity here, too! We need that thing!



    Right on! Urbanians are a skilled bunch that like to share their creations.
    Towards that link of yours @Nicholas Anderson.
    Are visitors suppose to continue writing into that document thereby expanding the text or something else?

    Here a truly awesome drawing from the old place by our currently MIA member Samurai.



    Man what a great draw. He made another one do you still have it kicking around?



    Sadly I can not find that one right now. My computer is a bit of a mess. It gets used by 3 other people too. 😉
    But I found this one. I think it is from xDarkCodex.



    Lil’ something from me.

    Finished like 5 mins ago.

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    Nice pics guys!

    I’d contribute something, but I’m too busy avoiding homework and playing recon, lol


    Nguyen Hai Nam

    The camoflage pattern remind u guys of someone in MNB2 ?


    Nguyen Hai Nam

    Edit by Lance to display the picture directly here.



    @kacpo: Hahahaha. I love it. That level of detail (like RNGesus giving the finger) is hilarious.

    @lance: Maybe this’ll inspire URB to put zombies in Recon.

    Awesome. I’ll need to contribute a little something soon.

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    I remember all of these from the older sites. It’s always sweet to see what you guys can come up with. I’ll have to find a way to post my British tanker story again so the new guys can have a look at it and tell me everything that’s wrong with it, haha.



    Totally on target Kacpo! So much fantastic MNB2 URB in one picture.
    @Nam. That would then be the final Brändy our men would ever see before getting sent to hell.
    Nice work. Just the boots look like they got stolen from a SW Rebel trooper.
    I recall you did some more stuff. Feel free to post whenever you like cause we like for sure. 🙂


    Nicholas Andersen

    So…update time!
    The story is doing well. I only have a handful of chapters left to write before it’s all finished.
    I’ve also added some nods towards the community here, such as a Tiger called the Valthero that must be deployed before anything else.
    I’m working on tie-ins as we speak. One, Agents of the ILDF is composed primarily of small one-shot dialogues I didn’t build into the story, scrapped ideas, bits for fun, etc.
    The seconds is a list of rules a la Skippy’s list.

    If you want to look them up, the main story is on the OP, and the tie-ins are accessible from the trope page.

    I also made a cover for it.



    So this is back, huh?

    Well, then have a quick doodle of some Heer soldiers.
    They're probably Volksgrenadiers, btw.



    Nice doodle, man. Definitely more advanced than my doodles, though I see you also have trouble with faces. Always difficult, though you got the general face shapes right enough. Cool attempt of shadowing from the helmet. I can never get it right, and it helps get around the difficult part of drawing eyes, brows and such.



    Speaking of doodles:

    got bored at the lecture.

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