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    Hi every one.
    I just wanted to start this discussion to talk about everyones thoughts and strategies on the community challenges in Mud And Blood 3.

    The last one from the time of posting was medic squad and I wanted to know everyones opinions because . . . Why not.


    Love these type of discussions.
    Medic Challenge is surely one of the easiest ones since instead of having a starting handicap of sorts all your troops are healers right from the start so if anyone gets hurst, even early ion, you just bunch then together somewhere safe for a short time and they heal each other back up in no time.
    Late when more have Intensive Care they become virtually immortal unless they get bullet riddled or blown up.
    Downside be that no other skills are available so progressive advancing or stating this with many days ahead is harder then with normal play since no radio supports or any form of explosives are available to deal with massive enemy dug-ins or enemy armor.

    Commander Deltor

    So… This week was the Blitz Challenge, if I remember correctly. For me, it was a bit tricky, because I was in St. Lo with four days AHEAD of schedule. Suffice to say, it took me a good amount of tries to figure out a good squad composition for this challenge.
    The first one I tried was all Commandos, and that did not end well. Speed is actually not the largest factor in this challenge. I kept mixing and matching, refreshing to a good amount of days behind, and such…
    So, I finally passed the challenge with five days behind schedule in St. Lo. My squad comp was a gunner, two medics, a commando, an engineer, and a scout. I’m sure someone is going to question that, so I’ll explain.
    Like I said before, the aim isn’t to have the fastest moving squad. The aim, in my opinion, is to have a squad that can neutralize any enemy force in a quick and decisive matter – i.e. the goal is to KEEP moving. So, squad comp:
    Commando: This one is actually really helpful. Because the Commando is faster than everyone, he racks up XP like nobody’s business. So, you end up with a high-level soldier pretty fast. I use him as an advance guard. He’s the first one to the fight and his BAR pins guys down until the rest of the squad catches up with him. His first skill lets him do this without enemy fire.
    Gunner: He’s the guy who KEEPS people down. Enemies can’t return fire, and my squad can’t get pinned if that’s the case.
    The Medics: They make sure that my squad doesn’t die. I have two of them because that way they can cover my whole squad without being bunched up in a small formation. Plus, their weapons are decent too, after the pistol
    Engineer and Scout: Shotguns. ’nuff said. Also, their abilities keep me updated on any nasty surprises like HMGs, and allow me to take them out quickly.

    Red Leader

    I had a nightmare on the blitz challenge. Early on in my run I ran into a 6 man squad with an MG42 while I had a single spec-ops and a squad of grunts. Then about 3/4 of the way through I ran into an 88 and my bazooka shot missed. I had to scare the gunner of with a stealth spec-ops and was lucky that the only other enemy was a mounted MG. I’m lucky I still got the medal.


    I don’t know if I was lucky or not, but I manage to breeze through the challenge on the first try.

    I didn’t want to sacrifice speed nor firepower, so I thought a whole squad of Riflemen would do. As well as just moving through quickly and engaging the Germans up close.
    And it worked…
    Granted, I only made it with two soldiers alive, but it counted.

    Actually, I pretty much got Urb’d when I neared the end, one of the soldiers point out an enemy. I couldn’t see any, so I assumed it was a German infantry outside the map.
    Turned out to be a cannon, probably an Flak-88. It instantly killed 3 men, and panicked one. He wised up, but a Opel truck came behind and dumped a squad of Germans and continued to panic the other soldier.
    I got tired of trying to save when he kept running towards them, so I let him die and advanced with two Riflemen.

    I think I’d be court martialed in real life for this.


    I also managed the Speed Race Challenge in the first try but only through sacrificing everyone save one Commando where all where commandos if they even lived that long.
    One dud e got stuck as well while one was already behind the line in hiding.
    So basically I needed to kill him fast somehow before time runs out and luckily the enemy decided to pop a flare right on top of him.
    Sorry pv whateverwasyourname but medals come first and soldier lives last in MNB. ­čÖé


    Hey, I was just wondering how do you even attempt community challenges?


    The option in game to do challenges is limited by either date or urb (Developer) needs to start them manually.
    Furthermore there are only about 5 challenges that each last a week that are currently implemented.
    Right now challenges are not available in MnB3.
    Since the developer is moving away from coding in Flash updates are on holp until all games are converted to the new coding language.

    This however does not stop a layer from performing “self made” game challenges.
    Like upgrading only to Riflemen or Commandos.
    Mostly have fun playing.
    Cheers ~Lance

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