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    Since we have this awesome feature to play with in MNB3 it deserves its own topic thread.
    Here anyone can place their game challenge experiences be it a win or a loss since both can be very entertaining and that on a weekly basis with a different challenge.
    Due to MNB3 airing on D-Day it is somewhat nice that players can chose to play at least one game on reduced brutality.
    The Nerf War Challenge features 1/3rd regular bullet (only bullet and nothing else) damage. However this brings other problems with it since killing the enemy is rather hard with only hot lead.



    🙁 No other entries to the last challenge.
    How about this weeks challenge.



    First… and only, again. 🙁 But anyhow. Here the Lone Scout Challenge.



    BIG NEWS >>> The Community Challenges are Back!!!!!!!!

    And this play is truly worth watching. Personally I though I was not going to make it.
    At 7 days ahead in the Hedgerows having only Medics available (skill wise at least) was a hefty challenge indeed.



    I feel like I am the only one with a recoding program. Backwards times . . . .
    This is NOT my thread folks. Anyone can (please do) post here.
    This weeks challenge be Speed Run. Finish a field in under 8 minutes it was me thinks.
    I did it with 8 days ahead in the hedgerows but I sacreficed almost my entire squad to do so and of course was lucky too.



    So I missed my chance to win the Long Gunner Challenge.
    Playing that with so many days ahead in the hedgerows was suicide.
    However I had a blast with this weeks Sudden Death Challenge.
    Got stomped hard 2 times and then finally made it through.
    Love the just about realistic damage dealing there. Makes for a lot faster games although the normal mode is plenty deadly as is too.

    Just a reminder. This is not my thread so anyone can post here. Post .. post … 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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