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    Maharbal Barca

    I recently watched Last of the Mohicans and was rather surprised to see the size difference between the Iroquois mace and the Huron Gunstock clubs.I was surprised how much larger the gunstock club was, almost being a two-handed weapon.

    What I would like to discuss here is overall combat mechanics, in particular here, how to designate some weapons as singe-handed or two-handed.

    The concept is this: An Iroquois/Mohawk club would be singe-handed, made (craftable) of wood, and have a faster attack speed but less hitting power.
    A Huron Gunstock could be wielded either single-handed or two-handed, with perks and drawbacks to each. If Single handed, the player could use an off-hand weapon as well, such as a knife, but would sacrifice stability and attack speed, and maybe hitting power (but still be more hitting power than an Iroquois club). If wielded two handed, the attack speed would be faster (but still not as fast as a Iroquois club) more stable, and have the best hitting power of all 3.

    Dual handed weapons would follow this basic concept: pikes, halberds, battle-axes, all being massive damage dealers but being relatively slow, and in some cases bad at defense.

    Single handed weapons being faster, less damage, more stable, and good at countering.

    I would like to start looking at weapons that could be viably wielded both ways like the Huron Mace, with similar perk/drawback systems.

    (A note on stability, would it be worth looking into having a mechanic where the player or enemy could be disarmed? Low stability weapons are easier to disarm, whereas more stable weapons are easier to keep a hold of)



    Speed of attack is something that wasn’t properly implemented in OG LW and will definitely be in 2.0. as we know (for some of us) LW 2.0 will have a lil more lethal approach to combat. By upping the damage and also the overall improvement of the AI over the years in urb games.

    Perk and draw back system is something I always wanted to implement in LW. you’ll get you first perk after a day, then the second after 2 days then the third after 4 then 8 then 16 then 32 and so on. Perk would be slight advantages like a heavy sleeper, or iron guts or cold killer (less depression by killing humans) or neat individual (items decay slower due to proper care) or you pick your perks after a lil while and you can pick up to 3 perks however for every perks the game give you a random flaw.


    Maharbal Barca

    A quick clarification: when I am describing “perks” in reference to weapon speed and attack, I do not mean things like bonuses, but rather weapon performance. Like this, where the most plus signs mean where the weapon excels, and the least is where the weapon lacks



    Perhaps if you sustain a serious injury to a hand, you cannot use a weapon with that hand or take a malus to certain stats depending on what part of the arm is injured? Like attack speed/damage with melee weapons or rof with rifles?



    The chart makes sense and so does the wounded hand suggestion. If you are a lefty and use a knife in the right hand then things will start to get weird.



    Left handed, right handed… So will our character be naturally right handed and when not having that hand available get a negative modifier to rolls?
    Half negative modifier by 2 handed actions?

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