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    @vipility asked for this a while back and it is about high time that the whole community has a place to submit their ideas for “feasible” MNB3 game challenges.
    If possible with a reward in mind as well.

    Here a few ideas from me.
    All GIs start with minus 20% maximum hit points.
    Be silly if a Medic could heal them up right away.
    Frenchies are not subject to this malus.

    The Fog.
    If possible use the Fog weather effect from Recon for this.
    All units get a spotting and engagement reduction of 30%.


    The specialist challenge:
    All soldiers start at 100xp, but they can’t fire their weapons, nor fight in CQC. The only way to fight is via grenades, Bazookas, etc. You must advance at least 2 times (3 zones in total) in order to win.

    The paratrooper challenge:
    You start with 6 special soldiers that have their abilities replaced with the First Aid Kit, Sandbag and the Molotov. The weapons tree is also replaced.


    The “See how you like it challenge”:
    You get a team of officers (maybe with carbines just for fairness?, but alas it is Mud and Blood!). With this team you need to fight your way through a hedgerow map, and no Stuart tanks are allowed! This may be very very hard to accomplish but it will give the grunts a good laugh as their COs go running into the hedges!

    The Lone Ranger

    One man Army: You have to use 1 sniper all by his lonesome. You`d be suprised how effective it is.


    You could say he’s a “Lone Ranger” no? okay i’ll leave.

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    The Lone Ranger

    * Cringes * 10 seconds later…That was actually a good idea if only I could`ve edited it.

    The Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger challenge: You get 1 sniper all by his lonesome will be the last things the Krauts never see[maybe].


    Hey guys, new to the forums, but ive been playing M&B from the beginning, had a thought about a community challenge, if they ever get started 😀

    Gung-Ho XO
    One unit, upgrade limitations- officer
    Advance 5(maybe 10?) days before death.

    Simple request, tough to do, I think. Thoughts?


    Hi there @gentlegiant
    Nice of you to contribute so fast. This topic already existed so I merged your post into here.
    The title of that challenge sounds cool but like a medic, a single Officer would be dead meat alone with his 20 combat and a pistol.
    Advance 10 fields . . . Not even with 10 Stuart Tanks to back him up. 😆

    A challenge with an Officer in its center may work if the game starts with a maxed officer right away and you need to just finish one field.


    Hey, thanks Lance. and I dont know, I made it 3 days with jusst an officer 2 days ahead (everyone was gunned down but one recruit so i lol promoted it to officer)


    Going off of my old (and silly) Unit motto,

    Feed ‘Em, Fix ‘Em, Fuel ‘Em

    As theres no cooks (there should be! jack of all trades, we had to know how to do everything!) I would say an officer, a medic and an engineer, get to 100exp, survive with no casualties for X waves.


    Aelix posted an update 6 hours ago

    new community challange idea:

    “Lost in the woods”

    More Tree’s, Bushes and rock in the field than usual

    i say add 50% more of em depending on what map youre on


    Vive la résistance!

    well is pretty straight foward i guess, you start the game with 6 french and must advance lets say 5/10 time ?
    (they are technically jack in all trade so it should be hard yet not too hard ?)


    Good idea. 🙂
    Would be easy to implement and surely a lot of fun as well as a decent challenge right from the start since Frenchies are about 30% worse then our starting GIs.
    One single field advance be enough for the medal but I am sure that players will keep going if they are doing well.
    Combat wise these dudes never get that good but imagine all them baguette and wine parties to then douse the enemy in fiery bottled doom.
    Priceless I’d say.

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