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Chalk Cheesy Alpha Niner, and the grand Bird Dog adventre

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    I am on a pilot rescue mission, this is all the bird dog calls,
    1: Indicator in gird 3 Bravo
    2: Crash Site (not aircraft) in grid 5 Alpha
    3: Big UXO in grid 2 Alpha
    4: Defensive position in grid 5 Echo
    5: Big UXO in 4 Delta
    6: Negative results
    I give up



    There are two possibility if it is not a glitch:

    1. You must miss the information. ( XD )
    2. You already spot it. ( very impossible )

    There also sure to have millions of possibility if it is glitch, just in case. lol

    Although Bird Dog don’t tell a lie, but maybe the message transform lose so you are not be able to see the text in your radio log. ( Common cause )

    Keep up good work. lol


    1) Very unlikely in his defense.
    2) Not relevant since the dam bird dog also “spots” things that you already have spotted yourself but that is understandable since how are they suppose to know.

    I often have a “spotted a friendly” message fly by if I catch it usually right at the LZ but that does not mean that the stupid pilot is actually close by since for this the maximum LOS range seams to be used to “spot” the pilot meaning the dude could be over 2 visible fields away in any direction.
    Try finding him fast before he goes invisible again.

    Panning around is cheap but a good way to try and get a fix on the pilot.
    He is trigger happy and stumbling over his shoot-outs with the VC is a way to find him if just his then dead body.

    Call in Choppas to help locate him. Remember to stay overt if you do this repeatedly.

    Search single manned from the LZ outwards in a star like pattern. Move slow and stay covered.
    Rangers are to hyyppa when in overt mode to notice a plane wreck even when walking over one.


    keep in mind I chased these things around, found them, and moved on
    to ask for bird dog to help again, and have it happen again, It was a good run too, just sad it counted as a mission fail even though the objective wasn’t there.
    still got the killcard though!


    Al though we all know this is likely happened, it is rare. However, I did like to mention few thing that I commonly notice in the Recon. ( Base on my 1500+ Recon days exprience XD )

    *Bird Dog don’t spot the things you found already, unless it happened when she fly through to spot the object you just spot. ( Very rare )
    *The friendly is not come from the Bird dog, but your ranger. There are two unit will be count as friendly, one is Pilot and another is Villager. It will give you the message:” Spot the friendly ” By your ranger.
    *When two Mission is very close on the Main Map, it is possible you click the wrong mission. This is a possible cause that you don’t found your mission object, because it is a another mission. It commonly happened when you did not carefully check the brief or just check about the VC status. ( I do have some kind of these experience )
    *It is possible, the Bird dog response be cancel by the comm problem, so you only heard the noise( Or may not heard as other tune may cover it in some of situation ), but non of text will be record or show on your screen. It does not guarantee you will 100% receive the result.

    That is what I think. XD

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by Arise.
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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