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Can't select my rangers

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    It’s not the first time i’ve encountered this and it’s ruining my games and my experience. I have no clue how it starts but suddenly in gunfights i cannot select my rangers. I cannot make them move or use abilities. When i try to select a ranger and move to the oders button it says “select a ranger first” so it apparently doesn’t select a ranger at all. After a while i can select and use them again after like 10 seaconds but at that point they have all been grenaded to death.

    Please fix this or is it just a thing with my computer or game?


    Your computer is to slow, Flash is maxed out with Recon and the Flash player hits it’s limits when there is to much going on in the game.
    Small remedy. Turn off everything that does not have to do with the game.
    Use the Task-Manager trick to boost Flash. Go to HELP for help.
    Rein in game is known to slow it up.
    Play at low heat to reduce the amount of URB in game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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