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Building the perfect squad

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    After playing MNB2 since it’s early days on Gamefudge and Newgrounds when I was in Middle school and watching the game evolve from there it’s been cool to see how much work has been done it! I also have been playing Recon since it’s early days and now MNB3; Suffice to say, Urbz has made some entertaining games that keep me coming back. I think MNB3 combines both game mechanics very well. I like the tip of the hat to the 6 man rule in MNB3 and I like the movement mechanics from Recon in this game. I also like that your troops will move in the middle of a firing sequence and not stop moving until their desired location; allows for movement and flanking opportunities. With that, I would like to talk about building the perfect squad and some things I’d like to see changed/improved.

    From numerous hours playing already and testing out the classes, I have found a pretty clutch squad.

    The first unit I upgrade is the RIFLEMAN if none of my units have been wounded. If a unit is wounded, I will upgrade a MEDIC and then the next unit will be a RIFLEMAN. Then a GUNNER, SIGNALER, and ENGINEER. The last man is up to you. In other words, a 5 man squad that can get you far

    RIFELMAN: I pick him first because of the health kicker and the semi auto rifle. This gives an immediate edge due to the firepower he can drop and he can soak up bullets. I generally upgrade his abilities first. The smoke screen allows you to retreat, advance, or provide a screen for pinned troops or your medic. The grenade allows you to take out pesky krauts behind cover, and the rifle grenade is an extension of the grenade and allows more accurate explosion. From there, I tend to go for the first rifle upgrade to get more firepower in the team and afterwards the rifle or promotion upgrade is up to you. If the squad is holding together well, I’ll do rifle upgrades but if it’s struggling, I’ll do the promotion so he can kill better. Overall I think this unit is balanced

    MEDIC: If no one is hurt, he’ll be the second person to be in my squad. Better to be proactive then reactive. I have trouble leveling him up sometimes, so I’ll put him as a point-man to get quick exp points; be aware if he is under fire, he can go down easily due to the pistol. I always upgrade the quick regen first. This allows him to quickly heal units under fire or heal himself. I then give him the grease gun so he can send more rounds and be more combat effective. After that, I’ll give him the med bag in order to quickly triage units when fhit hits the shan. Afterwards I’ll upgrade him to the next rifle, and then do the promotions upgrade. I am not a fan of the quick revive, as it reduces your unit strength overtime. I have not maxed out a medic yet, so I can not tell you if it is better to upgrade the rifle or do field promotions. The medic is aright, I do agree in reducing his combat abilities and not being able to heal during combat; however, he heals too slow in my opinion and the instant revive should not be reduce max health. Maybe it can only be used once per field or per soldier. Also the field promotion should upgrade the healing speed and ability to stay active while under fire or just make the medic heal faster!

    GUNNER: This is the third guy to get. Great suppressive fire capabilities and upgrades. He is third because at this time the rifleman is able to hold the squad together and you have a medic on standby, so now I am trying to get fire superiority over the Nazi scum. I like to upgrade the weapon as fast as the possible. The .30 cal is accurate and sends lead down fast. I don’t know enough about the other machine guns, because he kills to fast with the other ones :p Then the abilities. The prone position is a solid upgrade; When I am assaulting anything, I usually leave him behind and throw him into prone and he provides get suppressive fire. Even without prone, he will stay behind to suppress the enemy. Then comes the mortar upgrade, great for pre assault or when the Axis counter attack. The mortar does an excellent job of being random and uprooting enemies. I do not like the jeep upgrade, because by the time it arrives, the fire fight is over or my squad is SOL. After the mortar, it’s time for those field promotions to get the combat and morale boosts. I feel like each machine gun should get lighter and by the time you get to the .30 cal, he should be as fast as a grunt. I agree with prone being an upgrade but not that it cools down, it should be interchangeable at a click. Also the mortar should be able to shoot smoke rounds. The jeep upgrade sucks. It either needs to come in from the side or a different upgrade should be available for the gunner. I don’t have an idea for the third upgrade.

    SIGNALER: The fourth man to the squad. Like Recon, the siggy is detrimental to the squad. The ability to call in airstrikes and artillery are absolutely necessary to carry out some of the later missions. Whether it’s a pre preemptive strike against bunkers, hedgerows, or fighting off a counter attack, you need a siggy. Also the random recon planes, sit rep exp bonuses, and the random reinforcements are a nice touch. I like to upgrade the CAS first; like the mortar, it really softens up defenses and is great for counterattacks. Next comes the weapon upgrade, the Springfield is useless and the grease gun allows for good inaccurate fire. From there, I like to upgrade the airstrike and Arty fire. The airstrike is great for bunker busting and the arty absolutely destroys hedgerows and other natural defenses the enemy may be behind. Unfortunately, you can not use the two explosive options when your squad is in a firefight due to the inaccuracy. From there, weapon or field promotions are up to you. Just depends on the situation, do you want more accuracy or more firepower? As for the radio, I think there should be about 5 options. One reinforcement call per should be available, but only one. Also the sit rep should be an option but like MNB2 there needs to be a punishment for a failed call. As he ranks, the punishment chance should be diminished, but in MNB standards, don’t make it easy for a reward! The calls are good and the cool down timers are reasonable. If you have trouble leveling up, again use the point-man method

    ENGINEER: The last person to join the squad. He’s an all around good person. His abilites help the squadron and he can handle combat well. The shotgun is great for clearing hedgerows, so I upgrade the rocket first. It’s just a better rifle grenade, more accurate, more kill-power, and vehicle destruction. From there, I upgrade the rifle ability, as the shotgun becomes outdated quickly. I like to upgrade his build abilities quickly and use the sandbage. Anytime I assault a structure, I’ll set up a sandbag, put my gunner and siggy behind it, and let the rest happen. If unit is wounded, you can put the medic and the wounded solider behind it. If I’m fighting a strong force, two sandbag walls allow your squad to have ample cover to hide behind. Be aware, your bunched up squad will be gibbed by grenades or rockets 😛 After I get the build upgrades, it’s time for weapons. Makes the engy a more efficient killer, then the field promotion to make him more efficient. I have not found useful place for mines unless on a dirt road where trucks spawn. Again, I am always pushing for the most part, so it is hard to use the mines. Remove/keep the mines and allow the engy to build an antennae. I also think the engy should move slower due to the rocket and his tools

    6; Who to pick? I generally pick an OFFICER for his bonuses. I always grab the rifle upgrade first, as the pistol is useless in combat. From there it’s all about the upgrades. The unpin bonus and heroism bonus are nice in combat heavy areas. The light tank is great but like the jeep, it takes to long to help in time. Allow it come in from the side and it can be useful. As for other units, I am not a fan of them. They’re just too specific in their job and the battle is always changing, so the other units make sense because they can handle a multitude of situations. I do like the spec ops being able to call in frenchy’s!

    The nice thing about this squad, is you can lose the RIFLEMAN, OFFICER, and GUNNER and still be able to fight through the rest of the map. You can continue with a 5 man squad, if you lose one of those three listed above; although losing your gunner makes it more challenging. If you lose the MEDIC, ENGINEER, or SIGNALER, good luck. If you lose your medic, godspeed then. Losing any one of those three dramatically reduces your chances of finishing a field. You could lose your ENGINEER and be ok, but lose a SIGNALER or a MEDIC, and you are SOL.

    That’s all I’ve got, let’s here about your squads and some changes you’d like to see!


    Amazing post Jakob. Thanks for playing MNB3!!


    Totally agree! Great post!


    @urbzz @LtHunter

    Instead of the SIGNALER being detrimental, he is supposed to be essential. I dunno, detrimental just sounded like the right word :3


    Yeah, detrimental actually means that he is BAD for the squad.

    Do you ever use the marksman? For me, he is the best infantry killer and levels up really quickly (sometimes an xp hog).

    Spec ops are essential for late game, he will continue to build up your squad with frenchies until he is dead.



    Right now I am experimenting with the 6th man. I like the marksman upgrade. It’s nice to send out the medic, have him spot Krauts, and then let the marksman take them out. I like the Scout and the spotting ability. I have not found the spec ops to be useful in my play style to be honest. The camo ability and the TNT are not useful for me. The frenchy is just for the lolz

    Matty N.

    Hey there, great post.
    I sorta agree about the Gunner’s Jeep skill, its not fast enough. But I think you missed the point of its use, it really is just a turret. I get the best use of it when I know enemy reinforcements are coming and I’m setting up a firing line or ambush. I will also move my gunner up first sometimes and call the jeep to cover everyone as they charge.
    I don’t use a gunner on fields with alot of structures and ambush spots becuse he’s too slow to escape, soaks up enemy fire, loses morale, and lays there until hes shot or artillerized.


    You guys all have great ideas but to me the best squad is rifleman,gunner,med,sig,marksman,scout or a random sixth man.Rifleman is great at busting the flanking german and destroying the enemy’s buildings.Gunner should be great for pinning and getting ‘our buddies’ some time to kill them.Med is a life saver but don’t get him too soon as he is totally weak at killing.Sigs is only useful for his arty strikes and random calls.Last but not least is a deadly couple: scout and marksman

    As you can see just simply having these and losing one of them wont make you lose.Beginners can follow this squad and they can get a gold star

    One Kidney

    It’s really interesting to see all of the different combinations people are using so far, it seems that there are many different tactics that people are experimenting with.

    I still haven’t cleared hedgerows yet so I may change my mind further into the game (not had much time to play).

    Also, I think it should be noted that my play style is very slow and measured, I advance up the map at a snails pace, picking off enemies at max range with riffles, and advance when the scout gives the okay. I never move up to a firefight without knowing if I can throw down sandbags (unless the situation demands it), and I will fall back and give ground when needed. I split the squad into two groups and advance one while the other covers (unless scout has called it clear), I’ll go into greater detail on this later.

    Highest Value

    A keystone of most squads, arty strikes are a necessity when going up against dug in positions and enemy armour.

    I feel that people underestimate the power of the opportunity calls though, I havent seen them mentioned too much. The ability to call reinforcements is irreplaceable, and at the pace I play the game it is only a matter of time until It comes up. (I am willing to call a reinforcement at any point from the map, even if it adds another 5-10 mins of game time for him to walk up the map. The exp boost is useful in the early game, but in my opinion is the weakest opportunity call, I only ever use it if I am really in bad shape at the start. The resource drop I don’t think gets enough love here, for me I use it every time until I only have around 3-4 calls left (I then use these for reinforcements). The drop is random and can sometimes be useless (health kits and moral letters are very situational) but extra spotting range on your sniper is nuts, extra health on your siggy/medic is always good, maps turn that slow assed siggy/gunner into usain bolt, and the weapon drops can be amazing, snipers and hmg’s are a godsend.

    I tend to upgrade to arty first, grab the grease gun for early suppression, then upgrade rank to max, before upgrading to the carbine. I THEN HOLD THE LAST UPGRADE. This is important for my playstyle as the tommy gun is not long ranged enough, holding this last upgrade means you can full heal when shit hits the fan.

    The obvious use of keeping people alive is why the medic is key in every strategy.

    I would try to avoid upgrading this first as it lowers your overall combat capabilities, but as he ranks up his kill potential can be on par with other members of the squad.

    When upgrading I will almost always go for the grease gun first and then the first two skills. If the squad has been badly hit, I will halt and grab the first skill (intensive care) to heal up before going for the grease gun. Following on from this, I max out rank, then upgrade to the M1.

    If I am lucky enough to nab
    multiple hmg’s I will slap one on the medic as his rifle skill tends to be on the lower side.

    The final skill of the medic is a finicky one, but overall i do think it is worth it as when shit hits the fan it’s better to have a man at 90 now then have a man at 13 who “could” be healed. Asses the situation and make the call as best you can.

    The Workhorses:

    The first skill is why you get a scout, this let’s you know when it’s “safe” to advance, other than that he is outstandingly mediocre. His last skill is frequently said to be useless, but I see it is “highly situational” it is great when you are falling back as it allows you to track enemy movement as you would normally lose vision of them, and it keeps enemy snipers/ mortars in view for you to call arty into.

    When it comes to upgrades I’m in two minds about it, the first skill is so useful it seems like an insta-grab, but on the other hand the shotgun is total garbage for my strategy so the Bren is a appealing choice.

    As of now, I find the Bren a much better first upgrade as it increases his kill potential = faster exp = next skill gained faster. From there I will grab the first skill, then upgrade rank fully, then upgrade to the tommy gun as it’s the longest range he can get, then upgrade the rest of his skills.

    If I get either a rifle or a hmg from an airdrop or enemy crate the scout has the highest priority for it as he has no “long range” weapons he can upgrade to.

    Needed if you want any kind of consistent anti-light armour, and the ability to slap down defences I find priceless. Mines have a lot more use then people give em credit for, I always drop them on roads in case of enemy reinforcement, you can drop them when you need to fall back and nab a few easy kills, and at worst they can be dropped in a tanks path with hope as you slowly zook/arty retreating.

    As stated before, shotgun is garbo, get the grease gun first, I then grab all three skills as the sandbags are just the best, then get to max rank, then upgrade to the M1.

    Those sandbags can mean the difference between dying the the open field to grenades/arty, and living with 13 health.

    I really debated about putting this guy in the next section, but in my strategy he is a key role.

    A high rank sniper can clear a hedgerow solo without even getting shot at. He can take out enemy hmg’s , mortars, and snipers with ease. Treat him right and he will get you out of a bad situation.

    The eagle eye ability is what makes the sniper shine, removing the los block allows this guy to shoot a clip into a defensive position and frequently get a kill for every shot. Combined with the good ground skill this is how you clear defensive positions after the arty rains down.

    You want to target mortars and snipers with the assassination ability.

    I rank up to the scopes garand first as it allows for some long ranged cover fire for the early game. I then max out his rank before grabbing all the skills, lastly I grab all the weapon upgrades.

    The Situationals:

    IMO the best of this group by a slim margin, the rifleman is a slightly better grunt with access to grenades. The smoke grenade is good when retreating, and the HE/Rifle grenades are good for killing, simple stuff for a simple soldier.

    I upgrade his skills right away, as they increase his kill potential/help moreso than rank upgrades when shit hits the fan. I then upgrade rank, before grabbing the rifle upgrades.

    Close second for me, the gunner is great for suppression and can add a bit more punch to the arty strikes before a push with his mortar. The jeep is situational and IMO is worse than just having your gunner get into position, therefore I’d save the final upgrade for a heal when things get hot.

    I upgrade to the mortar first, then max rank, then go for the browning. (This may seem odd as the browning is the shit, but in my strategy the gunner is part of my secondary squad, therefore he needs the extra deadliness to effectively rank up, will go into more detail later).

    My biggest problem with the gunner is how slow he is, I can cope with one slow mover in the siggy as I “have” to deal with his shit, having another slow mover is such a drag.

    Spec Ops:
    One of the more fun picks, the Spec Ops wins points for being a total badass, using the stealth and the TNT gives you plenty of those “cool guys don’t look at explosions” and calling in frenchies can help buff out a squad with losses, excellent for when you have lost your siggy or used up all your calls. He is great for aggressively pushing up the map, which unfortunately goes against what my strategy intends to do.

    This, coupled with the fact that frenchies can be very useless, their first two skills are hilarious, but ineffective, and the Molotov, whilst it can be a godsend against tanks and hedgerows, it is too inconsistent.

    If I were to use him, I grab his first two skills, then rank him to max, then upgrade to the bar, grabbing the frenchie skill last if nothing goes wrong. If a frenchie is needed I grab that skill asap.

    Other people swear by the spec ops, and it is clearly a good unit in its own right, but to me it is too situational. (Please don’t hurt me)

    And lastly we come to this sad act. I have tried many times to get the officer to work for me. My playstyle is the slowest of the slow, so you’d think this would negate some of the officers bad points (tank comes in too slow, bonuses are lost on movement), but even for me the officer is wayyyy to slow. The tank can be useful in soaking up fire and punching through a defence if you are willing to hang around for it, but I find it too risky to use in a siege. If you arty a position it will likely catch on fire, as you cannot control your tank, it will roll up and set itself alight. Once it goes boom, that’s it, your officer is now a slightly better grunt.

    At the moment the officer is too much of a gimmick, it’s unpin ability is negated by the fact units will be instantly repinned most of the time, and the moral skill is very situational. It’s passive seems good but most of the time is made redundant. On top of all this you also greatly reduce the combat effectiveness of the squad by upgrading to the officer with a long time before any real “benefit” can be seen.

    I’d love to see the officer work as he is a lot of fun, I just think his skillset needs a rework. (I’ll probably make another’s post about this in suggestions)

    When using the officer I upgrade to the first weapon, then upgrade skills till you unlock the tank, then max out rank, finishing with upgrading weapons.

    Standard Squad Composition:

    I’ll keep this bit brief as I will probably make a thread about this another time with pics/video after I have gotten further into the game.

    My normal squad consists of a Sniper, Signaller, Scout, Engineer, Medic, and finally either a Gunner or a Rifleman as my flex. I try to stick to this order of upgrading.

    I split the squad into two groups, the advancing group and the covering group. The advancing group consists of the sniper, engi, and scout. The sniper and scout spot enemy’s before they see you, and most of the time who shoots firsts wins, engineer throws down cover when needed. Engineer takes point as he needs exp early and he has the cover.

    Supporting group consists of siggy, medic, and flex. This group has the vips, don’t want them to get caught out, medic can go front lines if needed, but mostly you want to fall back to the support group if there is trouble, if you have the rifleman you can rotate our wounded units from group A to heal. Once advancing group has cleared / engi sandbags are off cool down, I bring the support group up, and once they are in position the advancing group advances.

    Pretty simple stuff but works for me.

    Hope I haven’t burnt everyone’s eyes out with the massive amount of text.


    Very good post. You bring good points about the officer. I’d like to hear more about what you think could work for them (in an another topic)



    I like your squad composition. I agree, I have changed my 6th man to the sniper; Later games, the officer just becomes more of a bullet sponge.

    A new tactic I’m using, is sending my Medic out to attract fire and letting the sniper take out the exposed Nazis. The sniper becomes useful for retreats or spotting enemies. I then use my Sigy to call in a strike on the exposed forces


    That was an extensive read, and you had a lot of good info. But while I agree with your descriptions, I’m not sure I’d go with the assessments..,
    To me the Medic, while being important, isn’t really pivotal. Let’s face it, you aint going non-stop till you get to the end, your going to have to halt. And anywhere along the way -(What’d he say?</em?>)- Good men will die. Saving that last Power-up for a full health/morale boost has been more helpful to me in the longer games than my Medic.
    Neither the Scout, nor the Sniper have I been successful with, so have avoided their use, but the Engineer has proven effective both offensively & defensively. The Sandbag wall does provide cover, but it seems to me that it is also “Eye-Candy” for the Germans, so attracts more fire/attention. Kinda give-n-take I guess… But the Bazooka.., 😀 That’s a REAL fun toy! They’re storming your lines & your men are firing like mad but you know there’s no way. Then that Zook shell explodes in the middle of em all causing chaos… 😉 Beautiful man!
    Rifleman & the Gunner are both very pivotal for long play IMO. When I advance that Mortar has splattered blood SOMEwhere on the screen, and in combination with Arty… A Loving-Letter-of-Hell from above. The rifle-grenades I use for mop-up.
    Spec-ops/Commando & Officer fall into the “Little Used/Needed” category as they also have inefficiencies that might need adjusting.
    The successful runs I’ve had involved a Signaler, a Gunner, an Engineer & a Rifleman, at least those four. An extra Gunner provided that much more mortar mangling for mein enemy, while working from the opposite side of the field for a nice cross-fire. An extra Rifleman was another rifle-grenade to bounce off heads. Maybe even a Medic, Commando or Scout, but definitely those four.

    Advancing I do by going Three men flush up against a side, and then ‘Leap-Frogging’ them up/down the map. Always have at least two men in motion -{one on each side}- and the other four cover.
    WARNING It is very easy to walk into machine gun nests this way.

    😀 ..and I’m not outa breath…

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