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Bugs from 0.23f+ [MnB3]

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    There was no announcement about 023f, what’s new? From the looks of these so called bugs you guys are posting nothing is changed lol.


    Well I know that the Tank being on the field doesn’t affect you finishing. I was able to complete the map with the Tank on screen about a klick behind.(Side note: It seems he Always stays behind. Will this change?)

    Haven’t seen any ‘Zombie-Germans’ in a while.

    The ‘Debug Message‘ popped up again, don’t recall it being on the screen prior to the start of Map #8(apologize for not paying attention), but it was there at the start of #8. Again I have lost NO men.
    . Now I do have unused power-ups floating over each man, and I’m really not sure how many. I get my guys what they need and tell em to stop bitching about a couple of stripes, they got a job to do and that don’t involve sewing extra material to their damn shirts. 😉
    . Actually I hold on to them for the 100pt Boost. I might rank-up a soldier if I think he has a spare, but ultimately just want to hold on to that ‘Last Chance‘ at escape/survival.
    I also-(many games ago)-ranked-up a soldier to 3 chevrons and he never got more XP even tho he was ALWAYS in the front & other soldiers still were. Figured I’d just give em what I want em to have, maybe a couple of stripes so they feel like ‘Big Boys’, and hold on to the rest.

    What other issues were there?
    Enemies appearing outa thin air? 😕 ..Really?
    I’ve read a few times about that and other issues, but wont spam-up the bugs & issues post with that. I’ll go to the Bear and bitch there…


    ..and upon returning to my game I find a Stuart Tank sitting next to me at my start. Does this mean his timer will carry over to this map?

    . I had finished map #7, clicked on ‘Keep Going’, pushed pause and jumped right over here to report on ability to finish, without looking. Upon returning I find the Rolling-Beer-Can parked right next to my soldiers. Started my movement, he sent the message that he was needed else where(I know B.S. when I hear it, he was just Scared), I engaged the enemy, he started to roll to them, then “Left my AO”.

    Now I’m pissed….
    Came here to report, with my game on pause, upon my return the visuals are froze. I can hear the game running in the back-ground(I.e. push the 3 key and he says “Ready to die, just make it count!” or one of the other wonderful things they express. I was also able to activate an Arty strike on my own men an it sounded like I called a Stuart with my Officer, but all visuals are frozen.
    It sounds like the only soldier verbally responding now is my Signaler. }=) I’m trying to call another Arty strike but he aint paying into it. Guess I’ll refresh.

    ..there goes Eight Hard-Earned maps…

    And folks whine about unfair, sheesh…

    The Lone Ranger

    Running into a g;itch where weapons from the crates are being labeled as The Thompson even though they aren`t like the 1897 Shotgun.

    Mexican Batman

    88’s do not have a minimum range and almost blew itself up


    At the start of wave 11, the Debug: notice came up again. No body was dead.., YET.
    That happened about 5 klicks in on map 11. I was holed up in a trench ‘making a stand'(always a bad idea when your Supposed to be assaulting) when a nice little Rifle Grenade dropped in the trench and wiped out my Entire team. 🙁 ..always the hazard of running your team as one unit…

    I also started noticing the ‘Zombie-Germans’ around map 10, about 4 klicks in.

    Had no issues with Tanks performance other than the fact he rarely got closer than 1 klick away and slowed down for One German who was bleeding out. He stopped, rotated his turret, paused, the guy died, the Tank started heading for me then said he was needed elsewhere and left!! ..dirty rotten bum…


    i’ve had this problem for a quite while. im like on D-Day 20 3days ahead schedule and my progress gets lost aand i have to start all over again. any tips?


    Constantly backup your saves @Jim . It’s actually really simple. Arise has a post on the forum, I’m sure you can find it. It might be pinned.



    Not sure what this falls under and I apologize for the lack of complete information, but here we go…

    . Somewhere on Map #1 my Gunner’s picture turned Orange, like he was taking damage, and stayed that way until somewhere around the third map. Did I just have an American President volunteer?!? 😮 >.>


    Not that it’s a huge inconvenience, but my GIs have been deploying with 0xp instead of 1xp after I received the Assault Expert ribbon. Is anyone else noticing this as well?


    IIRC, none of the ribbons currently work.

    The Lone Ranger

    It looks like the Star on DDAY+200 and beyond does not appear when the map zooms in and then like 5 seconds later it pops up at the beginning of the new section of the map and ZOOMS across the map and off the current section of the map. However when the map isnt zoomed in you can CLEARLY see the star.

    The Lone Ranger

    It also seems like the map sections also stop moving foward as well after the 2nd map section.


    Interesting new bug. It took me awhile to notice this, but every time my soldiers get shot, they only take 1 damage. Pretty cool. The only thing that can kill my guys are gibs from explosions (german arty, grenades, mines, mortars ). I have no idea how this occurred, but its cool.

    So basically, even if a grenade lands right next to my guys, they will only take 1 damage. Get shot 10 times in a row… 10 dmg. Sweetness.


    Sounds like black magic to me.

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