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Bugs from 0.23f+ [MnB3]

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    Haven’t tried running listening to youtube while playing MnB3, yet.


    It’s a minor bug but when your guy gets hit, sometimes his profile pic turns permanently into red
    red pic

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    my commando gets pinned 0 moral and stays like that i had to tnt him to move on

    The Lone Ranger

    @jonah davis the commando has always been like that.


    Get a message at the start of a new map debug: Removing undefined because his health is lower than 10(undefined) even tho I did not lose anyone, nor am a man short.

    ..kinda hope it’s removing Germans…


    Its not. Just the dead from last field.

    Another bug: Germans spawning in while paused.

    Also, does anyone think the Germans are spawning in reinforcements too often, or there should be a unit cap?
    Because I end up trapped at spawn until I take out the enemy tank, meanwhile, they keep stacking reinforcements. Then end up with upward of 60+ units, which will rush you… every time.


    The chance of German reinforcements spawning is based on RNG largely. How much one is ahead increases the chance alongside commander rank if I remember right. I am not entirely sure about the rank effecting the chance as it might have simply increased the amount of Germans spawned in a wave.

    The mechanics might seem unfair but tactically, they are working as intended. The goal of the Germans is to reinforce the area under attack once the area of the attack is identified. Our reconnaissance-like sections increase the time it takes for the Germans to respond becouse the small unit is actually the tip of the armor offensive. Once the attack is located, the reinforcements start to pour in in order to slow down and stall the offensive and then counter-attack according to the German doctrine of defense in depth.

    Essentially, the tanks are offensive weapons, the tank counter-attacks, pushes back the section allowing the Germans to stall the offensive and gather enough reinforcements to push the Allies back to their starting positions in a massed counter-attack. By allowing the tank to stop you, your section lost its momentum and the driving force of the attack. The whole point of MnB3 is to push forward fast enough to not get bogged down by the reinforcements.

    Regarding the German numbers and unit cap, there is currently a system in place that allows only 10 Germans to remain at the field at once. The rest are there but do not move, fire or do anything else. The 10 Germans closest to the section can be seen and engaged. Once the number of active Germans drops below 10, the inactive ones enter the fray and their movement is simulated to present the time inactive. That guarantees that the section fights only 10 Germans at a time max but also causes Germans appearing out of thin air right in front of the section during large firefights.


    My point exactly. There were NO dead to be removed, nor have there been for the last 6 maps.
    And it has said it EACH time I started a new map.

    . On another note, I called the Stuart in & it was little help against the infantry I was battling before it left, which I guess is kinda expected… Next map I encountered a Panzer so called it again, and this time the message popped up about having One Tank per Map, even tho it was a new map.
    I got pissed and started clicking the hell out of the icon & another Stuart Did show up, but that little message showed up each time too.
    . Now the new Stuart worked well, and it was real neat to watch the mini tank battle between the two -{I called in an Arty Strike for good measure}- but want to point out two things;
    1) The German Commander Never died, even when Arty was smacking his treads & engine.
    2) When it came time for the Stuart to leave, it did so.., 😀 ..minus it’s treads and a cover on the front. I am assuming both sets of tracks were gone -{can’t say I watched the Stuart alot, was having too much fun watching the Panzer die 🙂 }- because it looked like a wire or spring pointing out it’s R side(L side of the screen) and the L side had the axles sticking out in the open liking it was flipping off the birds with three fingers.
    There was a plate on the front missing but the cannon worked fine, vs the Panzer’s which got blowded up.


    Dam I would kill to see that… well only virtually of course. 😉
    No recordings Mo-Tah? No need for sounds as long as the visuals are nice and bloody.

    Enemy spawning is good in my view. It is as Hyyppa explained save that there can be more then 10 enemies active at any one point. Seen it a few times. Usually not more then 12 or 13 soldiers plus any previously revealed stationaries.
    What is not so good is that they usually all charge in with only a sense of running strait forwards even past my men.
    This goes on repeatedly as I keep killing and they keep spawning till it seams that all extra reinforcements have arrived in place. As long as I have a nice defensive position they are easy xp gains.
    All depends on where on the field this happens. Just had such counterattack in the end zone (4 days ahead) and there they did not run far but stopped and shot at me causing 2 dead GIs despite everybody sitting in a pillbox.


    Well, it has happened to me on many occasions. Next time, I shall take screenshots. There will be enough live germans rushing, that some of them appear as moving corpses, which then resurrect themselves once they enter visual range.


    I also have encountered the ‘Zombie-Germans’ sliding around.., 🙁 ..didn’t know they re-animate tho, just thought they weren’t dead enough to know it…

    The Lone Ranger

    I think something is a bit off here…..


    Has anyone else noticed that sometimes German’s that are clearly in the line of sight of your soldiers will begin to disappear as if they are hidden from your soldiers? It’s happened to me a few times and its very annoying and sometimes dangerous to my squad.


    Not an issue, just a note;

    . On my 6th map, about 2.5 Klicks in, I call a Tank up. He did show up(I noticed him idling behind me-Do they come out the side now?) but was just a waste of pixel space.
    When I started advancing I was able to get Just Over 2 klicks ahead of it because the damn driver stayed up late drinking or something and couldn’t keep up.
    Is this to be expected of Tanks? I’d think they’d stay with the crew, unless they encountered armor.

    ..and the Note I’m ‘noting’…
    . At the begining of the NEXT map where I started, I got to watch the Stuart leave my ‘Area-of-Operation’ as I was lining my men up.
    ..even said “The Stuart has left your AO” when it did. I’ll try to call another…….


    Successfully called another one on that map. (see comment at end of above post)


    Just before the enemy launched his Rifle Grenade at me, I had one fly across the screen in a N.E. to S.W. direction.., except this one was the size of a jeep. Almost like it went high enough to pass close to my screen. Didn’t blow anything up that I could tell, as it went off screen, and right after an actual one was launched(which DID blow up) from the same general direction.

    And the Tank I called on this map stayed back at least a klick, still engaged the enemy infantry with main gun and cannon, just from a pussy-distance.., :/ ..was hoping he’d try and run them down…

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