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    Num 6

    trying to start a new day-new squad, 6 days ahead outskirts of Tinchebray. Arhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, cant even advance one screen. Some Germans are invisible even when standing on them, and their skill…. one German can pick off a whole squad. only thing really bothersome is that my squad is almost blind even if i manage to upgrade to scout or snipe. dont know if invisible germans is how you meant it to be


    Num 6

    Another question. do the medal bonuses work? i have bronze silver and gold star, yet to have soldier deploy with garand


    Mexican Batman

    No as of yet the medal effects have not been coded in ( I believe ) but I think URB is working on that. As of now the ribbon for playing 100 games doesn’t even have a description yet so it should come in a future patch along with effects for completing the community challenges.



    Froze right before I finished a two map push (Is it a map?)
    Also I really don’t know how to paste an image here so I’ll give the direct URL.

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    I don’t know if this has been reported before but the “Enemy reinforcement coming from the north” needs to be fixed. Several times this happened to me. I’m currently at Outskirts of Mordrain and everytime the message pop up, infantry suddenly pops up closely to my guys. Maybe it’s just URB :/



    On my assault-run, I ranked-up a Rifleman to three stripes and he NEVER got another XP-Boost to spend(maybe he was maxed out on everything, sorry I didn’t check) even when it was him doing the killing to start with, even tho he was the one leading the charge, nothing. Other soldiers received Boost, after Boost, after…

    Anyhow, it doesn’t seem right to have a medal/award/commendation that offers 100hp & 100Morale and no-way to get it. I mean, there’s nothing random about it…


    Brian Cong

    Mo-Tah, the medal doesn’t actually ‘boost’ anything, per se. If you read the description carefully, you’ll see it only brings the soldier back to full health and morale.
    Unrealistic, I’ll grant you, but the idea is that you don’t want to ever have to be in a position where you actually need to use the medal, as it’ll cost one of the 10 upgrades your soldier will ever have, costing you a potential weapon, ability, or combat skill.
    So no, don’t ever get the medal if you can help it. That’s not a bug.



    Once again I’m here to report a bug that I really don’t want to because I can exploit it. But alas I shall for it is my duty to do so! If you start calling in a support strike… say perhaps a bombing run? Then pause the game. The call goes through while paused, the message that support is coming goes through while paused, and the support strike commences… you guessed it! While paused.


    One Kidney

    I’m not sure if it has been mentioned before but It seems that the Gold Star medal gets awarded early.

    I started on Dday+4 behind schedule by 3 days, and ended on Dday+5 ahead by 6 days, so by my math that works out as 10 advances, 9+ the day for being on schedule?

    I think I have seen it reported on being awarded on 11 advances (including the map you start on), so that could be it, but wouldn’t this make it 2 advances early? I halted on the map I had the medal rewarded to me if that would have any effect.

Viewing 9 posts - 121 through 129 (of 129 total)

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