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    Hitting the skirmish line command causes all men to move even if their morale is negative and they are currently panicking, giving an unstoppable, unpinnable advance on enemy lines.



    WHat? You can call in a tank? How?

    Anyway, bugs encountered:

    – Engineer’s zook – sometimes doesn’t fire, but cool-down timer engages as if it had.

    – Machine gunner – sometimes is firing off-screen to the right. No sign that he is shooting/damaging enemy combatants ahead.


    Num 6

    A panicking Scout got stuck on barbed wire lost all health, from 100 to 0, and died.



    Enemy Machine Gunner had his ‘long flame’ stuck to the end of his barrel, even tho he wasn’t firing. 🙂 Made it real easy to see where he was aiming tho! Not sure if it happened when I was jabbing the pause button, but it’s there now even if I turn pause on/off.

    Will work past his emplacement and report as to what happens when I kill and pass him. 🙁 ..IF I kill or pass him…

    😀 He is toast! His wittle body lies beside that evil instrument of gibbing..,
    And Yes, the flame still spouts from the barrel. -{my guys keep lighting their smokes off it}-

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    Num 6

    why is it that every time I call for a bomb run or artillery, once its over I immediately get blitzed? if it happens every time or above 80% of the time it just doesnt make the bombs or arty worth it, i can barely survive with a full squad thats maxed out



    I’ve noticed it’s similar with using my Rifleman’s Grenades or Rifle Grenades, as soon as I pop one off over a Kraut’s head, the whole damn army shows up. I always assumed it was the Unfair Random Brutality kicking in. 🙁 Kinda like when your waiting for something to happen it don’t, but as soon as you start something else you can’t stop immediately, it will.
    Murphy’s Law

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    There is nothing in the code that makes the game ‘blitz’ you after any kind of support. Reinforcements are random based on a probability that deals with rank, day ahead, maps completed in a game.



    Urb is getting funny and funnier by time cause he hid some barbwires and mines under stone walls so watch out.And a Kraut was standing right next to one of my man and caused his life in CQC(he didn’t tell us there was one)



    Just pushed Deploy and the screen.., ? ..froze up?
    It was just like the normal screen would be before pushing Deploy/Intel or Profile, with the map showing progress and the flashing star showing your location, except the finger only showed up and pointed at at space up & R of Deploy, up & L of Profile and down by the mudandblood.net banner. Only those three places.
    When I refreshed the screen it worked properly and I am now deployed with my game on pause.
    I’m now On Schedule instead of being ahead a day… URBed again….



    Occasionally when I swap tabs to a YouTube video my game will freeze and I’ll have to refresh, Losing a day.



    Alright, this sucks. It has happened three times now, each time it was on the Front page with the Map showing location & progress, and the three options; Deploy, Intel and Profile.
    I walked away to handle business for an extended period of time and upon return when I clicked the Deploy option nothing happened except the finger pointed at blank areas only, and no choices could be made. Refreshing the screen returns things to normal but I FRIGGEN LOSE A DAY!!!!


    Thanks Urb, I always need a reason to laff….




    it is always a good idea to refresh the game page if you have walked away from it for a lil while. not the best but for now it resets the timers and make sure everything is clean and good to go.



    Well on the bright side, I’ve just finished map #9 -{ 😀 YEA Baby!! 😀 }- and seem to be rolling steady, if not strong. If it’s glitched, I aint bitchin’!



    Borked was the word I believe that made the round back in the days.
    So Mo just finished map #9. As in 9 consecutive games or the 9th distinctive site feature?

    Maximillian and a lot of other have posted that playing MNB3 and having a tab open for you-tube causes the game to freeze.

    As for a report from me: Issue with LOS especially in city environments.
    All them partly tripled stacked buildings and walls make for a LOS hell for me.
    It is impossible to know where there is a slit to fire through is for the player to get to a spotted enemy that none of my men can engage but get return fire from.
    Even when I try to line up men to where I am getting shot from it is very rare that I hit the exact pix spot that is actually in LOS with the target.
    This only leaves Skills to be effective as not to get into HTH or point-blank range every time and take that huge risk to lose men just to get rid of such a wall rat.

    Here a helpful remedy to this.
    No stacking of asset buildings or same assets.
    Leave a bit of space between most buildings similar to how bunkers can not be stacked in mnb2.
    No other assets on roads save cars, trucks ect.
    No assets on rivers. Assets that fit to a river like a bridge would be good.
    Basically no total random placements.
    Trees in buildings seam off as well even if they are rubble.



    On my 13th map I called in a tank, but alas, none showed. 🙁 ..maybe it’s tranny was borked… -{ 😮 boy could THAT statement be taken out of context}-
    As soon as I started the map I called it in, and after a short period of time while I arranged my outfit’s placement -{the right boots are always important}- I proceeded for the end zone. It was a long walk thru a bad neighborhood -{I kinda felt like The Warriors }- and there was even an enemy Panzer making the slow roll down the street. 😀 But homie was smart, me & da boys was cutting down alleyways. Long story short, I scored a touchdown and the team mascot never even took the field.


    🙁 ..the main reason I took an Officer..,

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