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    Im pretty sure its the bunker HMG. *I didn’t aware that bunker come with a HMG till a mins ago.

    I had air strike blow up the bunker, then I clear the particles thus the bunker ruin was not shown. Yet apparently the HMG spawned after my man got close to it?
    Invisible Nazi HMG gibbing men



    CQC incapacitated a german but did not award exp.
    Scout skills descriptions when choosing an upgrade is still the old ones for each skill.
    Pak38 (i think? Not sure if it is one effectively) often targets dead and incapacited soldiers.



    my dead soldiers (scout and medic) still spot enemies, I needed to fall back very far to regroup, but my dead guys not far from end still reveal many germans v0.23e



    @joker You say your dead men have spot enemy, so did you heard any sound effect like: ” Enemy Spotted ” ” We got company! enemy troop, right F–king there! ” If not that is not your dead men spot the enemy.

    Somehow the German will auto show after you play a long game,currently we still don’t know why. I if you really heard that, please report again, then I will notice the Boss to fix this as it will be a major one. XD

    Thanks. By Arise >o<



    Do bunkers on the outskirt of Mortain even explode? Nope even after one of my art strikes hit directly and it didn’t even gib the krauts inside
    Why can the Krauts use their abilities at a time? i got hit by a grenade twice

    I think i know why the German showed up after a long time.It should be some lag due to the recon plane,am i right? I have seen this lag going on for a long time,it particularly happens at the end of the map



    TNT Men!



    Recon planes does NOT cause lag, despite of what Lance said. Without going in too much boring details, enemies will not ne the cause of lag they way they are handled. End game lag is caused by particules (blood, dirt, debris, casings and blood) use the ! button.

    Also giving the game a refresh in between maps can give the flash player some help.

    Also, plane bombs should destroy wooden bunkers.

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    Recon planes does NOT cause lag, despite of what Lance said.
    waa. I was intentionally joking when >>>
    Polarfuchs posted an update a day ago
    *aerial recon has spotted 64(!!!) enemies*
    me: ;-;-;-;-;-;

    then I said : No worries. The massive lag will kill most of them. LOL I said LOL
    That was referring to my own crapputer and not to his experience with the recon plane aside that it was not a bug or issue report to begin with.
    *sweeps this under the rug*
    What I interpret from the last bug report here by Minh.
    1) Bunker does not explode from artillery. That is a feature. Only a Bomb Drop (Signaller Skill) or TNT (Commando skill) can destroy a bunker.
    2) Enemies can use special abilities like grenades up to 4 times per soldier. The time is totally random so it can happen that the same soldier throws 2 or more grenades within a few seconds. This is what I recall about the information that was given to us.

    3) Here I would have to guess what exactly Minh wants to say so instead I will ask to clarify that statement.
    @rangerhelmet What exactly do you mean by LAG?
    Could it be that when a recon plane spot enemies that then most of them show up later at the end of the field once your squad gets there?
    Does this happen often?

    Personally I have no issues whatsoever with the Recon overflight Opportunity call.
    It shows all enemy soldiers as should. Unknown if enemy stationaries are also suppose to be shown.
    I rarely use it because other Opportunity Calls are more valuable to me and I usually have a Scout who’s first skill makes this obsolete.
    Thanks for the tips to make the game faster. I know them already but it never hurts to repeat them.



    After crossing barbed wire, one of my soldiers movement speed was permanently slowed down. Interesting new bug. Pretty rare occurrence.



    When I got a crate drop, the weapon name was “M1928A1 Thompson”, but when my medic picked up the “Thompson” it became a M1919 LMG, the sprite was also that of a M1919 LMG, either this is text bug, or something wrong with the weapon.



    3 games in a row, more than 30 morale, the soldiers just sit there and get artied….also, if you click the “clear field” button, it will cancel the things your radist called in, arty, bombing run etc.



    Not sure if this has already been mentioned but if it hasn’t… Emplacements such as FlaK 36s, and MG-34s, still count as living units for gunner target switching.



    This weeks Challenge is “undefined”.
    I called in a Stuart Tank in my last game and it did not show.
    Sounds got played and they even moved up the field but nothing was seen.
    All in my last upload in the Hero Topic.



    My Medic randomly just ending up dying. It still says he has full health on the bar below, but his health is at -13. I wasn’t being shot at or anything.



    Your only able to call in 1 stuart per game. So if the one you have gets destroyed you can never call another one again, no matter how many days you advance.

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