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    It is because the Intel is not update yet.



    It frustrating to select soldiers. Stop XD When you are in hurry (Ambushes or, worse, arty incoming) you need to be very lucky and precise, or someone will die. Since clicking on the protrait fucks up the screen (useful for finding your soldiers when they are hidden, less when you have to run) if you have to run check if the skills menu opens when you click on the soldier. If not: you misclicked.


    Signaler if interrupted during the call, will execute the interrupted call at the same place when a new one is succesfully completed. Works this way both for support and opportunity calls.
    Hmg neither shoots nor spots soldiers. It just lays there to be shot at.
    Also the HMG keeps attracting aggro from the machine gunner,prone or not, even when nobody is on it. Even from incredible distances,like one and a half screens the machine gunner will keep switching targets and shooting the unmanned HMG. Very often it is the only target. No other soldiers behaves like this.


    I saw that in some patch for MNB3 you increased the flare chance for germans, i hadnt experienced any problems with them until i once got three flares shot at my soldiers and they all died to arty fire. My suggestion would be to make the flares kinda like the scouts flare, make all germans target a soldier in the area of the flare or give germans a visual on the flare and its surroundings. Almost all my runs so far have been cut down by arty flares, not tanks, not grenade spam or even the 88mm flak (which btw needs a very small nerf to its gibbing chance and damage, if i dont spot the flak first, i have 2 guys instantly dead because of damage it does)


    With my video I think i was running near the limits of my PC. Most flash games don’t like it when you don’t have the ram to run it. I just stopped playing world of tanks started a YouTube video and was in the middle of a MnB3 run when it happened.



    I was noticing the same thing about HMG. I thought i was always ot of its spotting range, but seemed unactive to me too.

    Maharbal Barca

    Minor spelling error: from the supply drop, the item that gives +5 HP reads “gives +5 HP to
    silder (should be soldier).


    I can confirm after a lot of testing my bug is due to lack of RAM. Weird things like that keep happening when I have less than 10 kbs of ram (I cant play while playing WOT a YouTube video all while afking in minecraft sooo yea)


    roberthemaster posted an update 7 hours ago

    My gunner keep’s glitching out on the jeep i call every F%^KING TIME!!! can you fix this? because every time i try and take him off i can’t take him off and he slowly die’s this is SUPER annoying fix the damn jeep :C

    Arise replied 6 hours ago
    Can you report specifically? I can not figure out the possible problem from your report, we need more detail.

    *What Glitch? ( In detail )
    *When happened and what might cause it happened?
    *Any unusual around? any strange sign? Did the game lag when you play? Did you continuous play long game or just simply start?

    Lance from here on:
    Maybe he could not select the Gunner after clicking the Jeep to get him out again.
    This happened to me as well a few time.
    Remedy: Click on his soldier Icon to select him. Works for me.


    I don’t get it. lol

    *If you call the Jeep, Jeep will come to the position Where you use your gunner jeep skill.
    *When the Jeep come, click your gunner and close to the jeep, click the jeep, then gunner will on.
    *Click the Jeep again, the Gunner will back and Jeep will leave after 10+ seconds.
    *If you want to click the Gunner under Jeep, then use small men icon or hot key.

    So, What part wrong or have issue???!

    Is it means the disarm of Jeep function fail? Well, I have to ask Urb what have been change in the last update. The problem probably come from the 0.23c or 0.23e, as it is good when I use it on 0.23b. Or it will be Computer or system problem. But that is less likely as we have multiple men have same issue.

    I will ask. Keep up good work and thanks for head up! >o< Lance and @roberthemaster


    In 0.23e game
    got 2 men gibed by a HMG thing
    just because I moved my men right in front of it.
    P.S. the HMG thing had the Nazi latest technology, invisibility and exceptional precision.
    Invisible HMG gibbing men

    • This reply was modified 3 years ago by LtHoiz.

    There seems to be constant problems with them.
    First of all:
    Right now I’ve run into this

    Mines being visable, without being spotted.
    There was no one to spot it, and I know that’s not a singular accident, because I’ve encountered other already spotted mines before in this game.
    I didn’t have an engineer on the squad.

    Other than that, they seem to work fine; They gibbed my soldier who walked on it and the others started shouting about beign stuck in a minefield.

    Second thing:
    Mines being resistant to explosions.

    I know URB said that chain explosions are going to be put in the game, but so far, mines seem to be unaffected by these.
    I’ve called in three strafes on top of a mine and then had a commando put a TNT on it.
    Nothing. The mine was still there.

    The Lone Ranger

    Kacpo if you read the newest update description it said that mines are now visible like other obstacles since they got rid of mine checks for now



    Not exactly sure if this is a bug or a feature, but a detracked M3 Stuart tank will teleport to the next map when advancing. Since you can’t seem to fix the tracks, it makes the Officer’s level 3 ability useless as you cannot call on a new tank for the map. I assume this can be fixed by blowing up the tank and then advancing to the next map (but I cannot confirm this).


    Assault expert ribbon doesn’t work. Gi’s start with 0 exp.

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