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    Not sure about arty, but strafes run are still cancelled by clearing particles, and that’s what I likely meant in my previous post, or this may have been bomb runs.

    What about savegame issue and the game graphics freezing issues?


    Also clear particles “!” clears the dropped items from supply drop. Note that i pressed it after i opened the crate, don’t know what happens when you press it when it still is a crate


    @Urb Sorry to tell you, but I can still cancel german arty if I clear the game particles in 0.23c. The German shoot the flare, and when it lands all I do is clear the particles and the flare disappears and the “incoming arty” message never appears and no arty shells ever get fired at me.

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    Once again I lost my progress, after playing one day for almost 2 hours and getting 2 ribbons.


    Fighting with 7 men, could call in a frenchie when one was under 10 hp, but now all back to health and fighting.


    Occasionally, if a soldier assists in reloading a LMG, bipod is cancelled for MG gunners. Not sure if this is visual or it affects the accuracy at all.


    did 3 tries on weekly challenge, won last, but all 3 days got counted! now day 15 instead of 12, but only lost 2 ” days ahead, was before 4, now 2 days ahead. Imo this challenges should have no influence on normal progress, and should also not be influenced if you are ahead or not, as hard as I lost first 2 tries, guess they are influenced atm, but not sure, could have been only bad luck.
    But mess with days is sure.


    Regarding some bug reports:

    @ZoMgY Can you confirm you are playing version 0.23c?

    @Lemur Can’t do anything for you man. If you browser is not saving the local object and or run like crap there nothing much I can do. I run mnb3 with chrome and runs like silk and save. Other testers ran on different browser and fairly low end rigs and they’re cool. As of you game not saving, well it can be many thing, most of them on your side again. Are you hitting the halt button? or you simply quit the game when you finish a mission? If you just close the game it won’t save (obviously) If your rig has a antivirus that deletes temporary internet files (because it has nothing else to do but still wants to justify its existence) it will kill your save. If you haven’t allocated enough space to flash (right click the game) then it wont save. If you manually delete your internet history then you kill your save.

    @joker challenges will bring a reward in later versions, so no, they will remain part of the campaign.

    @Ashton when a gunner is prone and reloads (helped or not) he will stand up and go back prone once he fires again but will remain up until he acquires a new target.

    @Joker good call on the extra men (frenchy) when calling with a GI with less than 10 hp, I’ll look into that.

    One Kidney

    I encountered my first tank today. After the first Arty strike did not resolve the issue I decided that It might be a good idea to fall back. After the second and third Arty strikes, mines, and countless bazooka, rifle grenades, and high explosive nade’s still did not make any difference, I found myself halfway back to the start of the map. I was in good luck though as I had stumbled back onto an enemy pillbox/bunker (or so I had thought…).

    I quickly slammed all my guys in there and just like how the Germans had survived my Arty Strike’s inside these things, my men managed to survive about 5-6 shots in here no problem.

    Until suddenly my Scout decided to spontaneously explode…


    This screenshot was taken slightly after, I had moved all my men out of there as the main gun had got jammed in that position and I did not want to risk any more lives. The scout had been standing here.

    Is this the intended result, or is the hitbox of the building slightly off? While on this matter, are the tanks shots meant to appear as explosions (like Arty, Mortars, Nades, ect.), or are they just meant to be a flash of white light? Because I never had any explosions appear from the tank.

    Can tanks be destroyed? Shortly after this the tank set on fire in multiple places, but did not “explode” like tanks in MnB2 do, I decided to press the (!) clear function to see if it would clear its “dead” body and it did, but I still had an engine running noise playing on loop for the rest of the map. Not sure if this is intended.

    Also, enemy mines that have been detected get graphically wiped with the clear (!) function, but still infact exist, but your units don’t seem to re-check for mines.


    Screenshot before the wipe.


    Screenshot after

    I held ground for about 5 mins not wanting to play a not so fun game of minesweeper, but none of my 100exp units wanted to re-run the check (always running the check when there arent any mines, the one time I need them to they don’t bother, figures).

    I ended up losing another two men to this and then got overrun. Has a minesweeper been recommended yet? Because I would really like one.

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    @urbzz on version 0.23d clearing particles kinda blocks signallers arty – if you use it after the “swwoooosh” but before it lands, it wont land, but the next rounds will drop properly (as long as their swooooosh is after clearing particles)
    it completely blocks bomb runs if used after the signaller is done calling support, same goes for strafe runs
    but I confirm that it DOESNT prevent enemy flares from calling artillery so thats nice 🙂

    there seems to be something wrong with “Assault Expert” (Advance without losing a single man) ribbon. I have just advanced over 4 times in a row without losing a single men, and the ribbon didnt show up. on my previous save I remember I got it after I advanced once with 5 men, reinforced, and then advanced with 6 and thats when I got it. maybe somewhere in the code you have sth like “losses < 0” instead of “losses <= 0”?

    BTW is there anywhere we can find changelogs?


    BTW is there anywhere we can find change-logs?
    Right side of any page. In Recent Replies.

    That’s very valuable information @onekidney. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
    Also “Until suddenly my Scout decided to spontaneously explode…”
    It is possible that fly by shell shots can cause damage to soldiers and if a soldier receives a certain amount of damage from a single hit (direct or indirect) then he will be gibbed.
    It seams that the protective function of the bunker does not include that feature so far.
    urbzz must have overlooked that.
    I think I had this happen to me too but could not pin down the cause at the time.


    The browser said 0.23c, but I think the actual patch wasn’t implemented yet… I can no longer cancel enemy arty with the clear particles button.

    Seems like mnb3 has a bad case of the age old mnb problem of not being able to move a unit due to the fact that the move order is given as soon as you click on a unit. Especially annoying when you click on a soldier to call arty or use grenades.. insta suicide. I recall that this has something to do with memory issues, not the game itself?

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    Ok, something definitely shouldn’t happens:

    My squad meet a german.

    This germans fires, within two seconds, a Rifle granade and two hand granades. In two seconds.
    My all squad is now wiped out.

    Something needs to be fixed in 23d u.u


    Currently the Germans have more or less their historical equipment coded in, meaning that the average German soldier will have a grenade or two on him. The interesting thing about that is that if you had survived that explosive blitz, that German was not going to have any more explosives to throw, since unlike us the Germans actually have limited explosives (No more nades for any guy that blows his load too fast). That knowledge probably isn’t very helpful, but I’m just trying to make the point that it can happen because of coding and what not.

    That said, I’m of the opinion that there should probably be some wind up time between when the Germans decide to toss their nades and when it actually comes out. I know right now they do hold out their arms and you see the grenade in their hand, but maybe a few more seconds of them holding the grenade to represent them prepping it would reduce the spam. Maybe you could even shoot them in this animation, causing the grenade to fall. You would also have to protect any of your men getting ready to throw a grenade to avoid them dropping theirs.


    I started playing on a new profile yesterday and just after getting to the hedgerows i had to halt my advance as most of my soldiers had died. I continued straight on and saw that the axis got reinforced THREE times in a row and they just kept pouring on my soldiers, though they had no experience or even classes selected. I had to restart the level and experienced the same thing, axis got reinforced IMMEDIATLY twice and so my second try was utterly decimated. I tried it a third time and the axis got reinforced twice right from the start and i wanted to give up but didnt. I tried twice more and the same thing happened again, axis got reinforced atleast twice and just kept throwing unbelievable amounts of soldiers at me… i fell behind schedule by 5 days and quit. I came back after a few hours when i had exited the browser. I continued the advance and axis got no reinforcements and kept cool for two sections straight and pumped the difficulty up as i progressed. I feel like restarting the browser and then the game helped. Now that i kinda like “fixed” it for myself i ofc dont feel like it should be patched or anything but for the sake of others and especially new players patching this would be important. Sorry for making this a long one but i try to make it sound sensible to you

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