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Bugs and Issue version Beta 0.23b+

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    Nicholas Andersen

    Minor typo, but the Assault Expert Ribbon´s text says “Advance without losing a single men” when it should be “man”.
    Also, the reward appears to be a lie. My soldiers still deploy at 0xp when they should deploy at 1xp.


    I don’t know if it’s a real bug, but when germans reinforce the position, the soldiers spawn in the middle of nowhere, and far too close to your men. I experienced 3 reinforcement in a row with tons of germans spawning at… 200? 250pxl? From my position. I can tell it, because i had a scout who picked up 3 binoculars, so he should have been capable of spotting enemies nearly everywhere.
    Germans should spawn a little higher on the screen, if not from the top of it.


    This morning I played and there were two flak 38s or whatever their names are. The twenty mill gunns. And I killed them with artillery. I then went to the top of the battlefield and there were like five Germans that looked dead but were moving thinks they were retreating. Not t sure what caused it but possibly the flaks being destroyed.


    Addressing Andrew E Duran last entry here. That is know to happen when the game is not fully loaded.
    Wait till it is surly loaded and then see if this still happens. Does it?


    anybody else have no sound?


    MnB3 wont move passed omoha beach for whatever reason. I finish the 1st mission, and it sends me to the next battlefield once I keep going, but it still says omoha beach d day +1 on the top, as if no time has passed and the battle field hasnt changed yet. I dont know why its doing this because at first it wasnt. If I refresh the browser I have to repeat omoha beach even though I already finished it. Tried in all browsers. Help would be appreciated!

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    @mjr23002 Text fun fact got! lol


    Yes, it is already known bug, thanks for the head up. It is because the HMG will generate when asset create, so it accidentally bring the new HMG on. Although you should close enough to disarm it, but it still looks weird, will be fix in future. lol


    Yes, it is a known issue, I am not sure as I have not confirm with Urb will that be possible to add it without moving the current layer object, but sure we will see how it can do. Maybe it is a feature, maybe not, but I will check this, thanks for the head up. >o<


    Currently the ribbon does not code the effect yet, sorry! lol


    That is not the bug, it is a new spawn system, we design it because lots of problem and issue cause by normal reinforcement and it really hurt the game play. So we choice to put it wisely, currently it is still under discussion, so will be welcome about any thinking here. Thanks to point out. >o<


    Wrong animation alive German is a known bug here, thanks for the head up. I will report it again. >o<


    You don’t have background sound? or sound effect? I need specific situation. thanks. >o<


    Did you keep advance on the map after you win the first map on the omaha beach, or you choice to halt? If you keep advance, it will keep as a omaha theme until you stop advance as you are in one day. Once you halt, it will count how many map you advance successfully then move you to the theme you should go.

    So Still got the problem?

    Thanks everyone to head up, will keep doing our job. >o<


    I can’t load the game at all- all I see is a blank white rectangle. I’ve tried all browsers, still nothing. I’ve also re-installed Flash, so it can’t be that.


    Game didn’t want to load for few hours (Forum was slow as hell too). Now it loads but i have the blank map bug. I let the game load for all the time in the world, but still when i click “deploy” i only see green screen.


    When ever you click the delete particle while calling in an air strike it cancels the airstrike.(I really needed that air strike)

    Maharbal Barca

    1. I’ve found that when you have a gunner get assistance while reloading (have another troop nearby) and is prone (cover fire prone skill) the assisting action will negate the prone skill

    i.e. gunner is prone, then reloads. Because friendly is nearby, he will get the reload bonus, but this will also take him out of prone position, meaning skill must be used again.

    2. Rivers cover “!” symbol for particle removal.

    3. Units sometimes just get obliterated. From full health to gone. There is no explosion (from mine or arty) to say this is a gib. Unit is just gone. EDIT: nvm, apparently MG42 can gib guys in one shot now :/


    anti tank emplacements can spawn behind the start line.(fun when you spawn with all your men stacked on top of each other and game over in literally 20 seconds)


    Same Here. Something firing like an HMG spawned behind the start line.

    Maharbal Barca

    Flak 38 bug: men will kill 1 of the 2 gunners. Flag ceases fire, men do not fire at Flak. My men move forward. At one point one of my men fires a burst at the flak, but nothing else. I keep advancing. Later, use 1st scout skill: reveals the flak 88 back down the map (even though I can still see it anyway. now flak is just spinning in circles (flak is also partially in a bunker, will not move?)

    Scout 1st skill bug: recently used my scout’s 1st skill (show nearest hidden enemy) and it showed me an injured German. I must assume now that there are no more live Germans on the map for this to happen.

    Maharbal Barca

    Zombie German bug: The injured/dead German that was identified by my scout in the above instance is then seen moving across the map (still in the injured/dead sprite). After sending some guys back to investigate, they kill the dead/not-dead/zombie German… what!?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 129 total)
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