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    In order to prevent the over create bug report and issue discuss thread, here is the general place for everyone.

    Please enjoy the MNB3 and help us to improve the game. XD

    —- Arise and all tester >o<




    Well, got hyped, but disappointed. Made a profile, pressed deploy, and got this. Idk what to do, i refreshed , made new profile, etc. Any help? Im using Firefox btw.

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    Did you make sure the game already load completely?

    This will lead you to the blank. >o<



    Hello! Is not a major issue, but when i use the spacebar to pause sometimes it appears “paused” in the screen sometimes not. thank you for all the work done!!!



    The “Pause” Will not follow the screen, it will only show in the middle of battlefield. ( That means the middle of map, although it is large one ).

    I am not sure it will be change or not, but currently it would stand as it did not hurt the game play.

    Thanks for the head up. >o<



    Thanks, its working now.Now I can enjoy some action.



    Theres a bug, When a stuart Tank’s track got destroyed. I cant end the game. Fortunately, I destroyed my own tank with TNT, and i can end the game normally.



    Sometimes ony the battleground loads.



    Typically that happens when you start the game too quickly, before it has time to load everything. We should have a loading screen in the game to deal with that at some point.



    When a gunner calls in a jeep and the team is wiped the game will not end.



    @alexalas1 and @mrdream

    This problem is come from the winning condition. The game will win when all your current alive unit get on to the ending line, and the game will lose when all your unit on the field is dead or disable. But the Jeep and Tank also be count as unit in the game(In the coding view), so when they are on the field you will not win or lose. I think that will be improve in the following patch, thanks you all to head up.




    The grease gun says “give a grease gun to your medic” even if that person isn’t a medic.



    For whatever reason that causes this, I’d like to bring this to your attention as it seems really dangerous to a mission, either early in or later on.
    Every time my engineer builds the sandbag wall, immediately upon placing it a German HMG spawns directly in front of it. I’ve placed over 20 sandbag walls throughout 5 battles on “Hedgerows” and each time it spawns.
    I’m lucky my squad could take it out quickly the first couple times it happened, but others may not be so fortunate.
    I even had to create a strategy to combat this bug.
    Anyways, I know its in open beta so no worries, I hope you can take care of this issue!
    Once again, thank you and happy hunting!



    Building sandbag over hedgerows removes all the rocks


    Andrew E Duran

    Okay so I have had the only the battlefield bug pop on me, except in mine it was the battlefield and then a few seconds later I got the mission lost screen. This is particularly annoying because I was ahead of schedule, this put me on schedule and when I deployed I got curbstomped by some pissed off Nazis.

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