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    Germans disguise themselves as dead bodies and slide towards my men…it’s very entertaining, but frustrating because I can never tell if it’s just a visual bug or if it’s a Kraut in disguise, haha!

    One Man Army

    At first, Hi all as this is my firs pos here.

    At second I’d like to report bugged SdfKZ, german reinforcement half truck.

    As long as I play MnB3 (about 2 months) it usually comes at right side of the screen. Going fast thru rocks, rivers, sandbags with no disturbance (another topic). Most of the times I manage to hit it directly with an arilllery support. Afterwards SdKfz acts really strange:
    1) if hit during his way it turns slightly to its left and leave the screen
    2) if hit at stop, although the grendiers are probalby killed as they don’t appear, MG gunner starts to “snipe” – single shots at my positions. It can be very deadly, but I guess it’s a bug as after cleaning the screen with “!” SdKfz disappears…
    3) always remains visually unharmed, even after several direct his in a row, by art. strike, grenade, rifle grenade, bazooka and tnt – reaaally tough half truck

    It would be nice if it act after being hit as tank – different damages visible to player.

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    Unsure if a bug, but quite a bit favorable to the player … multiple characters can melee a German soldiers. I had 3 soldiers in melee with one German soldier. I charged a bunker, map 1 … Omaha landing … and killed the two guys in the bunker by ganging up on them.


    Multiple HtH combat is intended.
    Sometimes at the start of a game, when the enemy has way better weapons, it is a viable option to gang up on them but beware that Hand-to-Hand combat is very random in its results.

    I have to little experience with the enemy HT so I can not comment on that.

    Dead (sprite) of enemy soldier sliding wildly somewhere in the game is know.
    They are however not dead and will get up (turn into a regular soldier) to engage you once in LoS range.


    My medic at 2-3 health was able to heal himself and get back up by using the abilities. Was hilarious. Took a video of it. I understand he isn’t quite dead … but is it meant that someone incapacitated can heal themselves?


    got a save bug (using firefox 63.0.3 on a High Sierra 10.13.6)
    Not saving anymore, count of days stays the same.

    Settings about cookies are good.

    I have to mention it worked fine for months before)



    You should first check if any form of browser Flash game will still save.
    May be a “new” Flash player setting that does not allow to save on your computer.
    You may also have a new anti-virus program that does not allow for Flash saves.
    Tracking down the exact causes for failed Flash game saves is tough.
    In case none of my tips help then there are numerous help sites addressing this problem.
    Good luck and URB on!


    Hi, it doesn’t seem like anyone brought this up so I thought I’d say something about it. When using the “!” button to clear the screen, any arty shells coming down at the moment (one can tell because of the sound of the shells falling) are immediately canceled. This makes it so the player can accidentally cancel out the fire support his signaller requested, and that means the player can also cancel out the Germans’ arty strikes/mortar bombardment by repeatedly spamming the “!” button. Something more minor is that the French resistance’s info box will show that they are only of the Private rank even when they are upgraded to Corporal and will still show that they are a Private when they are a Sergeant. Their combat level still increases with promotions though, so it seems to just be a visual issue. Lastly, I’d like to second what One Man Army said about the SdKfz, because it really doesn’t seem like any kind of damage that the halftrack takes is visually shown, but I’m assuming that the animations just haven’t been implemented yet.

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