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    Joshua Miller

    Well, Mo-tah gets promoted twice… me, well, i’m stuck at none. D-Day +7 ahead of schedule 3 days, promotion gauge/exp bar had been full, yet, nothing. I am stuck at whatever the first rank is.


    For the 3rd time in a row the game did not save the last play. I keep getting my first game loaded over and over. Will start another new profile and see then what goes.

    Nicholas Andersen

    The “Give 1xp to everyone at the start of a deployment” ribbon is still not working.


    i think there is something wrong with the scroll. first game i play works fine if i scroll with mouse, second game i scroll double as far when i scroll, third game even more,… its really hard to look at your soldiers and the enemy if you cant scroll the correct distance


    That could be related to your mouse setting and not the game.
    TIP: Use the scroll wheel to move fast over the field and the arrow buttons (up and down) or use the keys (W + S) to slowly move the visual field up and down.


    Mo-Tah posted an update 10 hours ago *Re-posted here due to him not being able to post into the forums

    Am 5 days behind, and was running a Siggy, Medic, Officer, Gunner & 2-Rifleman combo. 🙁 Yes, that means I run them As-a-Group up the field, not very safe, but the Close Proximity to the Officer & Smoke Grenades are an asset. In any case, One minute I was holding off an onslaught, the next my Section was Lost. Nothing blew them up, because I woulda been able to appreciate their wee little pics going all red. Nothing. One minute Game-On, the next Game-Over. 🙁 What happened?



    Well toys & squirrels, I got URBed again.
    Was running a nice crew/squad on MnB3, advanced to next Map, started men in motion with #9key, paused game to open new tab for here, upon return(moments later) I found a froze game. That sucks…

    Am running a new squad/team/crew/gang/group-of-cannon-fodder right now and encountered an interesting “Visual-Glitch”.
    First map, about 5 klicks in I come upon an MG nest(actually two, as there was a second one set up behind him a short ways). While maneuvering my men around to deal with him I think he got shot(not sure as a tree partially covered where his body would have lain) because he stopped firing but the visual Of him firing still showed. 🙁

    DAMN IT!!!!

    Paused the game to come here and report and Dum–Da-Dah! ..game froze… 🙂 AND of course butt-head was still sitting there with his “Flames-of-Nothingness” sprouting out the end of his abandoned weapon.


    hey guys something just happened to me and i remembered i saw this forum before and i thought i could post it here
    its actually nothing special braking the game, but still: i set a tiger tank on fire with arty shells my sig. called, and as i was waiting for it to break apart he was turning left and right his cupola. He was doing it at the moment he exploded and the sound effect of cupola rotation didn’t stop for some time, sounded longer than it would take him normally to rotate it while he was in one piece
    thats the only problem ive encountered besides engi bazooka sometimes not shooting


    So I’ve encountered a small handful of bugs while playing .30b. I’m playing in Firefox 56.0.2 with Flash

    1. By chance, my sig got killed at the same moment I called in an arty strike. I saw him go down as though dead, pop back up, make the call, then go dead again. This has only happened once and I haven’t been able to recreate it.

    2. If I lose focus on the game (switching tabs, or right-clicking in the game window for instance) the hotkeys stop functioning. A page refresh resolves it.

    3. Mouse scrolling is inconsistent. One game it will move a small part of the screen, whereas another game (with same settings) will scroll up an entire screen.

    4. The intel page is broken once I reach Outskirts of Vire. It is just flipping rapidly through several of the intel pages.

    5. Flames and supply drops should be on an upper layer of the animation. I lost half a squad to a fire that I didn’t know was there because I couldn’t see it (it was ‘under’ a building that some of my men were taking cover in). Supply drops can also be tricky to pick up for this same reason.


    *Short resurrections during skill uses have been seen. Surely a bug but a good one, Aye.
    *Tab switching during the game can cause trouble. Confirmed although this is most likely not the games fault.
    *Scrolling lag/ skipping is usually due to not having a top notch gaming computer.
    Happens to me when there is to much going on in that field.
    Could be that the scrolling setting is to fast.
    Then I use the arrows UP/ DOWN to scroll and that always works.
    *Intel is not updated past that point. Still needs to be coded in.
    There is a topic thread for this where anyone can contribute their own intel page. Historically correct ones of course.
    *Hidden fire ruined a lot of my games as well. Simple solution. Wait until the burning sound effect is gone before going near that area again.

    Lately what I see most often is that one dead enemy soldier sprite sliding fast around the field somewhere. Can be anywhere on the field.
    He is actually alive and will get up as soon as he engages you or you him.


    Just encountered a “Helpful Bug”…

    Needed my Rifleman to pop smoke, so I; Pressed #3 key, selected Smoke-Grenade, He got shot(-31hp -11mrl) and fell to the ground dead. 🙁 Except I still had a Smoke Grenade Icon showing… So I did the only intelligent thing I could think of, I deployed it. 😮 And that Son-of-a-Gun stood up and popped smoke. Stood standing there for a second or two also. 🙂 What a STUD! Riflemen, the Backbone of the army. Even when dead. 😉

    Nicholas Andersen

    An enemy soldier just threw three flares, the second and third ones in quick succession. Also, artillery falls while the game is paused.
    The soldier was an SMG soldier in the long horizontal trenches that cover the whole lenght of the screen, and had been hurt by CAS a minute or so before.


    hohoho that’s not a bug. The dude was simply extremely pissed at your men.
    Game info: Any one enemy soldier can use any one Special Skill like Flare=(arty call) or Grenade up to 3 times.
    There is no cool down for them so they could come every second till all 3 are used up.
    Not good I know. A small cool down time would be nice there.
    I especially hate this when a Mortar is used. In that case it seams that the amount they can fire is endless.


    I’m not sure if this is actually a glitch but, when I have a Marksmen, he will level up incredibly quickly. Even just walking he will level up almost every minute or so.


    In a few of the games I’ve had, the Radio Operators radio would not appear on his back.

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