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    There are also no more cue tips…a feature which I appreciated because it let me know immediately how much health a unit lost. Will this be re-added in 0.30b?


    Another thing I noticed was that after the first map the 5xp for taking point no longer works.


    Version 30b
    Not many of the listed new things seam to actually be implemented.
    German AI seams to be a bit smarter but that could be just my assumption.
    The only thing that was buggy so far was a Flack38 that moved correctly, fired correctly but then all of a sudden stopped doing anything.
    I send a man to charge it but I think it stopped before he even got into COC range for the crewmen to get out.
    After it stopped my men also stopped shooting at it. Video outtakes will be uploaded now.


    Fro urbzz on patch version 0.30b

    new Tank AI implemented

    new Axis infantry Ai implemented

    new AI cover prioritization function implemented

    new function shotmissed added (this function deals with the German/Allied infantry AI when shot at by a missed shot)

    new function fire weapon added (deals with weapon operation of both factions. not much has changed beside the “jammed” cue tip on this one.
    Also, Local variable for cue tips not set so they won’t show in .30b yet.

    new mg fire function added (controls static positions weapons operations and damage)

    Change constructor on-Load function for Axis soldiers (deals with assigning gear and behavior to enemy soldiers) main difference is the addition of smokes.

    change the frag toss action script for Germans mostly to accommodate the usage of smokes.

    added hotkey function and initialization variables.

    This is a hefty patch considering that we are shooting in the dark here.
    My beliefs at this point is that the crash is induced by the import of corrupted sounds.
    This explain this fairly significant input of function and code into the stable version. Let’s test this for few days.
    Thank you all for your help and enjoy the new AI.


    Version 0.30b’s land mine is not displayed by new bug.
    If soldier steps on it, sudden death.
    I don’t know way to find and avoid these land mines.


    land mines are still invisible my bad that was like that in the former version.

    Lance what exactly you think is not implemented? shortcuts? ai?


    Found a bug where if you call in an air strike after an observation opportunity call expires, The Air support will also act as an observation plane and show all hidden enemies. And it will count toward the number of opportunity calls left. It must have something to do with the sound/video and not the function itself because it does not happen with the artillery strike.


    Question: What exactly is this “new function shotmissed added”?
    And this? “added hotkey function (is in) and initialization variables.??
    Enemy new AI is in again like in ver 24-25 so that is good. They take better cover.
    Just played 3 fields in a row in the hedges. Feels good. Not to many reinforcements and the better enemy AI balances this out. Our maxed soldiers are a bit OP.
    Shotgun is to gute of a sniper gun. My maxed Scout kills about 2 times as many enemies at max range then my maxed Marksman.
    Gunner is to weak for to long of a time. Very hard to get xp unless doing very dangerous close work.
    BAR is to weak of a weapon for being top tier in the Commando tree cause it misses to many times. Tommy gun or even m3 are a lot better. Suggest to beef it up and give the Gunner a different LMG as a second tier weapon.
    Issues are some to long pined times and forever pin in case of Commando.
    In my last field I lost both Rifleman (bets men) in heavy hedge fights and then got stuck in an open field by a HMG with Mortar support plus a sniper and an MG42 wielder and some more krauts.
    Somehow got through.
    Hell of a good time! Thanks urbzz. πŸ™‚


    function shotMissed() added the proper enemy behavior when being shot at by ineffective fire. If the enemy is patrolling (going to the point initially assigned to him by the commander) and get under fire he will change his stance to stand and fight. He will either disperse, grab some cover or fire to support to his moving allies depending on the situation.

    It’s ok that your soldiers feels OP when you are in the late stage of the game. At this point you have a lot of time invested in the game and there is a lot at stake. I find the way it is right now the player usually have over confidence on the ability of his squad and then gets a 4 to 5 legs advance robbed in front of him by a single mistake. Sweet brutality in execution.

    I don’t agree with the gunner statement. Maybe other classes are progressing faster but I never stated that even progression was my goal. I still believe that the sniper shoots too fast which was addressed in 0.24 so this will come also.

    m3 is not better than a bar I don’t agree πŸ™‚

    Pinned times problem? use your officer πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the feedback brother. I’m super stoked we are stable again and looking forward to include the rest of the features planned for 0.24


    function shotMissed()
    This works great. Sometimes they stil. stand around to long under fire till they react but that seams kind of natural.

    Basic gunner is only a bit better at pinning then a Medic with his pistol due to target-switching but can hit once in a while compared to a pistol that almost never hits alone kills anyone.
    But Pistols RoF is to high I think. They fire almost at full auto speed.

    Marksman could get a slight RoF speed reduction to fit the character more so.
    The BAR is more powerful but it’s hit rate is under that of a Tommy or M3 (at close range) so overall a Tommy Gun hits and kills better compared to a BAR for a Commando. Many other players have stated the same observation and for a Gunner the low RoF is not Gunner like at all.

    Pinned times problem? use your officer
    Officer is not a good option;
    1) Unpin only works once but does not keep soldiers under fire for instantly getting pinned forever again since it does not raise their moral.
    2) Moral boost only works on a single soldier and in a firefight that is going bad everyone gets moral problems.
    3) There is an old Topic Thread due to the Officers shortcomings and the reason why nobody really wants to use him.
    Additionally he needs a weapons boost. No Officer ever when to the front line with just a Pistol as his only weapon. His reduced combat already keep him from ever becoming a good fighter.

    Pinning mechanic improvement suggestions where;
    a)Remove (change) the No-Panic mechanic for the Commando so that he will not stay forever pinned and/or stay pinned long after the fight is over.
    b) with the next patch Double LoS checker a “crawling away” mechanic like the enemy soldiers have would really be good.
    c) At far engagement ranges a pinned soldier (both sides) could/ should fade out of sight. Would be realistic to lose LoS on someone that is prone at long distance and not moving.

    ! These ideas and suggestions are not only my own but have been acquired over a long period of time from many other players too!

    To keep track of what could possibly cause bug problems I copied the next patch content over here.
    0.30c being worked on. implementation:

    – double LOS (Soldier will acquire targets, then will aim but won’t fire if the target manage to get hidden before they open fire)
    – German Half Track (Delivers reinforcements straight to the front line backed up with a mounted mg42)
    – Cue Tips (Helpful for new players, these are text tips appearing during special events)
    – 26 new community challenges implemented
    – Imported sounds for territory loss messages from the announcer
    – Added different Axis troop types/units for challenges
    – Changed the weapons charts to 0.24 standards
    – Imported behavior for crewed weaponry (flak gun) from 0.24


    I’m using Google Chrome. I can close out of Mud and Blood 3 and come back in a couple hours with my progress still saved, however, after a certain amount of time it forces me to create a new profile, and I’ve lost a LOT of progress. So I have decided to finally bring it up


    Hey skye sorry you ‘re losing your progress like that. The solution is fairly simple tho. somehow somewhere there is something that deletes your temporary internet files. It could be an anti virus or a “pc optimizer” or you simply clean your history but with the box “cached images and files”.

    Hope this helps!


    I am having that problem since about the past 2 years. STWALT on Kong gets reset about every month ever since it was uploaded there while other Kong game saves are ancient and still valid.
    I suspect it is my anti-virus program but that has no setting for downloaded files. πŸ™


    It seams that my last game did not save. I thought that I closed the tab after going back to the main screen.?

    Commando pinned way to long….. He got shot at by a single smg burst and then stayed pinned at 0 moral (no body else died during this time) for a good 4 minutes after all enemies where dead.

    Hit Medal Upgrade on a hit Commando and afterwards he was stuck with 11 HP. Only skills worked save calling in a Frenchy because the timer was stuck at 116 seconds.
    TNTed himself. Game moved to the stop screen afterwards.


    Yea, about that Commando situation. Not cool Urbzz. I understand the concept of keeping your head down and living a couple of more moments, but really?!? These guys act like they haven’t seen their girl in a while, and they just found a Gopher hole. Sheeezz! They are generally the First to be pinned, and like to stay that way. πŸ™ At least it seems you end up with at Least one guy acting like a wimp.

    Another thing I hate to mention(it’s such a sweet thing) deals with the Arty Strikes. When you get flooded with a swarm of targets and you have an Arty to call, Just tag the center of the mass-of-men, push pause and wait for them to disappear. ..or even just become Kibbles-n-Bits… πŸ˜‰
    It doesn’t work as well with Mortars, but who cares, Arty is much more effective. Speaking of which..,
    Arty Strikes seem to be appropriate in regards to Distance, Accuracy & Grouping, but Mortar Strikes are All over the place. πŸ™ Are they Really that bad?

    Also, another thing I wanted(no I don’t) to mention…
    I ran from the Beach about 6 Maps/Legs/Days in, parked my ass, then sent 6 New Idiots off on a quest(yes, they were hamburger meat- 6 days ahead?!? -you realize how vicious the Germans were?!?) to “Gain-More-Ground” at which point I Ranked-Up. Twice. “Doo-da-Doo!” At the start of the second game. I expected to go up one Rank, but Two? Shouldn’t I have had to wait for my next game? :/ ..not complaining mind you, just observing….

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