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    Here we go again. >o<

    Now things looks nice for me, but one of my friend report he encounter with Non firing forever bug, I will take this still a occasional accident. As we never confirm the non firing bug never happened, at least rare enough.

    So all Tester keep eyes on and gather the message from all three place. See if the 0.30a stable enough, then we move to next patch. ( Base on Urb’s activity )

    Thanks you all.

    Tester Leader – Arise XD

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    From the Discord by CreasedTails – 22:04
    Under announced post 0.30 pathc for MnB3

    *Cant find it around here so I though I place it i the proper topic forum.


    Not much feedback in this utter most important topic thread. 🙁

    My first game streak review. Easy going on the Beach. No deaths but also no Medal for that.
    Different background noise??
    Aside for an instance where the game almost froze due to lag all was well.
    That instance was heavy fighting and I shot a bazooka on the run at a few tree-hogging dudes.
    Rocket flight was skipping frames but after the gib all returned to normal.

    Suggestion: It seams to me that firing a Bazooka causes problems for everyone.
    Notably that sometimes you aim and hit fire but then no rocket shoots and the times is reset.
    How about a mandatory firing action non movement or anything else for the soldier that uses a skill.
    This should be coded in on all skills when used that the soldier that uses a skill can not do anything else (especially not moving) until the skill use has ended.
    Placing TNT or building a Sandbag wall be included.
    In case of Intensive Care I would love to have this non movement implemented to make it much more realistic.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I’ve had a problem with Firefox-the game starts up fine, but the interface becomes non responsive if I switch to another tab. I can no longer mouseover my soldiers to see their stats, or select them to move them. Clicking elsewhere has no effect. Switching tabs has no effect.



    ^^^ Also I should point out that it doesn’t happen on the other URB games, or on Chrome in general.


    I updated the Flash Player recently and that helped. I also use Firefox.
    To do so make sure you go to the official adobe site.
    There is a program to download that removes Flash from your computer.
    You need to do that before installing the newest version since there are no more updates.
    My current player is and that works well.

    Nicholas Andersen

    Flash updated, issue persists! D:


    Well I’ve ran into an interesting one…

    When I finished the first Map, Leg, Chapter.., I left a field on fire. When I started the Next Map, Leg, Chapter.., there was a fire burning at the far end. 🙁 Make sense Urbzz?

    I also wanted to let everyone know they can expect the return of the “Insta-Gib“. That dreaded HMG that just blows your guys up. 🙁 Thought it was another bug making my men spontaneously scatter themselves about the map, but when I advanced one of my men(the last guy making a mad dash) far enough to see More, there he was… 🙁 ..bastard….


    I finally got to the out skirts of St. Lo but I have lost 7 days in a row (#Brutal) due to there being 4 Mg-34 spawning together and as Mo-Tah said “Insta-Gib” all my troops. I don’t know if 4 mg’s are supposed to spawn together on the map every time but I can’t get past them, I have a screenshot of it but I don’t know how to upload a picture to here. (sorry if this is the wrong forum, still learning how to MudandBlood.net)


    I cannot use the number keys to select or move. I am using chrome, and I haven’t had this issue before.


    Yes, that’s intentional. The hotkeys were disabled after the rollback. They’ll be re-added shortly in 0.30b, don’t worry.


    Snipper, when will 0.30b roll out? Those disabled hotkeys really made my streak get FUBAR.


    Made it to Mortain fine, but now HMG fire decimates my soldiers before they can level up. They all die before I reach the third nest. I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional, but every time the HMG hits a soldier, it is a gib kill.


    urb is probably coding 0.30b right now, but I really can’t say when 0.30b will come out. Hopefully sooner than later (I estimate *very soon*).


    From the Discord today:
    Rifleman taking exp bug (he can’t gain extra exps by going the lead upwards)
    Hedgerow target loss bug (Somehow the German and American soldiers can still shoot even going behind the hedge, unlike 2.5 ver)
    Ribbon Fix (some ribbons like No Die Ribbon, which gain 1 exp for next deployment, didn’t work)

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