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    Can confirm the above. Was on a fresh profile, D-Day+2, one day ahead. Rifleman tossed a frag, gibbed an enemy and the game froze, before then allowing me mouse control, but no screen or troop control. Recommend people avoid gibbing enemies, or not watching when an enemy gets gibbed for the time being/



    Since the current game versions are crash bugged when gibbing someone I will see how 0.24z Full Screen plays without use of gibbing as best I can and no Medic to get a good grasp on how balanced the damages vs hits are.
    First of a rough game review on a new profile. version 0.24z according to the game.
    — Differences that I noticed form some 5 games.
    * Enemies attack me right on the beach in numbers around 5 men where about half have better then standard rifles making for a very tough game start if there where not a strange reduction in their aiming it seams letting me get by with but a single soldier loss (stg44) in those 5 games.
    # Actually a very nice way to start a new profile. Gets you scared but not demotivated.

    *Overall fewer enemies on the beach and beyond.
    # Makes for a fast “get going” and that is nice to start with.

    *Past the Beach on Leg 2 enemies start landing a lot more hits. Usually I lose at least 1 man here unless I am real careful or just get unlucky. Enemies start using Skills.
    # Nicely balanced for the second line of enemy defense.

    Ran out of testing time so I placed some TNT.
    Blow up and gibbed 2 dead men. No freezing.
    Got shot and gibbed by a HMG without freezing.
    The TNT explosion killed 2 and froze the game.

    For now game freezing requires killing alive enemies or allies through explosives.


    The Lone Ranger

    @lance Regarding the gibs for me it has been the opposite where gibing only crashes the game when a dead soldier gets gibbed. Also seems like(at least for me) the clear function still has a random chance to crash.


    The Lone Ranger

    Also seems like the Marksmens 3rd skill no longer works due to the new system where troops stop aiming when their targets get out of LOS and the point of the 3rd skill is to allow the Marksmen to not care about the LOS between him and the target and the new system just makes him point his gun at the target and retract it.



    so im currently in 24z and i found after gibbing a soldier and the glitch happening it seemed to play all the sound effects and made all my guys look like sigs with guns that rotated
    possibly it has something to do with a animation bug?


    The Lone Ranger

    it seems like in .24y and .24w it spawns you at The Vire on DDAY+ 1 and it makes you 44 days ahead. Im not sure if new MNB3 players can handle that.



    I was just glitched playing .24z(which is the full-screen version, 🙁 wasn’t it supposed to be different?) and had no issues till I started playing “Too-Fast”. I had no grenades yet(running the R/M-R/M-R/M scenario) and the Germans hadn’t started that yet either.
    I had em spread out across the field: 1,2 – 3,4 – 5,6. There were 2 Germans sitting in a trench above ,2 & 3, who were exchanging fire with the Germans(both Riflemen had a Stripe and an upgraded rifle, one Medic had a Grease-gun for sure, the other not sure)and I was moving 5,6 into position. I was clicking-They were firing and things star..teeddd mmmooovvvv… :/ Then it said there was a script causing shit to run slow, did I wanna abort? No just brought the text back up and killing it brought on TheAlphaCowboy‘s above mentioned Glitch.

    Interestingly enough, I didn’t have, nor would have been able to get, Mortars with this crew. Whereas I suppose the issue might fall on a German soldier Setting Up to fire mortars, it hadn’t happened yet. 🙁 ..that I could tell… ..yet when the “Glitch” fired-off, that was the sound effect repeated. The sound of a Mortar being launched. There was also Colored-Concentric-Rings & Radio-Waves over team 1,2 going off. That was an R/M team, who was causing them?!? ..and why didn’t teams 3,4 or 5,6 have them?



    I’m still getting 0.23f and 0.24z for Full screen.

    0.23f is Liberation of Belgium, D-Day +144, behind by 2 days
    0.24z is Omaha Bitch, D-Day+1, on schedule.


    The Lone Ranger

    .24v seems to have a chance to freeze the screen when switching between it and other browsers.




    Posted by Gabriel Dela Cruz on Monday, August 28, 2017

    i suggest you check this out guys this happened

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    make sure you play the latest version



    Aiiiaaa IT’s FACEFUUK!!!!
    So this is what you saw. (just the picture without the evil site link)

    It seams that the Flash Player may be acting up. I noticed it on my machine as well.
    Lag and stutter on any type of Flash based media be it game or video.
    Is is just me or do others have Flash problems as well?



    i am nooba tuploading pictures sry for the nightmares my friend 🙂



    Am currently enjoying 0.24v and have encountered an odd sound effect that popped up once. ..a kind of stuttering-rubbing noise, figured it was on my end, but definitely an auditory issue. I haven’t had any other issues(except for them damn Krauts smearing my crew like butter on toast) and have been causing explosion after explosion after explosion. On top of explosions, while pressing clean sweep.

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