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    I meant one or the other, not both.



    Ha!Ha! @anomie

    I like them, both! >o<

    Well, I do accept the Hard challenge as I completed it two times already, so that is ok for me. Boss! ( @urbzz )

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    Any tips on completing it?



    0.21g Report:

    *The Gib Alley soldier will not show as run out of HP in small icon, it show as healthy like no wound.



    *The Situation text bring to top layer noticed!

    *The Mortar confirm work and do see the implement about following round so it will not take long time to roll it when fire the second to fifth rounds.



    ver 21g
    New profile, new game. Beach leg 1.
    Pack 88 some 1000 pix right side half of screen. Issue: Should this even be there on the beach?
    I think on THIS beach there should be no vehicles or stationaries or enemy artillery support.
    However on an Omaha Beach Challenge for sure.
    Rest of leg 1 was tough but manageable for a trained player. Vid is in the Movie Topic here.
    Thoughts: Currently the game may still start a bit to tough for players not accustomed to this.
    However with sufficient nerfs in case of Days-Behind things should work out.

    BUG: 2nd leg started with my men immediately firing on enemies behind the starting line.
    I continued to advance 2 more time and every time there where enemies behind the starting line coming at my men.
    Issue: A Flare got shot (from top) at that point and I was forced to run into the enemy lines that where only some 500 pix from the starting line. Bit close for a starting game, no?



    Issue/ Bug? See this enemy squad spawn at 4:20+ https://youtu.be/XYq0Dn32uYg
    I am sure this happened at least 3 times during my plays.
    The called Stuart Tank at 6:20+ and he was engaging what I assume was an enemy tank below the starting line.
    Tank does not follow up to my men and is basically useless till it leaves.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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