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Bugs and Issue version 0.20+

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    It’s back!!!!
    First (as far as I know) sighting of the dreaded Flack 38.
    Sadly it is a bit glitched therefore this video for analyzing the bugs.


    0.20f Report:


    *Engineer third skill trigger the German HMG created in the position I place the sand bag. This is in the Mortain, you can watch the MNB3-0-20f-Gameplay02 01:29:08. I guess it is because I just create the Sand bag on the time German reinforcement generate or on the previous HMG position maybe, both may be the possible cause.
    *Dead Body Like German still happened in the game. It lay on the ground like a dead body but it move like normal soldier. In previous experience it will bring back to normal soldier when contact. See the MNB3-0-20f-Gameplay01-New Hell Mortain 00:50:22!

    *The German soldiers spawn too close to the Alley. especially when they are very close to the ending line.


    *New defensive asset work very well. It against the Mortar shell but be able to shot in with Bazooka also can be destroyed by Bomb Drop.


    I can confirm two things about flak38:
    1. It does not want to shoot at anyone now.
    2. Even though it’s manned by two people, game bahaves like it’s manned by only one.
    What I mean is: One guy got shot out and the flak stopped and was not being targeted anymore, even though the sprite still showed one german behind it. Other time, I’ve get close and forced the crew to disembark. the Flak sprite changed to empty cannon, without anyone manning it, even though only one german appeared in that place. After short and fierce firefight, I’ve killed the guy and proceeded forward.


    Yes, I am also a Person who plays mnb3, can i be cool n hip too with the cool kids?


    Continuing with reporting already known and still existing bugs and issues.

    Engineers are terrible at spotting mines. The issue was not fixed after that mine madness I posted a good while back and it still isn’t. I have a feeling that engineers (nor any other soldier for that matter) do not spot any mines since I have never spotted any of them without stepping on them despite hundreds of scans during dozens of games.

    Yep….. The engineer had scanned the area several times already but still didn’t see that mine. The engineer is the man pinned by the crater, my signaler got blown up by the mine. The engineer actually performed a scan less than a second before that explosion happened.

    I can sort of deal with that mine being un-spotted despite the engineer having performed two scans already. The engineer is the man at the very bottom of the picture. But still, this is not looking like a functional mechanic.

    Continuing with the German teleportation. The dead German in the middle of my line appeared out of nowhere right after one of the others further ahead got killed. The game calculations regarding movement of non-active Germans needs further fixes since this makes no sense to have constantly popping up Germans right in front of the section during heavy firefights.


    I’ll take a good look at the mine detection algo thanks for your patience. Remember I’m a team of one.

    Interesting statements regarding the teleporting Germans, I’ve watched a lot of Arise videos, notably the 1.5 hours long one he posted recently and he had at least 3 waves of reinforcements. No ‘teleportation’. If you are close to the end line that’s another story. Currently, the game I’m experiencing haven’t them as well. I don’t say it’s not happening, cause obviously if you are so energetic with your statements it must be occurring but i wonder at this point if it is not triggered by a behavior or a play style. It’d be interesting to see some gameplay footage.


    Today I saw a mortarman shooting while moving…


    The burning Panzer’s broken tracks/parts are sliding with the tank itself at roughly 0:31


    For the teleportion of German meaning there, I believe because I will feel that they show up with not realistic way and these will only happened while close the ending line, as the ending line is all inside my spot range, so I should be able to see they are moving insert, not jump in. XD

    For the other position I think current spawming insert is good, as it avoid some other problem. One of another thing, I guess the dead animation German is also relate with new spawn system, But it is just my feeling as this happened in same version.


    Topic : enemy spawns to close
    The only times since 20f that this seams to happen to me in a way is when I hang around certain places (say each 2000 pix mark to the top) on the field for a while.
    It seams to me that the game has a few fix points where it will spawn enemies and there it can happen that enemies spawn very close to my men or so it seam to me.

    Issue: Giving a Gunner a non MG weapon through crates still leaves him shooting in full auto mode even with a bolt action or semi-auto weapon like a Carbine.
    Awesome exploit by, this is something I love to do, using opportunity call for a supply crate (just wait around till it comes up) and then with a bit of luck give the gunner a Garand for instance.


    Will the gunner shoot auto just after getting the weapon (aka he was already aiming during the change) or.. he fires auto even after the change has been done for a while.


    Continuously regardless of weapon. I have been testing this for a while now.
    Last time I gave a 10xp Gunner (no upgrades) a German Carbine out of an enemy weapons crate.
    Weapons sprite on the Gunner changed to the Carbine.
    It fired and sounded like the normal starting Bren-Gun but the accuracy was a lot better.
    Did this with MP42, Tommy Gun, Sten (that was a bad idea) and Scoped Garand and more.
    It seams that the Gunners firing rate stays with the MG action despite the weapon used but the specific damage and accuracy seams to be from the new weapon.


    Heads up on fixing outdated or wrongful pop-up descriptions in game.
    EX: Crate contained an M3. Should be M2 but I would love to get my hands on an M3 once we have nighttime fighting.

    2nd Skill descriptions for the Scout still has a crosshair for icon and before selecting it it still says to be for Concentrating Fire.

    Bazooka icon does not change when it gets unlocked.

    Small visual glitch; After a bomb drop near a far away (used Scout skill 1 to spot) HMG 2 dead enemies where next to it.
    The gunner was visually still on the HMG but it did nothing. Later after my men where close by the gunner disappeared.

    Just had a strange visual glitch. A dead enemy soldier with blood around was lying some 3000 pix up from me. I did nothing to hurt an enemy so far up.
    I scowled the field randomly and there he was. After I got to a hedgerow I noticed that he slid down with his blood dots in tow to where his buddies where hiding but he was still dead.
    I killed the buds and TNTed the area so sadly I do not know what else would have happened.
    Freaky but somehow cool too. Man I love these games. 😀

    p.s. Issue; TNT was placed some 300 pix away but my man still got some 88 damage from the blast.
    Is it suppose to be so powerful…
    Also Rifle Grenades have an awful wide splash area.

Viewing 14 posts - 46 through 59 (of 59 total)
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