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    Since the previous bug report thread is outdated this one shall be the new one.
    Starting date; 11.02.2018 Game version 30c*
    russames wrote:
    Just noticed, browning machine gun has a mistype (mnb3) the has a % sign in the middle of it

    Please post all bugs and issues here and not into the front page (your profile) or otherwhere so that the game developer always has the newest community update on thing to fix.

    I myself could not find a bug in my last games.
    Small issue be Enemy Mortar instant gib my men on first round(s).
    This happens way to often to be coincidence. Also Enemy Mortar firing very fast and either uses all 4 possible skill buffs (same one) right after another or has a very long firing sequence at times.
    Also when an Opportunity Call comes in it can be gone within under a second.
    Bit to fast I think. Give us at least 5 seconds to think about it.



    Below 15 health medic healing himself if he has the skill.

    Also believe any character can come back from below 15 health with the “morale” achievement.

    Undetectable mines

    Ha … look at this one … under 15 health and able to walk! Is it under 15 or under 10 health they are on the ground?



    Partially false. A “Downed” soldier (both sides) has under 10 HP.
    Enemy has currently no means to get them back up so they simply act dead.
    hmm never used Moral Boost on a Downed Soldier so that sounds like something to test.

    Last time I tried I was able to partially revive a Dead Soldier by quickly hitting the Medal Upgrade to give full health right after the deadly shot.
    However they are not really alive then since they will not move nor engage/be engaged by the enemy.
    Using Skills is possible so that is a bit of a scam. They also count as still alive when all other units have made it to the end therefore your game will not end until you somehow kill the zombie again.

    Undetectable Mines. I still have not run into a single mine since the last patch. However I was not over 8 days ahead since then.
    2cents; I recall then in previous patches and they surely sucked back then.
    Before the big game crash MINES where all visible and that was not a bad feature since you had to be careful when moving and those mines could be covered by other terrain features like in a Hedge, Brush or under Rubble. That was plenty of URB too.

    Thanks for the vid but as said, under 10 health. 😉
    Nice report. Keep up the good work folks.



    A few times now I’ve seen dead Germans crawling at me XD. I mean that this happened recently, a few days ago in fact. It was really funny seeing a ton of Germans floating towards me on their backs.



    I’ve had the same experience as lone wolf, dead/downed germans running around the field shooting at me. I find it good for a chuckle but a bug none the less



    So, the last guy was facing a german, both of them aimed for each other and I had a medal of honor ready. Although the german did put the guy down and the animation showed that the guy’s hp was under zero, I used the medal honor and he came back to full hp and morale. At the end the guy couldn’t move or shoot, but the animation showed him standing and the german kept his fire until the guy was down again.
    I suppose that this is not how it works, right?



    Just got back into MnB 3 after my old pc broke with all my data on it (after I finally got back to MnB on that computer aftera couple months…). Noticed two minor bugs.
    1. If you have quick enough reactions, when you give a recently (the man happened to die <1 sec before I clicked it) killed man a medal, he revives to full health and is frozen in place, not shooting or able to take orders. He does react to bullets and takes cover, strangely enough.
    2. French soldiers use the voices of the american troops when selected by picture or by hotkey. (When verifying I also found out the audio when the soldiers getting annoyed when you overclicked on them is also in english)
    Keep up the good work on MnB 3!



    Enemy vehicle with mg mounted on top (assuming sdfkz), when destroyed shoots singular bullet bursts and is not visibly damaged. When I clicked the exclamation point to clear particles, vehicle is cleared.



    Mister Reyth wrote:
    It is a lag in the Radio Man’s commands where one of his special commands is “queued” and will not occur until another radio command of some type gets put through. This can (and has) resulted in my men walking into an Arty Strike because the radio man called a Sitrep which suddenly released the “queued” strike on an old enemy position.

    This usually happens when you make a call and it gets interrupted due to your signaller getting pinned for example.
    Minor bug but still dangerous in the case of having called in a support attack and then going to the place where you previously called it and then making a radio call there.

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