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    I know OFV is quite old but came across not one, but at least four errors in the same game; never had any bugs before and don’t know why it happened. I honestly don’t believe it is the game since I have never experienced any. Was wondering if any of you have come across these?

    In order of appearance:

    1. Huey flying around and interacting at -% health … down to -37%
    2. Engineer Platoon/New Unit paid for but does not appear
    3. Enemy totally disregard my base but continue to collect supplies.
    4. Seeing some enemy units well beyond a reasonable means.

    Now I must admit I have NEVER encountered anything buggy like this before in OFV … so I believe my flash, browser, or something local to me is at fault. I will see if I can replicate it; see if you can as well 😉


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    Actually OFV is the last game that urbzz made. It’s a quicky as far as production time goes.
    Sadly the way this came about got lost with the destruction of the previous site.
    urbzz wanted a break from coding Recon by creating something easy and fast.
    Initially this kind of platform was to be a host for many more games of it’s kind mostly revolving around some sort of Occupational Force making every game a sort of Tower Defense.
    We had a topic thread just for suggestions like a kind of Medieval, Space Station ect…

    Back to the topic; Yes those bugs can happen and are (where) known.
    It seams that when one bug comes in then the whole game will be buggy.
    All units can go to negative health.
    After your last unit got killed and you did not have enough supplies to get another one the game should have ended.
    Happened to me as well. However they continues to shoot my FOB and then my game ended.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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