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    PLEASE HELP … it’s driving me mental …. !!!!



    Dam quiet on the MNB front…. 🙁
    First notes and issues then bug report:
    New profile. Made a 6 leg game. 1st leg was relatively easy going but still lost a man.
    Trenches provided very good saves for the enemy now that they use them more so but unknown if for me too since I was rarely in one.
    Ended first leg with Scout, Marksman, Officer, Medic & Gunner. Intentionally no explosive stuff to see if anything else causes the game freeze besides we gibbing them.

    2nd leg. Hell of a start. Waves after waves of enemies coming down. 2 times arty flares, 2 Grenade throws and 2 Mortars.
    I fell back to the start so all that did only minor splash damage to my men. Medic had his hands full healing.
    Eventually I killed them all and moved up. Rest of the field was not so hard. 2 more arty calls but no other skills used.
    3rd leg was very easy. No more skills used from here on till the game froze in leg 6.
    Also no background noise in this game or any enemy reinforcements as far as I know.

    *Very bad lag situation = Marksman shot-killed an enemy in a trench and then the game almost froze so bad was the lag for some 10 seconds. I did nothing during that time hoping the game would keep running.

    4th leg. This got a lot harder due to a lot of Snipers and Mortars. Bunker with the first HMG in it was a tough nut since there was no cover to sneak up to it.
    Love the new HMG with its longer range but less lethal ability.
    Eventually I let the Scout charge and he shot out the gunner. Seamed that at long range he was unkillable but that would actually be good.

    5th leg. Scout got gibbed by a very far away mortar 1st and only shot.
    Again the game lagged very hard and I thought that this time it would freeze for sure but after so 10 seconds it was fine again.

    6th Leg. I called in a Stuart Tank. It left. I am having a hard time with the hedges so I call in another Stuart tank.
    That was the 2nd for this field. BUG or no 1 field Stuart implemented here?

    Till here all cleaning of the field worked well despite me having chills when using it but the lag got so bad in some situations where long fights took place that I had to use it.

    Sniper Eagle Eye bug: (been reported before) As soon as he acquires a target he stops aiming and the message pops up saying that he lost LOS.

    Flash Freeze BUG: Stuart tank gibbs an enemy. Instant freeze.



    :< Issues?!? I’ll give you Issues
    Made a 6 leg game.”
    What kind of game are we playing here exactly?

    I’ll be assuming you meant you “Kept Going” 5 times, during which time you went from the bottom of your “monitor” to the top, with the screen scrolling up or down to allow for direction of a grouping of pixels.
    If you were to examine your monitors screen and take note of the placement of bushes, trees, rocks, dead bodies, etc, etc.., :/ I aint trying to be an ass, but I haven’t been told to shut-up either.
    I Really would like to hear what the Great-Guide-Writer has to say about it, what You think, hell, what Everyone thinks. 🙁
    I don’t think ‘My Opinion‘ is the one that matters, nor do I feel any or all of us out-weigh what @ urbzz thinks, I just.., 🙁 ..tend to get.., ..anal retentive?.., ..bout stuff.


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    My blood vs alcohol level is way to unballanced at this point to properly evaluate your post Mo so I’ll do that tomorrow. 😉 Hell knows what yopu wrote there … … …..;)))) hicks. +



    On a fresh profile the game freezes on almost any gib. Granade, rg, tnt, any airstrike/arty. Occasional clean function crashes as well. I think it happens when troops level or take damage at the same time as the gib but I am unsure exactly. For me this make the game unplayable unfortunately, I can only advance once or so before my game freezes. Also win 10 chrome is what I am playing on.



    @Zazu Be patient partner, the Governor is supposed to be dropping a stable version on the table for us to play with while he re-works the situation, but things take time. U.R.B. is a Real-Life-Cluster-Fuck for us all.
    In the mean-time, try and keep track of what is going on when shit fails, maybe we can toss a nugget in the pile that has Nothing to do with the issue, but in fact Triggers something in His mind that’ll give him the answer to the solution. 🙁 Make sense?

    . In any case- Things I noticed…
    When you hit the enemy, numbers in Red showing the amount of damage done, pop up & float away, why then did I catch/see a set “floating away” that were Black?!?!? Were/Are the Germans actually able to heal themselves now?!
    Use of the Clean-Sweep button didn’t cause me issues if I was patient and cautious with it’s use. It seems like the game finds a “TMI” situation and just throws it’s hands in the air with a “Fuck-It” kinda attitude.

    Another thing, I can’t be Positive, but I’m Pretty Fucking Sure, that my Mortars fired/were firing more than 5 rounds apiece. I run 3 of them, along with an Arty-Happy-Signaler(BIG difference between Mortar strikes & Arty strikes) so would have had 19 strikes Max. ..I hadn’t even used my 3rd Mortar, nor my Arty, and I had landed (I’m guessing)Over 13 strikes when I realized something was amiss. It seemed after the initial 8-10, it got caught in a loop, firing either 1 or 2 in quick succession. 🙂
    Awesome for me against advancing troops, who now become “splattering troops”, but an issue none the less.



    @urbzz @lance @arise

    Maybe this is useless info, like mud I’m throwing against the shit-house wall, but I figured I’d Speak until Spoken to. :/ ..for now at least…

    I noticed it seems to be Only the soldiers(regardless of side) that are engaged in some type of Firing Situation(aiming, shooting, maybe even re-loading) that ‘Glitch-Out’ when the bug strikes.
    It doesn’t seem to be the Clean-Sweep button, anymore than things blowing-up(although an RG dead-on froze it) do. Like I’ve pointed out, I run 3 Mortars an Arty strikes and can Roll-the-Map no problem(even Clean-Sweeping while engaged), but somewhere along the way -BOOM- the damn game itself delivers that RL URB moment and I gotta restart.

    About the RG strike..,
    🙁 I’ve run Riflemen only a couple of times(since The Bug oozed on scene. :/ “Beware of the buugg!” 🙂 😉 ) and don’t remember if I was able to safely use RG’s or not, but think the Near-Misses(whether Kill or Not) caused no issue. 🙁 Sorry for incomplete info Guys…
    The one that froze things up? 🙂 It was a Bee-youtiful sight to behold! A “True MnB Scene“. Since everything held still for me, I was able to count Five Chunks-o-Meat as well as a Jaw-Bone(talk about adding insult to injury-German’s talking smack about ‘Wasting the damn Americans’ and the Americans response? “Shut up bitch!” Priceless U.R.B moment) and the miscellaneous blood splatters.
    Now, not all kills/strikes show the point loss floating away, is that an issue?

    ..the Clean-Sweep button..,
    I’ve pushed it like I was trying to pull off a Combo on Streets-of-Rage with No issue, then touched it at the wrong time with REAL Bad results. -{ 😮 The game IS a Female! We’re all fucked! :/ ..wrong word I think. 🙁 And screwed aint happening either…}- I’ve found using it when the battlefield is ‘Calm’ is safest, even if that’s in-between explosions(mine or theirs) or exchanged gun fire. -although the situations where there is exchanged gun fire are nerve-wracking-


    Oh! What I was talking about Captain Inebriation was your reference to the amount of distance you dealt with. But I’m not gonna hold that conversation here, as it involves a few issues/concerns/ideas/viewpoints I’m curious/concerned about. 🙂 Over beer & smoke at the tavern. 🙁 ..I’m gonna be slow in getting there as I’ll need to say it ‘Right’, and with Real Life poking you all the time, that isn’t always easy….




    Well~~ How to say? I think my English probably really bad, so I can’t even understand what you are talking about. lol I am a little bit sorry, but well, this real life English seems beyond my skill. XD

    I am also investigate the game crash problem too, as there are too many different case so it is hard to collect a possible issue to cause the game crash. I only know, we have to find a point that everyone does happened while game play, then that will be the nasty bug here.

    The freeze and Crash seems happened by same cause, they all point on clean function and Gib, however, if that is that simply, it is not likely everyone or Urb can’t found the main cause during debug process. I am going to search around other possible part recently, after my real life job done.

    Thanks for the head up! XD

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    😮 🙁

    Oh Shit…

    I humbly apologize my friend, I never intended to cause confusion. I had hoped to help, not hinder. 🙁 ..now I wonder just how bad it is…

    What do you need me to explain? :\ I guess I do get carried away when it comes to expressing myself…

    Uhmm… Is anyone else.., flustered with my typed word?

    ..I still needed to go finish what I was trying to say at the Bear….


    I tried Recon for the first time today. I gotta try that again…



    The post is come from Rika Wong!!!

    ( He is dude on the discord without a way to access site account so I help him to post.

    Rika Wong Just write:



    After, soo smooth

    It also advised to keep the mouse on the ! button before moving out
    since you always got stuck when the mouse pointed with finger
    The Particle and How To Avoid Crash:

    As we know, the game crashes if a German soldier gibbed by grenades, or explosives (minus air strike and friendly fire), there is however, another crash bug that haunts the Ver 2.5 as of now, the Particle Clearing and Pause mode, the Particle bug involving the clearing of mess on battlefield, but little we know that it also could cause crashing if you have all the 6 of your soldiers ‘on’ screen, to avoid this, simply scroll up the field to remove your soldiers from presence on screen, after everything calm and cool (no combat or firing), hoover your mouse to the particle for seconds, making sure it solid, afterwards click at it, and wait in seconds, then slowly hoover your mouse back on screen. There is also a bug where if there is too many dead bodies on the field, the game itself will crash, thus, making particle clearing as mandatory for progression in the AO.

    The Pause bug meanwhile involve simple game crash, where your soldiers or enemy firing, the game can potentially crash down due to that actions, doing non-gaming things while pause such as screenshot or clearing the particle aswell, interestingly, the game doesn’t appear to be ‘crashed’ when it happens, since you just stuck to the pause menu and unabale to unpause it, it also doesn’t have stop plugin option when the crash happens in minute.

    Sorry for rough English, not my native lol


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    Mo-Tah speaks a very old dialect of Urbanianish that for some is honey to the ear while most others just see gibberish par excellence. :mrgreen:
    Rika Wong made some very good observations.
    I can confirm that when using the cleaning function that it is relative safe to do so slowly and not during heavy load (lots of action).
    Also I think the clean crash happens more so when you hit the ! where it is overlapped by something else.
    Those are my experiences.

    I never had the game stop running when paused but then again I usually never pause a game.

    About gibbing; >>
    Bazooka gibs freeze all the time.
    Mortar gibs can freeze but not always. This goes both ways.
    Stuart Tank cannon gib freezes. 1 test.
    HMG freezes in 0.25 but not in the last version since the HMG does not gibb at all now.
    Grenades always freeze.
    I am not sure if CAS gibs freeze. Bomb drop does as well as Arty.
    TNT freezes most of the time but not always.



    So an new game I ran into an interesting bug. For background information I am running Windows 10 on Google Chrome. After i clicking clear all particles my troops glitched into place and ran every ability on each class while not moving. Sadly, I could not take a video of it as i found it humorous but an screen shot will have to do.

    rather odd and looking at the picture will do more justice than myself trying to describe what was going on.



    Yeah, I had the perfect squad and all of a sudden the game crashes on me when one of y guys throws a grenade. The game made be start from the the outskirts of a town back to the hedgerows as well.


    Rick M

    Right now any explosion (not necessarily gibs) tends to cause my game to crash. Bazookas, artillery, grenades, rifle grenades, and bombs have all crashed my games recently (even if hitting an empty tree line). Currently MnB3 is almost unplayable for me which is really sad; I love it.

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    Urbzz is planning on dropping an older, playable version for us to play with while he addresses the issues this one has.
    Until then yea, explosions & pushing the Clean-Sweep button potentially may freeze your game(heard Bazookas are an instant freeze) so those are things to avoid. Although I’ve found it is possible to use both with no issue, I try to avoid their use.

    Until then, I just keep winning the Undefined Challenge and seeing if I can offer anything that may help find a pattern to the Freeze-Issue.

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