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    Opened this so that we are on the right version for reports.
    I still use Firefox, win7 and aside from some lag, especially right at the start, all works well for me so far.



    And in my next game it happened. Bazooka gib froze game. Script broke. I stopped script and then Flash crashed completely. That did not happen to me in since forever like some 5 years ago with the last mnb2 update to ver 2.3.



    @lance Thank you for making this topic.

    I confirmed crash too.
    browser: Google Chrome (latest)
    OS: Windows 10



    So, base on this, we can guess there possible clue tip, New AI and the adding stuff possible cause the crash. Or it is basically cause by the buggy flash update.

    I guess Urb can do some work on it, as the problem all focus on explode like GIB, probably like some over loading problem cause the flash crash. ( Just guess )

    But sure we can start to dig around.

    I will suggest if we roll back we can prograss single function by single function, see what cause the problem. However, I still guess the New AI cause problem. lol



    Well now…

    I got the current version up-n-running and encountered “The Freeze”, but it didn’t happen with ANY explosions, seemed to happen with the Clean-Sweep.

    Side Note:
    Not sure I saw a purpose to seeing how much damage I was doing to the enemy(as a DM I rarely said “You swing your mace doing 18pts of damage.” more likely I’d say “He throws up his arm in defense and your mace glances off his forearm, blood splattering in the air.”) as the first way seemed to interfere with the “Flavor” of the game. 🙁 Can You imagine circling your opponent in a REAL Life-or-Death struggle with the thoughts- “He’s only got 26 hit points left, I can do 15 with my 2×4 w/nail, so I need to hit him twice.” -going through your mind?!? 😀 Don’t think so.

    Seeing the words Weapon Jammed(close enough, if not exact) helped me to understand for sure what those little exclamation marks dancing over someones head meant, but again in my opinion, Un-Needed.
    I also am torn over the “Enemy Bleed-out“. Granted, it’s “Nifty” to hear all the whining & crying(and the looks & comments I get from my sweetie when she’s in the room are priceless), and it does add a certain “Flavor” to the game, especially if the Germans get Medics-{oh HELL YA}-, but wonder if it also is “Un-Needed”… 🙁 Hard call, but I’d say more valuable than the “Point-Cost”.

    Will try again(because I suffer from Stockholm-Syndrome- curse you urbzz!!) and watch a little closer.



    Ok. It’s(from my perspective) the Clean-Sweep button After you kill an/the enemy. I pushed the snaut out of it before hand with No-Issues, but once his wittle-melon was laying on the ground with his tummy-goop in his hands and I pushed it, that Script became an issue, and when you stop running That Script the man/men who had a factor in That-Enemy’s death begin shifting between the different styles of Figurine/Animation sequences. 🙁 ..are there really That many?!?



    And that’s what I get for opening my trap….

    Ran a wave/map/screen/klick/green mile/level and had no issues. 😉 Of course I had the “Tips” button Off, maybe that helped. Maybe. Hope, hope, hope, hope…

    Gonna try again with the “Shit-ya-didn’t-need-to-Know” button on, let’s see if that helps. :/ ..hinders? Wow. It really does come down to a matter of perspective….



    Yep. “Huston, that’s a go.” The TMI button was on and it showed homeboy took 35pts of damage with a light spray/splatter of blood. I cleaned it up and almost immediately he took another 75 and croaked.
    I pushed the Clean-Sweep button
    Time stood still…
    I was asked if I wanted to cancel that Damned-Script
    Two soldiers(I’m assuming the ones responsible for hitting their target) started acting like indecisive tweekers

    NOTE: None of my men had ranked-up. this was in fact the First Kill.



    SEE?!?!?! Just went 3 maps without an issue, then on the 4th map(I really don’t know how many klicks in, but maybe 2.75 tops) the Clean-Sweep-Freeze came down. I was starting to believe it wasn’t a part of the issue(and maybe it isn’t) when it happened, so really wasn’t paying attention.
    I Do Know I had 3 Mortars & an Arty Strike blowing stuff to hell and gone(even painted an Entire klick in Red-Dots once)with little problem, and am not sure what my men were doing because I was North of their position. 🙂 Looking for more places to blow-up. 😀

    Wish I could help more, and hope someone out there better than I, steps up and gets a home run. I wanna get my damn 3-Star General back, and kick some ass doing it!! 😉

    U.R.B. on boys & girls, URB on. 🙁
    ..we do have girls here, right?



    :-/ Ya know, sometimes I think the crashes are part of the U.R.B. factor… Somehow I feel I’m gonna end up like this: :-{}

    Latest Crash:
    ..actually there were a couple, but Who’s-Counting, right?!? Anyhow…
    The first one happened(as usual) within the first klick, with the first contact. I maintain the SAME behavior in an attempt to keep it simple and that is(using keys); 1,2 – 3 – 4 – 5,6 This gives me 4 units to attack with from the start, then when I get a 2-3 klicks in I’ll re-group them as 2 3Man squads(1,2,3 – 4,5,6) and make like the Jeffersons -{“Moving on up!!“}- with squads that consist of: Gunner,Gunner,Medic – Gunner,Signaler,Medic( 😀 Oh ya, craters & splatter marks baby 😉 )

    So far it’s been one or two units that do the Hokey-Pokey, but this last time even had a German doing it. O.o I know, right?
    I was still with the 4 units across(each edge with 3 & 4 dividing the space in the middle) and when the German got hit I had already Cleaned-Sweeped one dead body, and in the middle of this intense fire-fight..,
    German got hit
    I Clean-Sweeped
    Everybody – No, scratch that, NOT Everybody, Every Location(that’s 5) started that rotating graphics pattern.
    Now looking at @ Merle‘s post 7 posts above this one(don’t who that damn Dictator Frog is, but he sure yaks alot >.> ) I see he had multiple rings around his unit, I only had/have had one ring each time, but never around each unit. 🙁 And technically it wasn’t Each unit as 1 & 2 and 5 & 6 were teamed up, yet there wasn’t two rings coming from there.

    Sorry if this doesn’t help much, next time I’ll try and NOT take an hour to get it all down. >.> Who gets distracted?



    Fired up a game. New profile? Guess the last crash killed the save, maybe.
    3rd hostile force encounter from the beach onward. Only a few dudes. I hit the CLEANING function for the 3 rd time and the game froze after removing the dead and such.
    Nothing happened anymore. Closed the tab.



    Next test. First leg was smooth. Cleaning worked all the way. No explosives to test there.
    2nd leg. Cleaning away lots of goo still works. TNTing Flack 38 too.
    Bazooks gib froze it again. Here the dips o that story.



    Hey guys … I also have a problem with crashing. But I did not pay attention if it happened after an explosion or after pressing the cleaning debris. I do not have a video or a picture but once the game got blocked the german soldiers on my screen would sort of flick into different positions and actions…. shooting, not shooting or backpack or no backpack …. shame I could not see my squad and needless to say I could not scroll or do anything as it was blocked.

    but the strange thing is that even once reloaded the page my intel page flicks from one theatre to the other so quickly you can’t read a thing, seemingly to when the game was stuck on flicking german soldiers, although it does not stuck on the intel page since it is possible to exit the intel and go to profile. Yet every time I check mi Intel it does the flicking….

    Any advice?



    Hi … yes I forgot… I am using Chrome on a Window 7 … never had any problem though ….



    I confirm …. bloody bazooka causes the freaking thing to block into flicking mode….. but it does not affect my days behind schedule luckily… yet I can’t press forward.

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