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    The power of cover and max fire power, here we have a full squad on its 3rd push, ive called in 5 supply drops getting 2 T26 rifles to my scout and signaler, along with 3 boxes of tracers and magnum rounds all going to my gunner also numerous binoculars going to various squad members except medic, as a result you get max firepower at mid-long range,add cover and you can handle ANY infantry that comes your way



    A fellow Supply Crate Drop lover. ­čÖé
    Most save the Signaller support calls in case someone dies to get a replacement but as long as my men are still on their basic weapons (i usually upgrade weapons last) the supply crate offers lots of goodies.
    Unlike in MnB2 there are no duds in it. Some stuff may not be so good to your current game but they are never worthless.
    Most fun thing I ever did was give a maxed xp Frenchy an M1919. One man army!
    Second most fun was giving an Officer with max Combat 2 times Tracers, 2 times Magnum Rounds and Binos.
    Results; a pistol whip that actually hits and kills enemies on a steady basis.



    Sounds like you were recreating Hitman or any Keanu Reeves action films, Lance. Wouldn’t think the pistol would be so effective, but I guess max combat skill in urb games can make even the worst of weapons (think musket) deadly.

    Any particular reason you leave weapons for last? I assume it’s because you take advantage of the Springfield’s range.



    There are a few things to consider when/ before choosing specialties.
    1) A grunt may not get better combat or anything else as he gains xp over the point of specializing but as long as he has his Springfield the higher his xp the faster his reaction time allowing for fast high damage long range combat at the expense of only having 30% chance to hit but I take that over most other classes until he actually has so much xp that I can instantly make him either a better soldier or have a specialist with upgrades to spare like a Medic with 20+ xp so that I can give him the fast healing all ability right away.

    2) Weapons last depends a bit on the class.
    A Rifleman with his starting Carbine are a poor combination to kill much but since he usually takes point he gets extra xp and then I take the M2 next that makes for nice suppression and good short range kills.
    Then either go down the Grenade line or Combat line and when one of them is maxed then weapons next since by then he has enough xp to even make an M2 a real killer.

    Other example be classes that basically exist only for their skills like Officer, Medic or partly Engineer and Signaller (dam that be about almost all else) since they are poor at starting combat and/or weapons upgrades.
    Scout mutated to a secondary sniper somehow since his combat + uber-Shotgun with increasing combat makes him a better starting sniper then the sniper and I have not much use for his skills since his further spotting range is always on so I only increase his combat and save all else for emergency medaling.
    Scouts spot range alone is the best passive skill in the game. First spot + first kill = win.

    Currently I am not very eager to play MnB3 much since the only thing that changes through getting further is the ridiculous increase in enemy combat strength and reinforcement numbers.
    Also the actual sandboxiness is not really since, despite the skill trees, you only have one actual fighting soldier (firstly) with just 5 other classes to chose from depending on how the game goes.

    I would still rather have a more complex and mostly realistic gameplay instead of this better half MnB2 and half battalion commander thing that it is now.



    We remember, no surrender
    Heroes of our century
    two men stood strong and they held out for long
    Going into the fight to their death that awaits
    Crazy or brave, will it end in the grave?
    As they’re giving their lives
    As their honor dictates
    Far, far from home to a war
    Fought on foreign soil and far
    Far from known tell their tale
    Their forgotten story

    Rise from the blood of your heroes
    You, were the ones who refused to surrender
    The two rather died than to flee
    Know that your memory
    Will be sung for a century
    two took the blow while impressing their foe
    Throwing dice with their lives as they’re paying the price
    Sent to raise hell, hear the toll of the bell
    It is calling for you as the Wehrmacht devised



    Dam brutal indeed. Poor L.Lamb. He almost managed to crawl away from that arty, almost.
    And there a RETREAT option would have been nice since the game was obviously impossible to win right from the start.
    whaaa. You upgrade one of your 2 last men to medic in that situation.
    Sorry, this is MnB. No mercy for medics.
    Pulling out the inevitable so long is honorary although totally futile in the face of certain execution.

    Idea! If RANDOM events ever make it into the game then in this situation (only one soldier still alive) there should be the chance for a full new squad to come to your aid.
    “O we where told that you are all dead already. Lucky you we where send here asap to pick up the slack” Sargent Harris the fool.



    Second game. Good start. Good decision making after the first hedge.

    Charging single enemies with a Commando is good in 2 senses.
    First he has a bonus not to get hit when moving and second he can HtH good in case your other men keep missing the target.
    But then I see a Medic upgrade again right at the start despite nobody even being hurt. Makes no sense.

    The next brick wall was not so good.
    While the enemy has excellent cover your men are all lined up in the open at short range without the firepower to easily overwhelm them.
    Lucky that the bunker behind the wall was empty cause a single HMG would have wrecked you there.

    Looks like an easy win fro there on but then AAWWWWAAA PACK88 TerroR strikes.
    And you say nothing? Did your Microphone fly out the window at that point? LOL

    Good run. Great recording. Keep up the awesome work!



    I like to get medics early on so they can get exp early before an exp hog like sniper and rifleman




    Site needs much more input >>>>


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