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Brutality a la MNB


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    Wuuuooohhhh!!!! AWESOME!!
    That even beats my MNB2 flamer madness games.
    Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂


    @Joker just post some awesome Mine education video, and I think it is worth to put in here. >o<

    lol You should never put the mine that close Like MNB2. XDDDD

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    That was cool!! Brutal for sure but sooo cool too.-
    what was missing was a donkey to pull one of them carts you put your dudes into and then ride it to the line. 🙂


    I know this thread hasn’t been updated in a while, but I thought my MNB videos tended to be more brutal than the average gameplay due to my aggressive playing style. Also not to confuse anyone who is actually looking for videos on how to play MNB3 … if they see mine, they will think they are pros and the pros will be smacking their foreheads in disbelief!

    This video was meant to find mines and not a single mine was found. I aimed for as many bombs, explosions, grenades, mortars, and bazookas as possible being shot here … oddly enough not many grenades going off. The poor riflemen just never lasted that long.

    It’s a long video … an hour an half, watch it in parts please; for your health.

    Some interesting notes:
    – Using a spotter to coordinate long distance strikes
    – Sandwiching Germans between arty and mortar fire
    – Planting mines to stop advancing Germans

    – An actually effective mortar man. Counted about 6 direct-hit kills with him
    – Spotters failing to detect enemy means there is none (free to run up without stopping)
    – Spotters aren’t so bad! Going to use them again in a more explosive gameplay.


    Great game! 🙂 Thanks for the show. And yes, you picked the right topic for it.
    Loads of brutality to see there. Keep up the good work .


    This one is so full of brutality that it resembles a natural disaster.
    Specialty; Most out there do this with arty and such. I used only bullets (non gunner) to kill the German 1st army or alt least part of it.


    The Germans were certainly quite intent on making sure your men went home in body bags, even if they had to send all of Germany at you to do this. You’d be mistaken for thinking this was MnB 2 and not MnB 3 with so many waves of Germans. It’s in the interest of the player to do these city assaults as quickly as they can, or you die via attrition. Wondering if friendly armor would’ve been useful here at all.

    Funny to see that German try to Rambo you with hip fire from his MG. I don’t think I would’ve just stopped my men in a line in front of him like that, but I guess you had other things on your mind. Maybe worse was the load of HMGs in the same area. Would’ve been a game over not too long ago, but nevertheless good use of cover and movement. Bit of a movie moment when that panzerfaust blew the whole house apart. Sound queues for the halftrack were also rampant, but you only ever saw one, although it was probably the deadliest one considering it slowed you down so much that it gave enough time for too many waves to attack you.

    A good and brutal try, Lance. Consider switching out a sniper or two for a spec ops, maybe? For the sake of speed.


    Well I upgraded to Marksmen and Riflemen before I knew that the game was about to send the whole 1st Enemy Infantry army at me.
    Idea was to have Bullet-Sponges up front that pin with rapid fire while the Marksmen pick them of.
    Scout to make sure I have the first-spot-distance-advantage. I was going for only one field so it was a valid strategy for me at the start of this game.
    Next time I will get at least one Engineer and maybe either a Commando or an Officer.

    EDIT: Looked at that play again. Real turning point for the enemy was when my best Rifleman got BBQed because the idiot did not go where I wanted him to but instead ran through a small fire.
    Then those enemy soldiers that ran past me at the Wall-O-Snipe-Go-Happy really annoyed me from behind.
    Was still holding out well at the edge of the last building but then one Grenade almost ended it there.
    Explosives are a bit to powerful in the game. Not for realism sake but for plain playing fun sake.

    Nicholas Andersen

    Valthero reborn


    Well you should have seen my first play through on day one I got a Flak 38
    just remember to play with LOS and you can beat any enemy.


    Flack Bait

    Could be worse. They could come at you with this 4 times as bad thing.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I shot one guy. The other could move the gun but not fire. I ended up blowing it up with a bazooka when I got one.

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