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Brutality a la MNB


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    I propose a change to the topic title name. Saying “a la MnB style” is largely tautologous since “a la” means “in the style of.” So essentially we are saying “Brutality in the style of MnB style.”

    Yeah, I’m real fun at parties.


    I think the enemy Sniper is coded just fine. If we could spot them first they would not be so much fun.
    Only issue I currently have is that sometimes there are a lot of them per field.
    More then there should be unless it be a special field that is suppose to have lots of Snipers.
    But since I advance rather fast or there is cover they usually do not hurt me more then any regular enemy as long as I do not always encounter them on a totally open field.

    BTW I keep seeing a new German Rifle in action and in crates. Sniper Rifle or just a sprite change over the Kar98?
    Gave one to my Scout in this last vid.

    Change the topic title?
    “I propose a change to the topic title name. Saying “a la MnB style” is largely tautologous since “a la” means “in the style of.” So essentially we are saying “Brutality in the style of MnB style.”
    I thought that was good. How should it be then?


    Just “Brutality a la MnB” would be good. Because before you would say “style” twice, and that would take the point out of using “a la”.

    Of course it’s a very minor point and not very important at all. It’s just more correct.


    Enter the Tiger Tank!

    Besides having no way to deal with that huge, angry mass of metal, the rest of the enemy forces where also doing their best to get pieces of my men, literally.
    And to top this attempt of with the most sour of creams is that it was done on the Nerf Challenge.
    Therefore I charged the enemy men since bullet damage is but 1/3rd it would have taken to long to kill them that way.
    The other way around sadly did not help so much since that HMG still sliced up my men like Swiss cheese and “low” damage is not “no” damage. 😉


    You all may laugh but I am not winning this so far.
    This challenge is literally killing me. Enjoy the sorrow and laugh of some despair with me.


    I think I figured what the ending to that one was going to be after you were slow to get your men away from the flare, though props to you for figuring out the solution to the low damage with bullets, Lance. Either spew loads of lead or just beat people with your now useless weapons, haha.

    Rick M

    5 Days ahead of schedule? What could go wrong? Proceeds to get slaughtered by highly trained German troops 6 times, barely advancing once. Twice getting assaulted by a Panzer IV and once by a massive push of battle-hardend Panzer Grenadiers. I think I’m done playing for the day…

    So many hedgerows… So many artillery strikes… *shudders*


    I can’t really post pictures but yea, go to that and you’ll see some brutal combat right after an advance XD

    Edited by Lance. Enlarged the picture.
    Lance wrote: Good picture commander. Keep up the great work by posting more.


    Behold the uncanny invincible Jeep.

    Slaughter was not done by it but by the rest of the squad a bit behind in a bunker.

    Nicholas Andersen

    Behold, German engineering!


    And that is why assets still need placement work.
    Here a turn of events to cry at.


    Facing the HMG from hell at the start and the results of such.


    I have found these things are no longer deserving of simple names like Heavy Machine Gun, nay! They are deserving of a title like:
    Minor Implement of Massive Destruction
    Patron Saint of Pulpy Pools


    There is an effective way of dealing with them tho….


    Joker just posted similar as a comment that I will copy over to here.
    I have no idea why the site will not allow him to make more then 1 forum post per day. Must be some sort of anti-spam thing.
    >down more..
    >keep going..
    >almost there…
    >right around the corner…

    OUCH! mg, sniper and a close spotter – have no clue if it could be won, but for sure not with the tatic I used!



    Joker, are you the spam god?

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