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    In the old place such a thread had almost 100 pages so the idea of having a place here to display them ghastly, shocking or utterly derp moments from plays featuring Mud and Blood 3 will hopefully find loads of followers.

    So lets get this started….



    Short and utterly brutal from the players point of view.
    This is currently the toughest thing implemented in MNB3.



    Recently these things keep happening to me.
    I will reset my profile since advancing from here seams impossible right now.
    Behold the new uncanny enemy artillery as well as their new Sniper unit.



    Emotions aside, let’s all remember it is an alpha.



    Arty is a game-ender for me as well, Lance. Urb is right tho, MnB3 is only in alpha so I try to laugh it off haha. Perhaps resetting is a good idea though if the game does seem out to get you more than before…



    Haha! I had a feeling that the introduction of German arty would make the testers (including me) cry a little bit. Hence, my proposition for a more comprehensive cover system for both sides. 😀



    Sorry that my wording imposed to much of a gripe that never is real against any game.
    I know that game developing is a cold facts business. On the forums I simply try to express a bit of my positive, honestly meant, excitement in a hopefully inspiring way.
    Following is but a comparison: The Enemy Artillery calls feel like Support Artillery in mnb2 when over 7 men where you are equally screwed in case your men are on the wrong side of the field but in MNB3 they are to randomly much to tactically compensate for most of the time.
    My next game post here will be more on topic but I currently do not have anything fitting for v21g+ …. only a matter of a few more plays for sure. 😉



    How WW2 really was like for the soldiers.
    No Medic magical healing powers.
    No weapons that need multiple hit to kill you. Forget about hit points.
    90% of the actual bullet wounds cause soldiers to be unfit for further combat.
    The defenders have the grounds and you are just a spearhead squad of unlucky (forced) volunteers that is send out to make enemy contact and hopefully live to tell about it.
    Here is a recording of one of those squads one D-Day Juno Beach that was not lucky at all.



    Dman! Lance. It is very terrible real situation on the WW2, we all know how many men die with a single shot there, although that will to tough for a game, But the challenge remind every player what true war is. Cold blood battlefield, With only Meat, blood and Mud. So that is why this call Mud and Blood.

    I am glad we bring the real battlefield back with this challenge, that means we build the MNB3 very successful as everything bring to as real as possible, except the damage. Then now everyone can fear with the Brutal True War.

    Nice challenge build, @urbzz !



    A lil fun(y) thing that just happened to me.
    In the first leg one of my Marksmen ripped open an enemy weapons crate to find an awesome MG42.
    With his 95 Combat it was like a true Death Scythe mowing down the enemy like wheat.
    Then at the start of the second leg I mistakenly upgraded it because I though it was my other Marksman.
    Foe the rest of the game I gave myself facepalms.

    Maybe not so interesting right now but just waizt till it happens to you too.



    Wait, you managed to have a sniper pick up weapon from the crate? How?
    When I tried that there was a message popping up saying that marksman prefer to stick to their guns (or something like that.)
    Then again, I tried giving him a scoped springfield, which he was going to get anyway, but still!



    @lance Holy shit, my dude. It’s a shame you did an oppsie and switched out that man’s weapon because man did it look like he was doing mad work. Kind of reminds me of the Smartgun from Aliens.



    @kacpo A bug then? I never seen a message like that. No problems giving any crate weapon to anyone.

    @tyrud Smartgun from aliens eee. Coincidence that you mention this? I once posed a vid of the making of Aliens where I specifically pointed out that the prop for the smartgun is a real German MG42 basis with loads of extras on it.
    Here some facts.



    We all dread the German Heavy Machine Gun Emplacements but urbzz has given us an even deadlier foe to watch out for. If we can see him at all that is. 😉
    Enter the German Sniper soldier. Here a worst case scenario. Me having no Sniper and no Signaller and the Rifleman can not upgrade to Rifle-Grenade anymore.
    Long open field with 2 invisible Snipers, despite me having a Scout, sitting tight in cover and just picking at me the moment I get to close. Notice that my men are/ where high rifle skilled too.



    Haha do you mean to tell me that snipers are lethal in hedgerows? Damn it’s like it’s meant to be or something 🙂

    Interesting way to negotiate with it nonetheless. I like how you didn’t panic tho, just a lil late (smoke screen and spec ops push) We come to a point where different squad variations will offer a very asymmetric and creative way to deal with problems. Then again, there will be no hand fed solutions to combat challenges such as this so an experienced player will master how to have the perfect combination of soldiers to reflect his play style.

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