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    Now that Viet skill is finally getting some love, I figured I’d challenge you guys to see how much intel you can get in a single mission. Decent start right here, but I know someone out there can do better.
    The current score to beat.



    Appreciate it, Lance. Sorry again for that dumpster-fire of posts I had.



    No worries alt all.
    With this you sir are fully on target site input wise.
    I resetted my profile and tried to get some intel flowing.
    Fat chance. :)) First mission was to observe 4 enemies.
    Won the mission but only got some 6 Intel to show for it.
    Hardly worth posting anywhere unless there is someone out there that wants to see my play for over one hour trying to 1) Find 4 enemies and 2) cover at least 50% of the AO to unlock the M16S.
    Failed the last since my Rangers where O so blind and ran strait into 2 solo VC wanders despite my Sage having full (4 points) Spot Skill.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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