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    So I just wanted to know: What is the M16A2 Bounding Mine and what does it.
    Didnt found a topic for that.
    Thanks for the help.


    It’s a mine. 🙂
    You place is just like any other mine /device and it get triggered when an enemy walks over it.
    Sadly I never saw it work or what happens if it would have worked but it is suppose to have a very large area of effect vs enemy soldiers.
    Something like an all around Claymore Mine.
    Hope this explanation helped a bit.


    Yeah tried it but sadly nobody stepped on it D: I may try it in a killer mission or something.


    For Mine, there are two thing worth to mention.

    *You set it, and this one is small and hard to step by VC. But you can do another thing, build a mine field, when VC go through it, you can throw a grenade to trigger all of them by chain of explosion. Then the effect will be awesome. XD

    *I will prefer another one which have wired. ww


    mines are most effective when you donjt erase your footprints i will intentionally leave a crap ton of footprints and right in front of one ill place the mine works 9/10 for me especially since i sometimes go on max heat missions its hilarious i once caused the game to lag for 4 minutes because a bouncer killed a VC QRF of about 50 guys (only 1 squad member survived this mission…)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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