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Becoming a Black Ops Chalk

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    I think a great feature to add to Recon is the ability for you & your chalk to be recruited/come under the command of the CIA (or any other shady organisation) should you & your chalk prove to be effective/the best unit out there.

    I believe the chance of your chalk & yourself being recruited should be very low, you can increase your chance of receiving a memo asking if you’d like to be a part of the CIA (or any other shadowy organisation) is by being the best, having a high mission success rate, low casualties, high assets & enemy casualties etc.

    Now if you decide to join, the types of missions you receive will change, the types of missions you would receive are Black Ops, highly classified, and some of them could be considered……unethical, unmoral, and not exactly legal.

    For example,

    -The Agency may want you to stage a false flag attack to get increased resources etc

    -You may be required to find, capture & interrogate a VC, using torture if necessary

    -Perhaps you are tasked with rounding up a bunch of villagers so they can be test subjects for new weapons, like Agent Orange

    -You may be tasked in assisting with drug/weapons trafficking

    -You may be tasked with hunting down Russian/Chinese special forces that are assisting the VC

    Now, if you choose to become a Black Ops Unit, there are great rewards but also great risks, for example you’d have access to high tech gear, equipment, black Spec Op Hueys, your men would want for nothing, you will be extracted straight the way no problem due to high priority, you’d get support straight the way etc, the chain of command cannot touch you, even if it’s about your men having Napoleonic Beards or being drunk & disorderly.

    However, if you fail too many missions it’s game over, you & your chalk are no longer useful and you’d have to start afresh, you’d keep your rank, medals etc but you’d have a different name & you won’t be offered the chance of becoming Black Ops again.

    Now due to the nature of these missions, your men may get upset & they may start talking about classified missions, they may go to the chain of command & cause a general to send a memo to you asking you to spill the beans on everything, who do you listen to? What do you do? Make the talker “disappear” or spill the beans on the classified missions you’re conducting? Rivalries between branches can become heated.

    Thoughts so far?

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    Guess folks are to “convenient” again to come here but alas I am not so therefore on with the show.
    missions you would receive are Black Ops
    awwee We operate behind enemy lines in places that we are not suppose to even be at so this suggestion kind of contradicts itself.
    Furthermore. Your new mission suggestions are mostly already in game if passively and your descriptions imply to emphasis on cruelty more then war brutality.
    Big difference there!


    I think it could be sort of a bonus mission instead, specifically a normal one with higher stakes/higher reward. Not like black ops per se, but more like doing special work. Like for example, one day you might get a memo on your desk and it’s from the higher ups. CIA (they don’t need mention them specifically) is looking to conduct a major operation across the region and they need cooperation from different units. Command feel yours is up to the task; alternatively if you’re really really good/frequently sending intel to the CIA yours might be chosen specifically by the CIA. You can either choose to take the job (nets you the mission which you can only take within a few days) or refuse (merit hit). Not taking the mission within alotted time nets bigger merit hit.

    Now the thing about the mission itself would be that you may or may not get good prior intel about the area (CIA sources) and it may also be outside AO or whatever that game condition is called (no support, bombs falling everywhere, that kinda deal). Needs to be watertight and classified. Higher enemy presence too maybe, or not. Luck. Anyway the missions themselves are just taken from certain regular ops (radio relay, fort taking/defense, etc.). I see it more as you being in a bigger picture. Once you complete the mission, you get a merit bonus, your men get morale, and you may even get some intel. Maybe chance to get a special weapon/equipment? Failure means slight merit hit, but prob not as much as actually taking up the job and not following through with it. Op fails/was much harder and more costly to conduct, and hey you didn’t keep your damn word. Heavy merit and morale loss for you.

    Anyway, throwing that in there. Even I don’t see it as a really big thing but hey there you go.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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