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    Gerwen Ulric

    For some reason bazookas are just useless af in this game, i don’t know if they were always like this or they got a really big nerf in some version but everytime i give them a chance they just miss every single shot and do nothing but waste my tp, i just lost a game at wave 18 because this useless unit coulnd’t hit a damn shot in a pak38 that just destroyed me lol but he literally missed 70% of his shots and the 30% wasn’t even direct hits it just landed close to the cannon

    another thing that sucks in this game is the fact that this “Sd. Kfz. 222” this car that pops out of nowhere is just overpowered as hell, it literally kills 2 of your men in less than 15 seconds even when they are inside a bunker or trench, please fix this in mnb3 (sorry for bad english)


    Welcome to the Forums Gerwen Ulric.
    Those 2 units are probably the most discussed ones since the last MNB2 patch.
    Bazookas where used in masses (like some 20 under cams) before and due to that could easily take out not only all enemy vehicles but also half the troops per wave.
    No need for any other AT unit.
    The nerf (reduction in strength) was surely to intense truly making this unit almost useless.
    Some implementations where good like the Backfire Damage and No-Firing-under-Cams but the accuracy reduction and the very small blast damage area should be reverted.
    My TIP; Use not at all or be aware that it has severe limitations.

    SdKfz 222 is a very nice addition but not quiet what we though it would be like after the coding.
    Biggest issue is for sure it’s accuracy. It does not follow the normal game rules where enemy units start with a very low accuracy and then at some wave 100 become good shots.
    No the 222 starts with some wave 50 accuracy right from wave 1 on and becomes a super sniper after wave 100.
    The high damage is justified since it shoots its 20 mm auto-cannon an not its MG.
    Initially it was suppose to have a Cam-Net-Disabling feature like the German Scout has.
    That would be great in my opinion.

    My TIPs; Early on use Line-of-Sight blockers like Trees and Rocks to hide behind till it leaves the field.
    Bunkers with Trenches in them usually save your men inside.
    Careful of Pillboxes since the 222 has been know to shoot inside of them.
    Mine the sides of the field. It matters not what mine you use since a normal mine will also blow up any vehicle. To save on normal mines use AT mines since soldiers will not set them off.

    Concentrate fire on it to shoot out the gunner.
    Use Sherman tanks since it can not hurt them. To reduce the chance of FF just move the Tank into the nearest bunker or pillbox since it will not fire from there.
    Place your own .50 CALs on the sides. 50% chance to win the fire-exchange and even if the crewman gets killed the 222 will keep firing at the empty gun.
    Careful with AT guns that are to close to the 222. Move them so they will not cause Friendly Fire in case of.

    Hope this helps you and others until maybe another MNB2 patch comes along the way.

    Gerwen Ulric

    Thanks for the explanation ! Do you know when is mnb 3 coming out ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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