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    Thought I was out of the running for the Christmas ribbon until this way too jolly, old man showed up.

    This is my current setup for a full flush ribbon profile. 6 gunners slightly above the middle line, with 4 AT guns, a sniper, an engineer, and an officer underneath two camonets. Any extra trooper I picked up or started with also go here. The key here are the AT mines lined up on the sides, which prevent 222s from wrecking everything.

    When Santa showed up, I sent my engineer up with a pack of TnT for a special mission. Solid kill.

    I eventually cycled two of my best gunners from the middle line down to a rear bunker built near the bottom. I used a third camonet to cover half of this bunker to keep the visible men count down to 6. A medic and Frenchie moved up to act as meatshields on the top middle bunker while a tank augmented the defense and provided cover for the reserve troops at the bottom.

    Around wave 240, an unfair event artillery strike hit both the left center of the bottom mortar pit and the top right bunker, wiping out 2 gunners, 2 AT guns, the sniper, the officer, and all of the auxiliary troops hanging around.

    I quickly called on a replacement engineer to lay down a couple of new camonets over the bottom bunker and the remaining AT guns, but the setup was pretty crippled by this point. The game ended 50 waves later as the Germans slowly dismantled my defenses. I might have been able to stretched the game out a bit more, but I was getting pretty tired at that point and decided to save a full bank of TPs for the next deployment instead.

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    The image didn’t show up properly on my previous post. Here’s the intended screenshot:

    Santa spotted!

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    nice line of defence, But in my opinion it has some downsides:
    -overkill against infantry. 1 fully exped MG can easily mop up entire assault wave of infantry until wave ~150. Then, 2 or 3 are easily enough. But 6 MGs seem like overkill.
    -Lack of pillbox to hide the officer, signalcaller and other “passive” units in.
    -No engineer or medic in frontal bunkers to deal with pioneer explosives / sudden destruction of bunker / wounds / duds.
    -Personally I don’t like AT guns, as they take forever to kill anything and are extreamly vulnerable to any sort of attack. I’d rather resort to bunker full of zooks or, artillery support or direct method: Engineer with mines or TNT, or airborne with socks.

    I do however appreciate the Anti-222 Wall.
    Nice idea. Think I’ll use that in my next game.

    Overall, good looking defence.
    Nice holdout.
    Stay awesome and URB on!


    Great game Snarks!
    Nice screenshot. Love how that dud is stuck in that little rock up there.
    Classic Bunker wall but 6 gunners do seam like overkill along with the mortar pits.
    The anti-222-wall seams nice but in my experience the 222s often come in the same places (usually in line with your men) ant therefore will break through unless you replace mines fast but mostly you placed mines all the way down at the bottom and the game loves to spawn replacements in line with your mines.
    Same happened to a replacement crewman of mine in my last game that spawned right in line with the only AP mine close to the bottom. I could not select him due to the TP counter being in the way before he hit the mine.

    Will now make a post of my 400 wave all nighter from yesterday.


    If I was running a standard or random start, I’d probably use trenches instead due to TP concerns. Mortar pits only cost 2 points more and are easier to drop down with less risk of getting awkwardly placed trenches that might not cover the gunners themselves.

    As for 6 gunners, I usually end up rotating the best two gunners down to secondary bunkers positioned below and replacing with engineers to make repairing the mine wall easier. I go with 6 early on because veteran gunners are basically irreplaceable after wave 100, so if an unfair artillery strike wipes out one or two gunners, I’d have backups just in case.

    I have a substitute setup for the mine wall with TNT positioned at the bottom spawn line instead of AT mines. This solves the issue of friendly fire, but I usually like to watch videos or chat on Discord while playing, so the AT mines all the way down needs less attention.

    Fixing the mine wall usually isn’t a problem although I’ve had engineers died to explosions from a 222 spawning and running into a mine before the engineer could finish the wall repair and get back to safety.

    A pillbox would be nice, but I’m not sure where I can squeeze it in without blocking line of sight or pushing my AT guns into vulnerable areas. I might try substituting the middle bunker with a pillbox instead, but I’m still pretty worried about line of sight issues.


    Not knowing if the jolly fat red dude is still hanging around in the game I had some free time to finally continue my old quest to get them 100wave+ ribbons.
    12 TP deploy cause I am still a Mayor starting game 11 in this profile. First thing I get all the 10 game+ super helpful ribbons. With more moral on my side and less on the enemy side starting games will be a lot easier now.

    Deployed with free Officer 2 Gunners and an Engineer. Built Bunker asap. Trench. Get Sniper. Then Scout for fast crate fetching and bullet sponge for the gunner although he did not get a single crate in his lifetime of some 200 waves cause others needed the xp more.

    Continued to build up with a second bunker + gunner + Medic, Cam-net in corner w trench, AAA and AT guns.
    Placed the Pillbox to block los to the right and had another Engineer lay mines to kill 222 coming from there. That actually worked for a while but then they kep spawning on the bottom left constantly killing my men there.

    Before W100 he finally showed up. As know he can tip toe over mines without setting them off so my ever so useful Engi gave him a present in for of some TNT. Sadly the screen-shot for the explosion bugged.

    From then on it was business as usual past wave 100. A few crate soldiers got added to the mix.
    One was a mortar man that performed awful for over 30 waves despite having a carpet of targets so I send him of before he does something real stupid like blow a bunker. Got the 8 tp for free.

    Skipping some 100 waves+. Repeated unfair event pack88 off map keeps hitting the bottom left killing half the units there each time.
    BottomBurgers and the occasional unstoppable 222 also kept murdering my crewmen. I never replaced so many crewmen ever. Must have been some 10 or so when they even managed to get to their position before getting killed on the way.
    Then the first goof happened. I wanted to get another AT-Gun but the game shook and I ended with the Half Track instead.

    Took forever to get free TP for the AT-gun upgrade of the HT just so that a precision arty strike evaporated all a few waves later.
    Tank time! I should have gotten this a lot sooner. Now BottomBurgs and pesky 222s got crushed easily and random explosions only nibbled a bit on the armor without killing crewmen a mass.
    Also a second Sniper quickly worked his way up so that 2 of em had their hands full killing constant unseen enemies.

    After wave 300 it got late/ early and I wanted to end it but not without messing around a bit.
    Send my 70xp officer to grab a crate just outside the pillbox near some mines and sure thing a dude popped out (gibb) setting off 2 mines reducing his hp from 200 to -1 but surprisingly nobody ran home.
    I also stopped to replace cam-nets. Enemy support, mostly air, was low and usually worked more for me then anything else.
    Sadly I had no fun shooting down planes or possibly V-1s (not a single one showed up) without my lovely AAA + Radar combo.
    Time to test something and burn 20 TP doing so but it was sort of worth the message that made me laugh it off.

    All of a sudden things got ugly fast. First a Tiger blew the mid bunker killing all. Then the last gunner and his medic meat shield got sniped by a few regular soldiers leaving a very lonely Engineer alone up top taking all the heat.
    Send the Tank to help him but it lasted only a single wave vs 2 Flack Panzers. Their cumulative explosive output is devastating to all.
    Good that the 2 maxed Snipers got up top alive to deliver some revenge.

    Their invisible gun to the head tactic was extremely effective against all foot soldiers.
    Vehicle crew however was not impressed at all. I still wonder why some still claim that snipers be the best anti-crew units.
    However the massive mine field nicely swallowed them up to the the very last one.
    Strange occurrence. One Sniper got shot down despite being maxed. Was most likely because he got visible for a sec when something exploded and he got pinned.
    You can see him crying “unfair” as his last buddy holds his hand near the very end of the game.

    The game report page in all it’s glory. A score that would have been world class way back in the old days.

    A satisfying STATS PAGE.

    Next deployment option be SpecOps and I think that I will actually do that just to get a different game style in for once.
    However I can not rest easy with the total wave count since in this game alone I picked up 9 DO crates. That’s a minus of 135 waves in a single game.
    The only true UNFAIRNESS of MnB2. I tried to get urbzz to change that in the next patch but he is totally set on keeping all unfair elements in game or create many more instead.

    Last but not least my current PROFILE PAGE. Sadly missing al other special date ribbons save this X-Mas one.


    I finally got my medic to a 2nd LT!


    Nice feat. Medics usually do not live long enough to enjoy officer status.
    Must have been a great game for you.
    Thanks for posting here and keep up the good work.



    Appreciate it my friend! I made him the dedicated crate grabber that round.

    Nicholas Andersen

    Huh. Apparently V1s can come in freaking Wave 29 now.
    EDIT Lance; For imgur simply copy paste the direct image link.

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    That’s a strange occurrence.
    A single V1 at wave 29 and you surely had under 6 men in the open it seams.
    Although it is the previous game version it seams off.
    Maybe due to having them 2 Flankers that they triggered the V1?


    Hi there folks. Been way to log since someone posted mnb2 game material here.
    Here a few new vids to enjoy.


    Here something shorter but no less interesting.


    This one was done Kongregate looking for zombies.
    Sadly I could not find any this year around on any site.


    hello folks. Quick game to take the rust off with a new profile.

    Standard deploy with all men covered, followed by two bunkers for economy. Incidentally, when i took the pic for reference first blitz came in.

    Tiger traveled a lot before the AT took the shot. I got lucky there!

    Second blitz, wehrmacht. All went to shit right after. A well placed SdkfzZ222 bucthered my left bunker as you can see in the second image.

    It was slow but inesorable decline after. Final wave: 115, glad i can still reach 100 waves somewhat coherently.

    Good to be back with some time.

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