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    Here the 3rd play on a new profile. Kind of just let things happen without a real battle plan.
    Guess it was still a decent game since I could have been overrun a lot sooner.
    Was fighting the forest as much as the enemy. Eventually both won. :mrgreen:


    First game in a long time, and only got about 30 or so waves in just playing passively and with no real strat in mind (and I call myself an urb vet XD)

    Spread out my guys at the beginning, all of which had under 20 rifle except for one who had 31, across what was basically an empty field with 2 small trees and a ditch and just worked on upgrading their weapons over time (Garand and Carbine to those with okay rifle, smgs, bar and shotties for the others). Eventually called in an officer (need that concentrate fire option), engi and medic (following the first death). Other than an early German pioneer that managed to slip through, my men were doing pretty well for themselves for the first 25 or so waves, killing even those infiltrators and brandenburgs that showed up. Eventually, however, the weight of numbers and German grenades were the end of me.

    Managed to score the maneuver ribbon, though considering I played on a work computer it’ll be a toss up whether my profile will still be there when I get back. Still, always fun to see how far one can get on a fresh profile.


    For a new profile play (I am sure we have a topic just for that around here) that was a very good game.
    End around wave 30 is OK. Not even pro mnb2’ers usually get more then 50 waves.
    Nice AAR with “patrol report sheet” a’la Recon.


    A cut down of a great long game early (4th try) in the profile.
    Lots of URB and Rewards to show. Have fun watching.


    Despite early rough going that almost ended me at mere wave 30ish the game was rather good later on until the bunker suddenly blew.
    One Tiger Tank basically did me in. This is a cut of that game. Have fun watching.


    Up next in the run for those real shiny ribbons.
    Somehow if the game can not beat me my own men will.


    To continue my run I present this years Halloween episode.
    Good game with a mad Sarge giving his men more hell then the undead ever could.


    So my new strategy has been proper planning or close protection with the Ribbon officer a sniper and a scout I can easily advance 1-10 screens with that set up buying a second sniper and a engineer when TP reached 23(my current cap) then when I come across a mostly clear battlefield I start my strategy. it starts with a trench just above the midline and a bunker with the instakill hitbox below the midline so indirect fire is curbed. then I purchase 2 gunners and 3 medics and stack them in the trench leaving the medics just slightly further out so they draw fire. then i purchase a cam net and place it between the bunker and the very bottom of the screen this is where the damage dealers will live I proceed to purchase a tank and then two m3 ATGs and a second tank and put gunners on the tanks. I place the tanks in the middle of the cam net and then the m3s on either side with the none sniper units under the cam net. I then place AT mines down either side from the bottom to just above the bunker to prevent 222s from making my tanks team kill. this is the end result of this run.


    Great show Alex. To bad that there are so few replies. I think I beat you by a few waves here.
    This is my X-Mas play for 2018. Still going for them 100 waves + ribbons. Game 11 and almost 1100 waves so I think that I am an a good streak here.


    @Lance: Nice, fierce deployment sustained by top gunners and a good AT backing. I never get so far, partly because I like fooling with other strategies less utilized units.


    Thought I was out of the running for the Christmas ribbon until this way too jolly, old man showed up.

    This is my current setup for a full flush ribbon profile. 6 gunners slightly above the middle line, with 4 AT guns, a sniper, an engineer, and an officer underneath two camonets. Any extra trooper I picked up or started with also go here. The key here are the AT mines lined up on the sides, which prevent 222s from wrecking everything.

    When Santa showed up, I sent my engineer up with a pack of TnT for a special mission. Solid kill.

    I eventually cycled two of my best gunners from the middle line down to a rear bunker built near the bottom. I used a third camonet to cover half of this bunker to keep the visible men count down to 6. A medic and Frenchie moved up to act as meatshields on the top middle bunker while a tank augmented the defense and provided cover for the reserve troops at the bottom.

    Around wave 240, an unfair event artillery strike hit both the left center of the bottom mortar pit and the top right bunker, wiping out 2 gunners, 2 AT guns, the sniper, the officer, and all of the auxiliary troops hanging around.

    I quickly called on a replacement engineer to lay down a couple of new camonets over the bottom bunker and the remaining AT guns, but the setup was pretty crippled by this point. The game ended 50 waves later as the Germans slowly dismantled my defenses. I might have been able to stretched the game out a bit more, but I was getting pretty tired at that point and decided to save a full bank of TPs for the next deployment instead.

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    The image didn’t show up properly on my previous post. Here’s the intended screenshot:

    Santa spotted!

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    nice line of defence, But in my opinion it has some downsides:
    -overkill against infantry. 1 fully exped MG can easily mop up entire assault wave of infantry until wave ~150. Then, 2 or 3 are easily enough. But 6 MGs seem like overkill.
    -Lack of pillbox to hide the officer, signalcaller and other “passive” units in.
    -No engineer or medic in frontal bunkers to deal with pioneer explosives / sudden destruction of bunker / wounds / duds.
    -Personally I don’t like AT guns, as they take forever to kill anything and are extreamly vulnerable to any sort of attack. I’d rather resort to bunker full of zooks or, artillery support or direct method: Engineer with mines or TNT, or airborne with socks.

    I do however appreciate the Anti-222 Wall.
    Nice idea. Think I’ll use that in my next game.

    Overall, good looking defence.
    Nice holdout.
    Stay awesome and URB on!


    Great game Snarks!
    Nice screenshot. Love how that dud is stuck in that little rock up there.
    Classic Bunker wall but 6 gunners do seam like overkill along with the mortar pits.
    The anti-222-wall seams nice but in my experience the 222s often come in the same places (usually in line with your men) ant therefore will break through unless you replace mines fast but mostly you placed mines all the way down at the bottom and the game loves to spawn replacements in line with your mines.
    Same happened to a replacement crewman of mine in my last game that spawned right in line with the only AP mine close to the bottom. I could not select him due to the TP counter being in the way before he hit the mine.

    Will now make a post of my 400 wave all nighter from yesterday.


    If I was running a standard or random start, I’d probably use trenches instead due to TP concerns. Mortar pits only cost 2 points more and are easier to drop down with less risk of getting awkwardly placed trenches that might not cover the gunners themselves.

    As for 6 gunners, I usually end up rotating the best two gunners down to secondary bunkers positioned below and replacing with engineers to make repairing the mine wall easier. I go with 6 early on because veteran gunners are basically irreplaceable after wave 100, so if an unfair artillery strike wipes out one or two gunners, I’d have backups just in case.

    I have a substitute setup for the mine wall with TNT positioned at the bottom spawn line instead of AT mines. This solves the issue of friendly fire, but I usually like to watch videos or chat on Discord while playing, so the AT mines all the way down needs less attention.

    Fixing the mine wall usually isn’t a problem although I’ve had engineers died to explosions from a 222 spawning and running into a mine before the engineer could finish the wall repair and get back to safety.

    A pillbox would be nice, but I’m not sure where I can squeeze it in without blocking line of sight or pushing my AT guns into vulnerable areas. I might try substituting the middle bunker with a pillbox instead, but I’m still pretty worried about line of sight issues.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 103 total)
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